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Archived notes from Etherpad of the 2020-12-17 meeting.


  • 16:00 UTC, 1 hour, Thursday 17th  December 2020
  • Online meeting on Google Meet:
  • Join by phone:


  • Share out anything exciting or new that's been happening with your Wikibase instance
  • What have you been up to
  • What has been working well, What has been challenging for you
  • Wikibase discussion platforms poll


a) Federation status?

b) Federation impoort properties from another WIkibase or schema

also import constraints from another WIkibase=

c) Is this page updated

Lydia had a talk on Semantic ? available on youtube mentioned federation

* Python script that makes use of PyWikiBot?

* This blog post includes an example for importing a CSV file with new properties:

Wikimedia Sweden is looking into roundtripping and using Open Refine is a rumour more information wanted

  • Lozan talked about quite a few institutions needing to do more with federation
  • Goal is to work toward spqrqle endpoint
  • User freindnly dropdown and you can pick the Wikibase that you'd like to federate accross
  • Mohammed asks what big dreams people have about Federation in 2021
  • Move properties within Wikibase, as one of the requests
  • Federating the maintaininer of the information so that everyone doesnt have to (mised part)
  • if you want to take existing data and refine it [missed part]
  • To have a ready made setup for wikibase that include the cidoc crm from the beginning
  • Lozana disagrees: I wouldn't call that federation unless you intent to change the data model
  • Q: if the data model keeps changing, synchronising between [missed part] is federation
  • Sparql endpoint [missed part]
  • Synching data the idea of keeping track across databases so you’ll get notifications to  (level of federation beyond synching between wikibases)
  • Jarmo mentioned the gnd keeping their original wikibase [missed part]
  • Some kind of expert bot [missed part] bring out data from wikibase to differnt format
  • Jarmo: Asks if its possible to export data to differnt formats; eg. bibliographical data to be put out in marc format or some other format
  • Jeyes I have took a brief look on pywikibot, but I had not noticed that.
  • Tried this Python script that makes use of PyWikiBot?
  • Discusses differnt output formats: marc
  • Lozan to get in touch with Mohammed and Sam to lay out some plans for developoment
  • Smithsonian is also interested in SPARQL for WikiBase
  • Okko asks whether this page is up to date:
  • Dragan proposed this tool:
  • This for example is based on question2answer:
  • Lydia's presentation at SMWCOn
  • Semantic Mediawiki used as an client interface and  WIkibase as the backend on the same host:  presentation by
  • Connecting Wikibase and Semantic MediaWiki" by Jeroen de Dauw
  • Johanes asks: about tabula data used in Wikibase...convert the table into item numbers and columsn so its possible to query this tripples just as a table
  • Aks whether other people are interested in something like this
  • Lozana: this might be moving away from the idea of linked data

Participants (who is here)[edit]

  1. Mohammed (WMDE)
  2. Diane Shaw (Smithsonian)
  3. Magnus Sälgö (salgo60)
  4. Giovanni Bergamin (AIB)
  5. Jarmo Saarikko (NatLibFi)
  6. Okko Vainonen (Nat[ional]Lib[rary of]Fi[nland])
  7. Jeyes Unterwegs