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Policies and guidelines Global sysop policy & information

This page outlines the standards and guidelines related to the use of the user rights assigned to the global sysop user group. If you need help from a sysop or a steward on your project, please see Meta:Requests and proposals and Steward requests/Miscellaneous.

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全域有秩(Global sysops)者,因其情所以立也。查有維基計劃,久無有秩,乃立全域有秩以理之。全域有秩之權,唯及司理防賊,而不得及計劃內文也。


  • 有秩不足十人;
  • 二月無三有秩司理。

By default, global sysops may use this global user group's permissions on wikis that meet one or both of the following criteria:

  • fewer than ten administrators exist; or
  • fewer than three administrators have made a logged action within the past two months.


Most global sysops also have global rollback . Unlike the global sysop rights, global rollback is truly global.




Continued global sysop access depends on both activity and the continued support of the Wikimedia community.


Global sysops will automatically lose their access if in six months they've not used the respective rights outside of wikis on which they have local rights.

Vote of confidence:

Any steward may remove a global sysop's rights at any time if they feel the tools have been misused, or if a request for comment has shown that a significant minority does not trust the global sysop. If this occurs and the global sysop wants the tools back, a vote of confidence shall occur, where the global sysop must retain the consensus of the community in order to return their access.



This is the list of permissions, with explanations, which global sysops have. The permissions are nearly identical to those of regular administrators ; however, these permissions apply to any Wikimedia Foundation project that has not opted out of the global sysops' access list. They are not capable of changing any local userrights either (unless they also have appropriate local permissions).

User rights currently assigned to the global-sysop global group
Right Description Notes
autoconfirmed 無基IP率之上限 Normally part of the autoconfirmed user group or granted to all users
editsemiprotected 編輯保護層級為「Allow only autoconfirmed users」的頁面
flow-edit-post 編輯其他使用者的結構式討論貼文
flow-hide 隱藏結構式討論話題與貼文
move 遷頁
movestable 移動穩定版本的頁面
reupload 蓋現之品物
reupload-own 蓋同簿之品物
skipcaptcha 執行觸發驗證碼操作時,無需透過驗證碼
一〇 spamblacklistlog 檢視垃圾連結黑名單日誌
一一 upload 貢獻品物
一二 abusefilter-log-detail 檢視濫用日誌詳細資料 Governed by local policies where they exist, otherwise part of the sysop user group
一三 abusefilter-modify 建立或修改防濫用過濾器
一四 autopatrol 將己纂自示為已巡查
一五 autoreviewrestore 還原時自動審查
一六 editautopatrolprotected 編輯頁面已保護為「Allow only autopatrollers」
一七 ipblock-exempt 繞IP鎖、自鎖與圍鎖
一八 move-categorypages 移動分類頁面
一九 move-rootuserpages 遷根齋
二〇 move-subpages 連遷子頁
二一 movefile 遷檔
二二 oathauth-enable 啟用雙因素驗證
二三 patrol 示它纂作已巡查
二四 rollback 速復上簿頁之纂
二五 templateeditor 編輯受保護的模板
二六 apihighlimits 於API查頂上 Normally part of the sysop user group
二七 block 鎖他簿無編
二八 blockemail 鎖簿無電郵
二九 browsearchive 尋刪之頁
三〇 delete 刪頁面
三一 deletedhistory 看刪之項,無關之字
三二 deletedtext 看刪之項,審關之字
三三 deletelogentry 刪除及取消刪除指定的日誌項目
三四 deleterevision 刪與反刪頁之審
三五 editcontentmodel 編輯頁面的內容模型
三六 editinterface 纂要
三七 editprotected 纂「Allow only administrators」錮頁
三八 editsitejson 編輯全站JSON
三九 edituserjson 纂他簿之JSON檔
四〇 flow-delete 刪除結構式討論話題與貼文
四一 import 由它wiki匯入頁
四二 markbotedits 標復纂為機纂
四三 mergehistory 併頁之史
四四 noratelimit 無率之上限
四五 nuke 量刪頁
四六 override-antispoof 覆蓋欺騙檢查
四七 protect 改錮級與纂錮頁
四八 reupload-shared 於本無視共媒物庫上之品物
四九 suppressredirect 遷頁時無增源之轉
五〇 tboverride 忽略禁止的標題或使用者名稱清單
五一 titleblacklistlog 檢視禁止的標題清單日誌
五二 undelete 反刪頁
五三 unwatchedpages 看未哨之頁
五四 editsitecss 編輯全站CSS Normally part of the Interface administrators user group
五五 editsitejs 編輯全站JavaScript
五六 editusercss 纂他簿之CSS檔
五七 edituserjs 纂他簿之JavaScript檔


Global sysops must have user pages on every wiki they use their global sysop access on, which provides contact information or links to their primary user page (creation bot available currently). Generally a global user page on Meta will cover that requirement, and those users are asked to include a Babel declaration.

For urgent help from a global sysop, join the IRC channel #wikimedia-gsconnect and type !gs in the channel to get the attention of global sysops.

If a user cannot resolve a dispute by talking to the global sysop, they can place a complaint on Talk:Global sysops, or contact any steward .

Global sysops may contact each other via the private mailing list.

Users with global sysop access

  • Last updated: 2022-03-09  [edit]
Name IRC nick Languages spoken Global sysop since
Amire80 ru, he-5, en-4, ca-3, eo-2, es-2, it-2, fr-1, am-1, ar-1, la-1, lt-1 2017-02-02
Atcovi Atcovi / thestupidking / TSK / tsk en, de-2 2019-01-30
Billinghurst sDrewth en, fr-1 2017-03-01
Biplab Anand Biplab ne, mai, hi-4, en-2, bh-2, awa-2, dty-2, sa-2 2016-10-06
CptViraj CptViraj gu, hi-4, en-3 2021-02-02
Daniuu Daniuu / Westvleteren nl, en-4, fr-2, de-2, la-2, vls-2, li-1 2021-11-27
DannyS712 DannyS712 en, he-2, es-2, zh-2 2020-09-01
DARIO SEVERI it, pt-4, en-4, es-2, fr-2, gl-2, th-1 2017-07-25
Iluvatar Iluvatar_ ru, en-1, be-1 2019-11-02
Infinite0694 Infinite0694 ja, en-3, de-3,fr-2, it-1 2016-01-21
MF-Warburg MF-W de, en-3, fr-1, tet-1, la-1, es-1 2019-03-07
Minorax Minorax en, zh, nan-2, ko-1, ms-1, fr-1, yue-1 2020-12-09
Mtarch11 Mtarch11 it, en-1, fr-1 2021-09-01
NahidSultan Nahid bn, en-3, bpy-1.05, hif-1, as-1 2015-03-29
Praxidicae Praxidicae en 2018-11-11
Samuele2002 it, lij-2, en-2, fr-1, la-1, ia-1 2020-06-30
Savh Savh es, nl, en-3, fr-2 2011-07-26
Shanmugamp7 ta, en-3 2013-01-15
Superpes15 Superpes it, en-2, fr-1, es-1, la-1 2022-02-22
Turkmen Turkmen az, tr-4, en-2 2019-09-18
Uncitoyen Uncitoyen tr, en-2, fr-2 2021-01-29
WhitePhosphorus WhitePhosphorus / P4-mobile zh, en-3, ja-1, lzh-1, wuu-1, yue-1 2019-12-12
WikiBayer bar, de, en-1 2019-08-18


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