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Ending 8 May 2020 05:31 (UTC)

Hello, I have been a limited temporary administrator working on resolving a plethora of lint errors. I have primarily been focusing on the template namespace as it has the largest impact in reducing lint errors. It is important to note that one edit could resolve however many lint errors are on a page (basically unbound), it isn't just one error per edit. Conservatively estimating, I have resolved at least a few thousand overall; it is difficult to get an accurate estimate given that Special:LintErrors can fluctuate, at times, in the tens of thousands. I am requesting full meta administrator permissions as I would like to continue this work and also help out elsewhere on meta. I have carefully reviewed the meta admin policy. I am frequently active on IRC and could help in responding to urgent requests combating LTAs, vandals, and bots. I am an administrator on the English Wikipedia and am familiar with the admin toolset, and as a bot operator/programmer and Computer Science major, I am comfortable fixing these errors, including those in complex templates. Thank you for your consideration, TheSandDoctor Talk 05:31, 1 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Done. Matiia (talk) 04:46, 9 May 2020 (UTC)[reply]