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Archived notes from Etherpad of the 2020-08-06 meeting.



  • 3-4 of the participants do short (e.g. 5min) presentations on some of their work with modeling GLAM data in Wikibase (or Wikidata), possibly with a focus on mapping existing ontological standards.
  • Q&A after each presentation.
  • Group discussion in the end on lessons learned, challenges, success stories, etc with all participants.
  • Topic and schedule of the next meeting
  • AOB

Participants (who is here)[edit]

  1. Mohammed Sadat (WMDE)
  2. Georgina Burnett (WMDE)
  3. Dan Shick (WMDE)
  4. Johan Richer ( / Paris School of Economics)
  5. Jens Ohlig (WMDE)
  6. Susanna Ånäs (WMFI)
  7. Christine Fernsebner Eslao (Harvard Library)
  8. Franziska Diehr (Freie Universität Berlin, research Cluster of Excellence "Temporal Communities")
  9. Paloma Graciani Picardo (Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin)
  10. Jeroen De Dauw (Technical Director Professional.Wiki, Wikibase developer)
  11. Richard Knipel (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wikimedia NYC)
  12. Lozana Rossenova (Rhizome)


  • Mohammed's introduction
    • WMDE folks introduce themselves before Lozana takes it away
    • 22 participants
  • Lozana
    • Asks whether participants are comfortable with recording the session
    • Idea of this session was an informal meeting where we could share our experiences with GLAM modelling
    • Lozana is working as a researcher at Rhizome (based in New York) and has been involved in other projects involving Wikibase
    • About Rhizome
      • Working with internet art/net art, which varies from traditional art
      • Art deals with concepts of network, could be a website, performances, videos etc
    • Rhizome needs different metadata standards to describe this kind of art
    • Wikibase instance describing Rhizome artworks
    • How did they deal with describing this kind of art, which is more difficult to describe than traditional art collections?
    • How did people go about mapping nonsingulars?
    • Wikibase offered data-model flexibility unavailable in Wikidata
    • Looked at other standards and one particularly useful standard called PROV
    • Developed their own interpretation of PROV standard which allowed them to describe really complex things
    • Question: how are people thinking about event based modelling in wikidata and wikibase?
      • Rhizome experience so far: both very flexible, but limited when it comes to actually doing event based modelling
    • Event based modelling
      • CIDOC-CRM community does not seem to be as interested in mapping, used a lot by archaeologists
      • presentation slides by Lozana -
      • Possibly also relevant – open access to the paper that goes alongside the presentation:
      • Franziska: really use it as a reference model, how can i relate to the concept of this event or person? Want to use wikibase as a hub for several research projects dealing with different questions about literary history. Fond of event based model, using standards to develop own model
    • If anyone would like to join project page from Rhizome, they would be interested in proposing a new Wikidata property and could potentially do this collectively - a lot of these museums (moma etc) would also likely benefit. Also doesn't necessarily need to be variant of, but something similar - e.g. manifestation of, expression of, instantiation of, etc.
    • The Sphere:
    • Discussion of variant-related issues (among other film modeling issues in Wikidata/Wikibase):


  • Franziska --> do you make use of inverse properties? if yes, how do you deal with that regarding consistency in data recording?
    • Lozana --> We do use inverse properties, variant is best example of this. Consistently use has variant and variant of - we think it would make querying much easier. Another inverse example: creator and creator of
    • Franziska --> so you don't introduce a inverse property for everything, but just for those instances where it is useful
    • Lozana --> try to think about it in terms of what will people query
  • Christine --> Would you run into notability issues for something like an individual casting of a sculpture, in Wikidata?
    • Richard --> I don't think notability would be an issue, at least if it's in a public collection
  • Lozana --> How do we share work progress and learnings across domains? A good converation to have in the future. Also discuss other areas that could be topic of future sessions.

Suggestions for next meeting[edit]

  • I would be interested in looking into setup/configuration of wikibase, because we are struggeling with that. (e.g. setting up a base URI and stuff like that) (Franziska Diehr)
    • As the resident technical writer I'm trying to build out documentation around stuff like this, so please send me concrete questions not answered by at . yay! I'll help however I can, and stuff I don't know I'll look up and publish for everyone's use.
    • oh great, thank you! We will reach out to you! (Also I think maybe we are just kinda lost at the moment ;)