Ua̍h-tāng Tshik-lio̍k

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Sin-bûn & King-sin

See the Movement Strategy Weekly Updates page.

Ka-ji̍p huē-gī
Initiatives (and initiative groupings) that were discussed during the Movement Strategy events in early 2021.

The prioritized initiatives (see the full list):

  1. Ua̍h-tāng Ti̍k-sû + Lîm-sî tsuán-kiū uí-uân-huē + Tsuán-kiū uí-uân-huē
  2. Kái-siān Iōng-tsiá Thé-giàm + Sin-lâng Tsu-guân + Khua-Uiki Kang-kū
  3. Global Approach for Local Skill Development + Leadership Development Plan + Skill Development Infrastructure
  4. Tshu-liú
  5. Funding for Underrepresented Communities
  6. Increased Wikimedia Awareness
  7. Support Environmental Sustainability Practices
  8. Identify Wikimedia's Impact + Bridging Content Gaps + Content Initiatives in Underrepresented Communities