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The election ended ৩১ আগষ্ট ২০২১. No more votes will be accepted.
The results were announced on ৭ ছেপ্টেম্বৰ ২০২১. Please consider submitting any feedback regarding the 2021 election on the elections' post analysis page.

2021 Board Elections
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Single Transferable Vote
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The 2021 Board of Trustees elections are from 18 August 2021 to 31 August 2021.

Members of the Wikimedia community have the opportunity to elect four candidates to a three-year term. This page contains voting instructions, voter eligibility, and a voter FAQ.


আপুনি যদি ভোটদান কৰিবলৈ যোগ্য হয়:

  1. পঢ়ক: প্ৰাৰ্থী উপস্থাপন
  2. পৰ্যালোচনা কৰক: বৰ্তমানৰ বোৰ্ডে কৰা দক্ষতা মূল্যায়ন
  3. কোন কোন প্ৰাৰ্থীক সমৰ্থন কৰে, সিদ্ধান্ত লওক।
  4. Special:SecurePoll/vote/Wikimedia Foundation Board Elections 2021'চিকিওৰ পোল' ভোটদান পৃষ্ঠালৈ যাওক। "ভোটদান আৰম্ভ হোৱাৰ পূৰ্বে লিংক দিয়া হ'ব।"
  5. উক্ত পৃষ্ঠাত থকা নিৰ্দেশনাসমূহ অনুসৰণ কৰক।

How to vote

An example of the SecurePoll voting interface voters will see.

আপোনাৰ ভোটদানৰ অভিজ্ঞতা যাতে মসৃণ হয়, তাৰবাবে তলত কিছুমান সহায়ক তথ্য দিয়া হ'ল। অনুগ্ৰহ কৰি ভোটদান কৰাৰ পূৰ্বে অনুচ্ছেদটো মনযোগ সহকাৰে পঢ়ক।

  • এই নিৰ্বাচনত একক হস্তান্তৰযোগ্য ভোটদান পদ্ধতি ব্যৱহাৰ কৰা হৈছে। গণনা প্ৰক্ৰিয়াৰ এটা বাখ্যা ইয়াত পাব পাৰে।
  • ভোটদান পৃষ্ঠাত ভোটাৰসকলে 'ড্ৰপডাউন বক্স'ৰ এটা ক্ৰম দেখা পাব। ভোটাৰসকলে প্ৰাৰ্থীসকলক "পছন্দ ১"ৰ পৰা (আটাইতকৈ পছন্দ কৰাজন) "পছন্দ ২০"লৈকে (আটাইতকৈ কম পছন্দ কৰাজন) বাচনি কৰিব।
  • ভোটাৰসকলে প্ৰাৰ্থীসকলক শীৰ্ষৰ পৰা বাচনি আৰম্ভ কৰিব। যাক তেওঁলোকে নিৰ্বাচিত হোৱাৰ বাবে আটাইতকৈ উপযুক্ত বুলি ভাবে, তেওঁলোকক শীৰ্ষত ৰাখিব। যিসকল প্ৰাৰ্থীক ভোটাৰসকলে কম উপযুক্ত বুলি ভাবে, তেওঁলোকক তালিকাৰ তলৰ ফালে চিহ্নিত কৰা উচিত।
  • এগৰাকী ভোটাৰে ভোটদান প্ৰক্ৰিয়াৰ যিকোনো স্থানতে ভোটদান বন্ধ কৰিব পাৰে। উদাহৰণ স্বৰূপে ২০জন প্ৰা্ৰ্থীৰ মাত্ৰ ৬জনকহে বাচনি কৰি বাকী ১৪জনক নকৰিবও পাৰে।
  • প্ৰাৰ্থীসকলক মাজত স্থান এৰাই নোযোৱাকৈ বাচনি কৰা প্ৰযোজন। স্থান এৰাই গ'লে ক্ৰটি দেখুৱাব। উদাহৰণ স্বৰূপে:
প্ৰথম পচন্দ: সুচান
দ্বিতীয় পচন্দ: (খালী)
তৃতীয় পচন্দ: যোছেফ
ইয়াক অনুমোদন কৰা নহ'ব। দ্বিতীয় পছন্দ বাচনি নকৰাকৈ তৃতীয় পছন্দ যোগ কৰিব পৰা নাযাব।
  • এগৰাকী ভোটাৰে একে প্ৰাৰ্থীকে একাধিকবাৰ বাচনি কৰিব নোৱাৰিব। একে প্ৰাৰ্থীক একাধিকবাৰ বাচনি কৰিলে ত্ৰুটি দেখুৱাব। উদাহৰণ স্বৰূপে:
প্ৰথম পছন্দ: সুচান
দ্বিতীয় পছন্দ: সুচান
তৃতীয় পছন্দ: যোছেফ
ইয়াক অনুমোদন কৰা নহ'ব। প্ৰাৰ্থী সুচানক দুবাৰ বাচনি কৰা হৈছিল।
  • ৰাইজে নিৰ্বাচনত পুনঃপুনঃ ভোট দিব পাৰিব। এনে কৰিলে পূৰ্বে দিয়া ভোট মচ খাই যাব। তেওঁলোকে যিমান বাৰ বিচাৰে, এনে কৰিব পাৰিব।

Voting Example and Best Practices

There have been some questions about voting and how ranking candidates works. Here is a short explanation. Single Transferable Vote helps to rank preferences so you can share more than one choice with your vote. Let’s use colors of shirts as an example this time.

Your employer is ordering shirts for all employees and you need to pick a shirt color. Your employer will order the same two colors of shirts for everyone. They decide to allow everyone to vote. The colors of shirts are:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green

You absolutely love the color blue! Green is your next favorite color. Yellow is a fine color. Orange is not a good color for you at all. You do not like the color orange.

Here is how you should vote:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

But you should not rank orange at all.

Here’s why:

Blue is the color of shirt you absolutely want to wear. A green shirt is your next preference, and you’d be fine with a yellow shirt. You would not at all be happy to wear an orange shirt.

What happens if you add orange to your vote:

You have more of a chance to end up wearing an orange shirt.

Here's why:

If other people vote and they rank orange shirts higher than blue, green or yellow, your vote could go to orange. If you do not vote for orange, there is no vote of yours that can go to orange. Voting for orange increases the chance your employer will order orange shirts.

How does this relate to the Board of Trustees election?

Vote for the candidates you wish to seat on the Board in the order you prefer the candidates. Do not rank candidates you do not wish to seat on the Board. Only rank candidates you would like to see join the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.

Now that you know this, do you want to change your vote? No problem. Voters may vote again and this new vote will overwrite the previous vote.

ভোটদানৰ বাবে অৰ্হতা

Voting eligibility is set by the Elections Committee. Contact the Elections Committee via email at board-elections@wikimedia.org by 27 August 2021 if you are unable to vote but believe you should be able to vote based upon the criteria listed.


You may vote from any single registered account you own on a Wikimedia wiki. You may only vote once, regardless of how many accounts you own. To qualify, this one account must:

  • not be blocked in more than one project;
  • and not be a bot;
  • and have made at least 300 edits before 5 July 2021 across Wikimedia wikis;
  • and have made at least 20 edits between 5 January 2021 and 5 July 2021.

The AccountEligibility tool can be used to quickly verify basic editor voting eligibility.


Developers qualify to vote if they:

  • are Wikimedia server administrators with shell access
  • or have made at least one merged commit to any Wikimedia repos on Gerrit, between 5 January 2021 and 5 July 2021.

Additional criteria

  • or have made at least one merged commit to any repo in nonwmf-extensions or nonwmf-skins, between 5 January 2021 and 5 July 2021.
  • or have made at least one merged commit to any Wikimedia tool repo (for example magnustools) between 5 January 2021 and 5 July 2021.
  • or have made at least 300 edits before 5 July 2021, and 20 edits between 5 January 2021 and 5 July 2021, on Translatewiki.
  • or maintainers/contributors of any tools, bots, user scripts, gadgets, and Lua modules on Wikimedia wikis.
  • or have substantially engaged in the design and/or review processes of technical development related to Wikimedia.

Note: If you meet the main criteria, you will be able to vote immediately. Due to the technical limitations of SecurePoll, people who meet the additional criteria may not be able to directly vote, unless they meet any of the other criteria. If you think you meet the additional criteria, please email board-elections@wikimedia.org with the reasoning at least four days before the last date for voting i.e. on or before 27 August 2021. If you meet the criteria, we will add you to a manual list, to be able to vote.

Wikimedia Foundation staff and contractors

Current Wikimedia Foundation staff and contractors qualify to vote if they have been employed by the Foundation as of 5 July 2021.

Wikimedia movement affiliates’ staff and contractors

Current Wikimedia Chapter, thematic organization or user group staff and contractors qualify to vote if they have been employed by their organization as of 5 July 2021.

Wikimedia Foundation board members, Advisory board members, FDC committee members

Current and former members of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, the Wikimedia Foundation Advisory Board and the Funds Dissemination Committee are qualified to vote.

Single Transferable Vote

This voting system allows voters to rank candidates. The benefit of this is voters can rank their choices in order of preference. This helps share your preferences more clearly than support or oppose. If your top choice candidate already has enough votes to be selected, your vote will be moved to your second choice candidate. If your top choice candidate will not win, your vote will be moved to your second choice candidate. And so on.

SecurePoll was updated for this voting system. Meek’s STV with Droop quota is the specific system used.

Voting FAQ

1. How can I verify my eligibility?

Editors can utilize the AccountEligibility tool to verify eligibility in the current election. The global account information page is available to learn more about your edit count and contribution history.

2. How are eligibility requirements set?

The Elections Committee sets the eligibility requirements prior to the start of the election.

3. Eligible voter is unable to vote

You may receive a message: "Sorry, you are not in the predetermined list of users authorized to vote in this election."


  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Make sure you are voting from Meta, you can use this link to go to the voting start page.
  3. If you are a developer, Wikimedia Foundation staff member or Advisory Board member, the Elections Committee may not have been able to match you to a specific username. You should contact board-elections@wikimedia.org to be added to the list.
  4. If you are still unable to vote and believe you should be able to please leave a message on the election talk page or contact the Elections Committee at board-elections@wikimedia.org. A response should be sent within 72 hours.

4. I cannot log into VoteWiki

You do not need to log into VoteWiki to vote. If you see the ballot, then SecurePoll has successfully identified you. For security reasons, only a limited number of accounts are registered on VoteWiki.

5. Is anyone able to see who I voted for?

No, the election is secure. The election uses SecurePoll software. Votes are secret. No one from the Elections Committee, the Board, or anyone on the Wikimedia Foundation staff has access to them. A member of the Trust & Safety team at the Wikimedia Foundation holds the encryption key for the election. Once the key is activated, the election is halted.

6. What data is collected about voters?

Some personally identifiable data on voters is viewable by a select few persons who audit and tally the election (the Election Committee). This includes the IP address and user agent. This data is automatically deleted 90 days after the election.

7. How will this data be used?

Metrics about this election will be summarized on the Board of Trustees election pages on Meta and the Post-Analysis report of the 2021 Board of Trustees election. No personally identifiable information will be published. This personally identifiable information may be used to determine the number of independent voters and the global spread of voters.

8. When I vote, I see no acknowledgement that the vote was received, and an automated message appears saying that I need to be logged in to vote. What is happening?

You do not need to log into votewiki to vote. This error is likely a caching issue. We apologise for this hassle: please try to vote again at https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:SecurePoll/vote/Wikimedia_Foundation_Board_Elections_2021 This should prompt you with a message saying "The vote will be conducted on a central wiki. Please click the button below to be transferred." Clicking on the button will send you to the voting server and should allow you to vote.

Also note that you are free to assign or change your voting preferences as many times as you like. Only one vote per user will be stored, and the system will simply replace your old vote(s) with the new one, and discard any previous vote(s).

When your voting process is complete, a receipt is displayed on your screen, which you may retain as evidence that you have voted.

9. How is the voting system safeguarded from users entering multiple votes?

Only one vote per user is stored on the system. You are free to assign or change your voting preferences as many times as you like. The system will simply replace your old vote(s) with the new one, and discard any previous vote(s).

10. Other question not mentioned here

For technical or vote system errors, please email board-elections@wikimedia.org. Please specify the username you are trying to vote with and the project where you are trying to vote. A member of the elections committee will respond to your email as soon as possible.