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Smaa Wiki Monitorin Team

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The Smaa Wiki Monitorin Team (SWMT) is a groop o Wikimedians who, uisin IRC an ither tuils, monitor smaa wikis for vandalism, spam or trollin. Thare are several bots which report ony suspicious edits tae the wikis that the SWMT monitors. Tae help, simply jyn #cvn-swconnect on IRC. Ye can an aa edit the leet o uisers belaw tae register yer parteecipation.

Defineetion o "smaa"

The "smaa" in "Smaa Wiki Monitorin Team" is tae be interpreted broadly. Altho the bots on IRC monitor maist wikis wi fewer than 10,000 airticles, that is nae tae say that thay are "smaa" as in "insignificant"; rather, we prefer tae monitor as lairge a nummer o wikis as possible, so that we can maist effectively coordinate measurs tae stop spammers an vandals that damage a lot o wikis en masse, or target smawer wikis acause thay think thay can avoid detection althegither.

Tharefore, please don't be offended if ane o oor members revert vandalism on yer wiki, identifyin themselves as a member o the SWMT; we're thare acause we care aboot yer wiki, nae acause we think it is a backburner project.

Hou tae monitor a smaa wiki

  1. Monitor recent chynges to smaa Wikis via IRC/Channels|IRC. See Small Wiki Monitoring Team/IRC for details.
  2. Report pages that need deletin at Steward requests/Miscellaneous.
  3. Revert vandalism.
  4. Report vandals at vandalism reports.
  5. Report airtin spam for the Spam blackleet.
  6. A leet o pages on smaa wikis that hae been tagged for speedy deletion can be foond here.
  7. A leet o smaa wikis can be foond here.

Global permissions

Ony uiser in guid staundin can acome a member o the SWMT. However, there are global permissions that mey be o help. These include global sysop an global rollback. Please note that candidates for these permissions are expectit tae hae signeeficant experience in the SWMT.


Members of SWMT are requested to create a global user page at Meta, which will show on the wikis where they are editing. Consider using a Babel tag on your user page.

Ye can add the follaein userbox tae yer uiser page bi typin {{User SWMT}}:

This user is a member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team.

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