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Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2023-01-26

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.




  1. Valerie Wollinger (WMDE)
  2. Laurence "GreenReaper" Parry (WikiFur.com/WBUG)
  3. Evelien (WMDE)
  4. David Fichtmueller
  5. Eduards SKvireckis
  6. Elwin Huaman
  7. Mairelys
  8. labdom
  9. Peter Chan (Stanford Libraries)


  • 17:00h - 17:05h Welcome everyone!
  • 17:10h - 17:25h results, user survey
  • 17:25h - 17:35h thoughts and feedback
  • 17:35h - 17:45h presentation á 5 minutes
  • 17:45h - 17:50h WBUG annual report reminder
  • 17:50h - 18:00h last words and rounding off


Valerie and Evelien presented a walkthrough of Wikibase.cloud community survey results
  • 56% with prior Wikibase experience (with Cloud or Suite as well, designed structure of dataset, motivation is share data with others *and* find long-term home for data) vs 44% with little/no experience (1-4 months, confident with data, finding long-term home for data *or* sharing with others)
  • Those with experience wanted to model data quickly/effortlessly, novices wanted to explore Wikibase.cloud
  • Both found setting up viewing entering data largely not confusing
  • Both found modelling data confusing as well as importing
  • Everyone thought documentation should be present high need and lack, most important aspect to improve and least favourite aspect of the current situation
  • User demographics: Overwhelmingly Europe/America (except one), cis men (only four female)
  • GreenReaper: Maybe ask those who are female and wanted to be followed up with to give more details about the challenges they face getting into Wikibase/why they think others don't.
  • Users "generally love" Wikibase.cloud, could serve many initiatives for LOD creation for free/all.
  • Demand to fix Cradle and other tools, will look to accommodate desire for better data modelling.
  • Survey results to be published (on the mailing list) as well as a future WMDE development plan
Wikibase Community User Group annual affiliate report for 2022
Some brief discussion of WikidataCon 2023 (in 2021 we had a Wikibase track)
Valerie - Cradle request for issues that are not already on the board