Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2023-09-28

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.



  1. Valerie Wollinger (WMDE)
  2. Stefano Bargioni (Pontificia Università della Santa Croce, Rome, Italy), user:Bargioni
  3. Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry ( / WBUG)
  4. Antonin Delpeuch (User:Pintoch), OpenRefine
  5. Bart Magnus (User:Beireke1)
  6. Elwin Huaman, Qichwabase
  7. Tuukka Hastrup (TuukkaH)
  8. Sven Lieber (User:SvenLieber), Royal Library of Belgium
  9. David Fichtmueller (Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum, Berlin)
  10. Will Hanley
  11. Jason
  12. DominiqueL
  13. Timothy Mendenhall
  14. Bodhisattwa


  1. Surprise 1 ( is now in open beta)
  2. Surprise 2 (Discovery feature on
  3. Bug solved: with WDQS (and ElasticSearch, but others still have WDQS issues)


  • Wikibase.Cloud has moved to an open beta, after working to improve scalability. No invitation code anymore, can sign up directly. Improved documentation for newbies.
    • Q: Is there an increase in the number of wikis available per account? -- Not sure, can ask for an answer tomorrow. (Laurence: as a stopgap, could use multiple emails or e.g. goes to
  • Wanted to help increase visibility of other wikis, so added Discovery feature, you can see what wikis are available on -- GR: useful for updating which does a similar thing globally
  • WDQS updating has been improved to try to help with scaling - task T346655
    • Laurence: ES7 is coming, too - task T330998
    • Will: Still having issues with search WDQS - task T345199
    • Jason: Had an issue in August which is still a problem: task T344142
    • Laurence: Maybe there needs to be a support staff member available to move tickets like this forwards more speedily, especially since it is now open beta and there will be more of them? Developers have been able to talk about it in chat occasionally, but that is not quite the same as someone who's job it is to resolve them in a timely manner. Perhaps as a stopgap a one-click WDQS reindex button that they (or we) could trigger manually from the dashboard?
  • Valerie suggested that she might be able to do reviews of work done on e.g. and Kanban to provide news on work that is otherwise hard to track in progress if you're not looking at the projects regularly.