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Community Wishlist Survey 2019/Multimedia and Commons/Support 360 photo viewing

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Support 360 photo viewing

  • Problem: A 360° Photo is a photo that allow us to view more than just a snapshot of a scene . It even let us view the scene from every angle: above, below, behind and next to us & it's also a mainstream media type.

    But wiki Articles can't render it & MediaViewer doesn't support it. Images are shown as on the right instead of like this , in the articles.

  • Who would benefit: All the Readers and editors of wikis. 360° photos are effective for showing off vistas, internal architecture and more in a dramatic fashion that replicates the experience of being there.

    Instead of showing 15 photos we could take 1; 360° photo to encapsulate all the information we want to show.It's Also a good way to view panorama photos on mobile devices, where panoramas otherwise are real small.

  • Proposed solution: Add support to MediaViewer and to the renderd articles to allow to navigate inside of the image by mouse or finger gesture.

    THE "panoviewer" uses the Tool Labs grid for job execution and a library for tile manufacturer; theoretically it could be made into a real extension, with the tile manufactory put onto the Services cluster. This would allow it to be deployed everywhere, not just on Commmons, and integrated into MediaViewer officially .Then we can make it as a part of mediawiki software.

    Admin, Developer "dschwen" did some good work on this.

  • More comments: This has been a wish on the previous wishlists and only slightly missed the Top 10 twice. Proposed in the 2016 survey by Ahm masum, ranking at #15 and 2017 by TheDJ ranked #11.
  • Phabricator tickets: phab:T138933
  • Proposer: Ahm masum (talk) 10:22, 10 November 2018 (UTC) (with help of TheDJ & MichaelSchoenitzer)[reply]


It is gorgeous but slow. In the proposed deployment, what will be the effect on readers with low-bandwidth connections or older hardware? Will there be a note in the image frame saying you can drag it (an automated image-frame link to Commons annotations would also be good)? HLHJ (talk) 04:39, 18 November 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Excellent Question.I think there will be a "Fallback " like all other standard web developments.
360° photo. You can navigate
The interior of the Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle.
Slow Internet or Unsupported Hardware !

when a user's device have low-bandwidth or hardware/software limitation (older) they will get the unrendered version as shown above.it can also have simple alert message like the right photo . And the rendered version could have a simple "info massage" like the left photo(just assume it's a rendered version). "auto generated" message would be more practical for this purpose.

Well , you got the right idea. I have to give you that . I also think the "image annotation" gadget could be a huge help for 360° photos. it can highlight the features we want to focus. Small details, or points of interest within the 360° photo. but it's a huge work for tech team to make it possible. first, the "image annotation" gadget will have to work on 360° & rendered articles . Then these "annotations" have to be mobile friendly, cause 70% +~ wiki users use mobile/smartphone.so it's a complex tusk. Need a huge time & resources.

And we have to make it in such a way so that it can 'distinguish 180°' & 360° and render it accordingly in the article (maybe by using metadata or image recognition algorithm). and the gesture control could be similar to facebook 360. when viewing in mediaviewer it could provide some extra navigation / interaction features & controls...THANKS AGAIN, FOR YOUR QUESTION.-- Ahm masum (talk) 13:03, 20 November 2018 (UTC)[reply]