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This page is a translated version of the page Global sysops and the translation is 15% complete.

This page outlines the standards and guidelines related to the use of the user rights assigned to the global sysop user group. If you need help from a sysop or a steward on your project, please see 元維基:申請同埋提議 , Global sysops/Requests and Steward requests/Miscellaneous.

全域管理員係一啲有著豐富跨維基貢獻經驗嘅可信用户,佢哋喺大多數維基上面有管理員 界面管理員 嘅權限來做一啲日常嘅維護同反破壞嘅工作。全域管理員並唔係喺所有維基上面有管理員權限嘅用户,佢哋亦都唔可以對一啲版或者本地社群做一啲额外嘅管制。


By default, global sysops may use this global user group's permissions on wikis that meet one or both of the following criteria:

  • fewer than ten administrators exist; or
  • fewer than three administrators have made a logged action within the past two months.

Projects may opt-in or opt-out at their own discretion if they obtain local consensus. Simply inform the stewards of the community's decision. A wiki set is used to specify a list of wikis where global sysops do not have access (list).

Most global sysops also have global rollback . Unlike the global sysop rights, global rollback is truly global.


Requests for global sysop rights should be placed on Steward requests/Global permissions. The request will be approved by a steward if there is a consensus for the user to become a global sysop after a period of discussion of no less than two weeks. The discussion is not a vote; comments must present specific points in favor of or against the user's approval.


Continued global sysop access depends on both activity and the continued support of the Wikimedia community.


Global sysops will automatically lose their access if in six months they've not used the respective rights outside of wikis on which they have local rights.

Vote of confidence:

Any steward may remove a global sysop's rights at any time if they feel the tools have been misused, or if a request for comment has shown that a significant minority does not trust the global sysop. If this occurs and the global sysop wants the tools back, a vote of confidence shall occur, where the global sysop must retain the consensus of the community in order to return their access.


This is the list of permissions, with explanations, which global sysops have. The permissions are nearly identical to those of regular administrators ; however, these permissions apply to any Wikimedia Foundation project that has not opted out of the global sysops' access list. They are not capable of changing any local userrights either (unless they also have appropriate local permissions).

User rights currently assigned to the global-sysop global group
Right Description Notes
1 autoconfirmed 唔受IP嘅利用率限制影響 Normally part of the autoconfirmed user group or granted to all users
2 editsemiprotected 改保護等級係「Allow only autoconfirmed users」嘅版面
3 flow-edit-post Edit Structured Discussions posts by other users
4 flow-hide Hide Structured Discussions topics and posts
5 ipinfo 攞有關附加喺修訂版本或日誌項目嘅IP地址資訊
6 move 搬版
7 movestable 搬穩定頁
8 reupload 覆蓋現有嘅檔案
9 reupload-own 覆蓋自己上載嘅檔案
10 skipcaptcha 執行captcha引發嘅動作時唔需要經過captcha
11 spamblacklistlog View the spam block list log
12 upload 上載檔案
13 abusefilter-log-detail 去睇濫用紀錄細節 Governed by local policies where they exist, otherwise part of the sysop user group
14 abusefilter-modify 改濫用過濾器
15 abusefilter-modify-blocked-external-domains Create or modify what external domains are blocked from being linked
16 autopatrol 將自己嘅編輯自動標示做已巡查嘅
17 autoreviewrestore 反轉時自動覆檢埋
18 editautopatrolprotected Edit pages protected as "Allow only autopatrollers"
19 ipblock-exempt 繞過IP封鎖、自動封鎖同埋範圍封鎖
20 move-categorypages 移走類頁
21 move-rootuserpages 搬根用戶版
22 move-subpages 搬版同埋佢哋嘅細版
23 movefile 搬快勞
24 oathauth-enable Enable two-factor authentication
25 patrol 標示其它嘅編輯做已巡查嘅
26 review 標示修訂做已視察嘅
27 rollback 快速反轉上位用戶對某一版嘅編輯
28 templateeditor Edit protected templates
29 unreviewedpages 去睇未複審版嘅表
30 apihighlimits 響API查詢度用更高嘅上限 Normally part of the sysop user group
31 block 封鎖或解封第啲用戶嘅改嘢權限
32 blockemail 封鎖或解封用戶寄電郵嘅權限
33 browsearchive 搵剷走咗嘅版
34 centralauth-createlocal Forcibly create a local account for a global account
35 delete 剷版
36 deletedhistory 睇剷咗嘅項目,唔包同埋嘅字
37 deletedtext 睇剷咗嘅修訂度嘅已剷咗嘅字同更改
38 deletelogentry 剷走同取消剷走指定紀錄項目
39 deleterevision 剷同反剷版嘅指定修訂
40 editcontentmodel 改版面嘅內容模型
41 editinterface 改用戶界面
42 editprotected 改保護等級係「Allow only administrators」嘅版面
43 editsitejson Edit sitewide JSON
44 edituserjson 編輯其他用戶嘅JSON檔
45 flow-delete Delete Structured Discussions topics and posts
46 import 由其他wiki度倒入版
47 ipinfo-view-full Access a full view of the IP information attached to revisions or log entries
48 markbotedits 標示反轉編輯做機械人編輯
49 mergehistory 合併版歷史
50 noratelimit 唔受利用率限制影響
51 nuke 大量刪頁
52 override-antispoof 無視欺詐檢查
53 protect 改保護等級同埋編輯流水保護版
54 reupload-shared 喺本地覆蓋共用檔案庫入邊嘅檔案
55 sfsblock-bypass Bypass IP restrictions issued by the StopForumSpam extension
56 stablesettings 設定如何將穩定版選擇同顯示
57 suppressredirect 當搬版嗰陣唔開來源頁嘅跳轉
58 tboverride Override the disallowed titles or usernames list
59 titleblacklistlog View the disallowed titles list log
60 undelete 反剷版
61 unwatchedpages 去睇未監視嘅版
62 editsitecss Edit sitewide CSS Normally part of the Interface administrators user group
63 editsitejs Edit sitewide JavaScript
64 editusercss 編輯其他用戶嘅CSS檔
65 edituserjs 編輯其他用戶嘅JavaScript檔


Global sysops must have user pages on every wiki they use their global sysop access on, which provide contact information or link to their primary user page (creation bot available currently). Generally a global user page on Meta will cover that requirement, and those users are asked to include a user language declaration ("Babel").

For urgent help from a global sysop, join the IRC channel #wikimedia-gsconnect and type !gs in the channel to get the attention of global sysops.

If a user cannot resolve a dispute by talking to the global sysop, they can place a complaint on Talk:Global sysops, or contact any steward .

Global sysops may contact each other via the private mailing list.

Users with global sysop access

  • Last updated: 2024-07-14  [edit]
Name IRC nick Languages spoken Global sysop since
1234qwer1234qwer4 ru, de-4, en-3, la-1 2022-05-28
Ameisenigel Ameisenigel de, en-4, nds-2, fr-1, tlh-1 2024-02-18
Amire80 ru, he-5, en-4, ca-3, eo-2, es-2, it-2, fr-1, am-1, ar-1, la-1, lt-1 2017-02-02
AramilFeraxa AramilFeraxa pl, en-3, de-1 2024-05-29
Billinghurst sDrewth en, fr-1 2017-03-01
Biplab Anand Biplab ne, mai, hi-4, en-2, bh-2, awa-2, dty-2, sa-2 2016-10-06
CptViraj CptViraj gu, hi-4, en-3 2021-02-02
Daniuu Daniuu / Westvleteren nl, en-4, fr-2, de-2, la-2, vls-2, li-1 2021-11-27
DannyS712 DannyS712 en, he-2, es-2, zh-2 2020-09-01
DARIO SEVERI it, pt-4, en-4, es-2, fr-2, gl-2, th-1 2017-07-25
Fehufanga Fehufanga id, en-4, ms-2, zh-2, la-1, su-0 2024-02-01
Iluvatar Iluvatar_ ru, en-1, be-1 2019-11-02
Infinite0694 Infinite0694 ja, en-3, de-3, fr-2, it-1 2016-01-21
LR0725 ko, en-3, ja-1 2023-11-22
MdsShakil MdsShakil bn, en-3, as-1 2023-07-28
MF-Warburg MF-W de, en-3, fr-1, tet-1, la-1, es-1 2019-03-07
Minorax Minorax en, zh, nan-2, ko-1, ms-1, fr-1, yue-1 2020-12-09
Mtarch11 Mtarch11 it, lij-2, en-1, fr-1 2021-09-01
Praxidicae Praxidicae en 2018-11-11
Renvoy uk, ru-4, en-3, pl-3, lt-1 2023-07-21
Savh Savh es, nl, en-3, fr-2 2011-07-26
Syunsyunminmin SyunSyunMinMin ja, en-3 2023-06-28
TheresNoTime TheresNoTime en, de-3 2024-03-26
Turkmen Turkmen az, tr-4, en-2 2019-09-18
Uncitoyen Uncitoyen tr, en-2, fr-2 2021-01-29
WhitePhosphorus WhitePhosphorus / P4-mobile zh, en-3, ja-1, lzh-1, wuu-1, yue-1 2019-12-12
WikiBayer bar, de, en-1 2019-08-18


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