Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2023-04-27

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.



  1. Valerie (WMDE)
  2. Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry (WBUG /
  3. Peter Chan (Stanford Libraries)
  4. Jeff Goeke-Smith ( / MATRIX)
  5. Myst (WikibaseIntegrator)
  6. Elwin Huaman (Qichwabase)

Agenda and notes[edit]

  • 18:00h - 18:15h waiting and Hello! Who is here today? Intro of us :)
  • 18:15h - 18:35h insights from our Suite survey
    • Jeff would have liked to use Docker but faces having to abandon features/config to be able to avoid the maintenance burden of source. This wasn't addressed within the survey - GR: "what is the blocker to Docker?"
    • A variant of this question set for the survey is: What did you try, What would your prefer, what did you end up using and why? Only the first two were asked.
  • 18:35h - 18:55h space for open questions, documentation feedback and activities planning 2023
    • GR: Proposal about prefixes for SPARQL prefixes: task T335448
    • Discussion about Wikibase being useful for products because you can keep adding more about products based on what you find is required rather than "schema in advance" There's a wide variety of interesting questions that can be asked of a product database, or an inventory database stored in a graph database that are surprisingly rough to do using a more traditional relational database. But thinking about how to ask those questions of a graph database is a substantial leap.
    • If there's interest in how we used wikibase for, and the greater context of the journal we operate in conjunction with it, I'm sure the team would be happy to talk with other university departments about how and what we are doing. The wikibase that drives is available at