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Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2021-06-09

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.






  • Envel Le Hir
  • Myst
  • GreenReaper
  • Lozana Rossenova
  • anonymous participant


  • Group contacts
    • number of group contacts / primary group contact, secondary? (in part, I think WMF wants it as a backup if the primary is unavailable) -> ask questions to MKaur (WMF) -> answers
    • Selection process:
      • 2 weeks notice;
      • vote on meta;
      • announce notice period at next wikibase meeting;
      • ranked or approval votes? Like affiliate board position votes? Will investigate what others use.
  • Report
    • Collaborative writing by the user group
    • 2020: cleaning to keep only activities of the user group -> Envel Done
    • Scour telegram and mailing list for any additions directly related to the group. eg. dev help, wikibase registry
    • Community members encouraged to add their projects in the future when relevant; and related discussions on desired features, discussion platform -> potentially justifies WMF/WMDE contributions/assistance to group.
  • Next steps
    • Questions to Manav -> Envel Done
    • Set up meta page for user contacts voting – have people nominate themselves. -> GreenReaper Done - created draft election plan, suggest ratification at the 2021-06-24 meeting prior to nominations.
    • Announce nomination process to the group via Telegram / Mailing list / Next meeting / Meta -> Envel Working Waiting for the set up by GreenReaper
    • Announce collaborative writing activities on report to the group via Telegram / Mailing list / Next meeting / Meta -> Lozana Done
  • At the end of the meeting, a question was raised about the usage of Telegram, which can be difficult due to some corporate policies.