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Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings

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Proposed usergroup meetings


This page lists topics that the Wikibase community wants to discuss or learn about. Feel free to add your ideas below and indicate if you are willing to lead a session.

Data Modeling in the context of Libraries


Presentation by Jens Ohlig about Data Modeling in the context of Libraries. (2020-07-02) Done July 2020

Focus on data modeling


Modeling GLAM data in Wikibase. Meeting where folks from GLAMs can exchange work about mappings to formal ontologies (or even custom ontology work) – perhaps everyone prepares a 3-5min presentation, I guess it's best if it's slightly smaller scale – 30 people would be too much, but open to bigger meeting too, if there is interest. (2020-08-06) Done August 2020

Focus on federation


Meeting w/ mini presentations about who is doing what from the community and how people are going around current limitations. This can be paired with formal presentations from WMDE staff around official roadmaps, etc. (2020-07-02)

Focus on data modeling – continued


A dedicated meeting to continue the discussions around data modeling, particularly with a focus on CIDOC-CRM + other event-based models and how that can be mapped / used in Wikibase+Wikidata. (2020-08-07) Done September 2020

Setup/configuration of Wikibase


I would be interested in looking into setup/configuration of Wikibase, because we are struggling with that. (e.g. setting up a base URI and stuff like that). (2020-08-06)

Batch data editing tools in Wikibase


Compare experiences with using the new OpenRefine Wikibase extension with e.g. QuickStatements – what are observed strengths / weaknesses of each workflow, is anyone working with both, how? etc. (2020-10-01) Done October 2020

Keep two domains in synch - best practices


How do we do entity lifecycle management between two domains and keep them synchronized?