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Wikimedia Deutschland – Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens (WMDE, Wikimedia Deutschland – Association for the Promotion of Free Knowledge) is an independent membership-based association serving as a Wikimedia chapter in Germany. According to the bylaws, the purpose of the association is to support the creation, collection and distribution of Open Content in an altruistic way in order to support equal opportunity to access to knowledge and education. Founded on June 13, 2004 in Berlin, it was the first chapter to be created. As of May 2022, Wikimedia Deutschland has over 100,000 members. Jimmy Wales is an honorary member of the association.

Plans, reports and strategies[edit]

Becoming a member[edit]

At the May 2022 general assembly.

Any individual or organisation can become a member of the association. Voting rights, however, are limited to individuals. To become a member, fill out and submit the online form.


In order to fund its activities, the association relies on direct donations through an annual online fundraiser, membership dues, and third-party funding, including Wikimedia Foundation grants. As Wikimedia Deutschland is recognised as a tax-exempt charity, donations are tax-deductible in Germany. Donations can be made through an online donation platform.



The association's board consists of the chair, two deputy chairs, the treasurer, and up to three members at-large, who can in turn appoint ('co-opt') two additional members. The board is elected by the general assembly for a two-year term. The following members are currently serving on the 8th board, seven elected by the 27th general assembly on May 14 2022 and two (Larissa Borck and Raimond Spekking) appointed to the board on September 6 2022:

  • Alice Wiegand (chair)
  • Daniel Reisener (treasurer)
  • Valerie Mocker (deputy chair)
  • Christina Dinar (deputy chair)
  • Larissa Borck
  • Nora Circosta
  • Jens Ohlig
  • Kamran Salimi
  • Raimond Spekking

An overview over the historical development of the Wikimedia Deutschland board can be found here.

Executive Directors[edit]

Franziska Heine and Christian Humborg



The Wikimedia Deutschland offices are located in Kreuzberg, Berlin.
mailing list (public)
mail address
Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
Tempelhofer Ufer 23–24
10963 Berlin

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