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Archived notes from Etherpad of the 2020-11-12 meeting.


  • 16:00 UTC, 1 hour, Thursday 12th  November 2020
  • Online meeting on Google Meet:
  • Join by phone:


  • Share out anything exciting or new that's been happening with your Wikibase instance
  • What have you been up to
  • What has been working well, What has been challenging for you
  • Topic and schedule of the next meeting

Participants (who is here)[edit]

  1. Mohammed (WMDE)
  2. Jens Ohlig (WMDE)
  3. Jim Hahn (University of Pennsylvania)
  4. Georgina Burnett (WMDE)
  5. Andre Castro (TIB)
  6. Jeroen De Dauw (https://Professional.Wiki )
  7. Johannes Hentschel ( )
  8. Lucia Sohmen (TIB)


  • Introductions
  • Johannes: talked about applying CIDOC CRM model in previous session. Would like to share presentation on topic if this would be of interest. (can presentation slides potentially be shared?). Muswiki (?) wikibase instance.
  • The scores in our database contains one work entity which will be linked to their own expressins if there are any in the database.
  • Lozan asks if any of this is public -- >
  • Johannes shares query link for displaying the data model's first seven levels:
  • Lozana: why did you choose to use qualifiers?
  • Johannes: it makes querying more complex, will have to see how it changes things
  • Lozana: opens up questions about use of qualifiers
  • Johannes: end up having the same information twice (e.g. creation date as qualifier and as statement), so need to consider whether it smart to do it this way
  • Andre: complex work is aligned with same as property.
  • recursion of same_as to define  same_as
  • Andre: is there a reason you didnt go for equivalent property as used in Wikidata?
  • Johannes: goal to map to existing ontologies from the beginning --> precise rather than fuzzy matches
  • Jens: federation. there is a MVP already done for federating Wikidata properties in individual Wikibase instances. User testing ongoing, hopefully rolled out sometime in 2021
  • Andre: question on ontology, mapping and alignment. is there anyway to import existing ontologies into a Wikibase instance?
  • Lozana: the quick answer is no. the problem being mostly properties, cant be mapped easily from existing technology. Data integration tools allow for entity level ontology information e.g. openrefine and quickstatements. Property stuff still has to be done manually or with a script. Openrefine and quick statements doesn't allow for the creation of properties, only items.
  • What do you think is the problem of creating properties
  • Lozana: You can’t with openrefine. You would have to do the properties manually or via a script
  • Johannes: Link for repurposing WikidataIntegrator for adding Items and Properties from CSVs:
  • Johannes: once you have added items in the list, is there any way to refer to them at some later point?
  • Lozana: you add items first and then you retrieve their IDs
  • Lucia: This was done by a former intern to import properties from Wikidata, but it should work with any csv file:
  • Jeff:, backended by wikibase. We are running shape expressions as a batch job to validate that items fit our schema after import.
  • Mohammed: what has been challenging for folks in using their Wikibase?
  • Lozana: documentation. persistent problem, when we have a new question, not enough good documentation. telegram community very helpful and responsive. recent issue: site links and getting them to work. its not just a matter of oh yeah we want documentation on how to set up wikibase instance, is there a way when there is a very specific issue that we are able to communicate this to the technical writer? Is there interest at WMDE to activate community to help with this?
  • Luca Mauri: There are a lot of discussions on Phabricator on documentation, but I am sorry to say they are not very active and it's difficult to get attention there
  • Jeff Goeke-Smith: I recall about a year ago when we went looking for documentation on the date types, and one half of the documentation about wikibase, from mediawiki said one thing, and the wikidata documentation referenced the first, and said it's wrong, we do dates this other way. I was amused.
  • Andre: a lot of the telegram conversations are lost. would it be better to have it on a mailing list so you can query?
  • Mohammed: very true, way telegram works is that the info flow is not ideal for coming back and searching.
  • Jeroen: what about having mattermost for wikibase? chat platform like telegram, have channels on different topics, allows you to search channel history. not as good for search as having a stack overflow but overall perhaps a good fit.

Suggestions for next meeting