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Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2024-03-28

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.



  • Jon Amar (WMDE)
  • Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry (WBUG / WikiFur.com)
  • Brandon
  • Deepesha Burse (future WMDE)
  • Asmit Malakannawar
  • Yuriklim


  • User group WMD affiliate reports for last two years filed, back in compliance status:
    Wikibase_Community User Group/Reports/2023
    Wikibase_Community User Group/Reports/2022
  • make sure to copy these notes to meta regularly ... perhaps WMDE can support here (did before)
  • CirrusSearch issues on Cloud have been recurring last few days
  • unclear: where is the best place to flag issues experienced with Wikibase Cloud?
  • same for both new and experienced users
  • idea: perhaps missing up time dashboard? can be useful for clarity and inspiring confidence
  • Query Service isn't updating properly at the moment, isn't clear if this is related to problem w current CirrusSearch issues
  • idea: rate limiting key services if people are for ex importing large data sets
  • Community projects and topics to share?
  • Brandon works in biology on topics re data of sybiotic relationships between species, exploring project within Cloud ... experience with wikidata made cloud more approachable but blank slate can still be intimidating sees as useful and accessible UI for other biologists to get started playing around with semantic data modelling
  • discussed how Cloud's https://www.wikibase.cloud/discovery tool was created to help people understand how others have modelled their data
    Brandon has used this tool to this end already :)
  • ideas: link to import tool so people can import data starter packs across various use cases or topics
  • Suite topic:
  • considering LTS vs latest versions
  • How'd you find the Live Chat? Telegram group for support
  • consider how publishing key topics of meetings in advance can give people a better idea of what they might learn by joining
  • Grant from Arcadia foundation, money available for use to use new Wikidata REST API. Deadline April 21! Money spent by end of year. Perhaps some flexibility to use with standalone or even better linked Wikibase-Wikidata solutions (see detailed notes) and not necessarily REST as the main use.