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Wiki elsker kærlighed

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Denne side er dedikeret til organiseringen af Wikimedia elsker kærlighed, som er en international fotokonkurrencer der satser på at dokumentere kærlighedshistorier gennem deres fulde mangfoldighed
statusForbereder februar 2021 udgaven
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Wiki Loves Love
Wiki elsker kærlighed er en international fotokonkurrencer der satser på at dokumentere kærlighedshistorier gennem deres fulde mangfoldighed
this project needs...
created on13:01, 28 April 2018 (UTC)

Om Wiki elsker kærlighed

Wiki Loves Love is an international photography campaign which aims to document love testimonials across various societies, communities and beyond through the whole world. From monuments to ceremonies, from miscellaneous objects used as symbol of love to tender gestures, let's show to the world how love is expressed everywhere and in various ways.

2019 udgaven er i sin essens en Wikimedia Commons konkurrence der vil opnå de værdifulde medier - billeder og videoer om forskellige festivaller og bryllups ceremonier i forskellige kulturer verden rundt der senere hen kan understøtte adskillige Wikimedia projekter. Det vil animere det bredere Wikimedia fællesskab i forbedringer af dækning af forskellige kulturer og nye former for arvestykker der ellers ikke er blevet dokumenteret før.


September 2018

It's time to announce the theme for WLL 2019, which will scope people contributions performed in the contest: "Celebrations of love, festivals of love and weddings in different cultures, subcultures and communities". We hope you will love this theme as much as ourselves and that it will inspire you in wonderful contributions!

Konkurrencen vil blive afholdt i februar 2019, måneden der også har Valentinsdag!

April 2018

This project is in a really early phase of brainstorming and design. Please join the conversation, tell us what you think about it, what you would suggest as next step to achieving a great successful photo contest about love.

Tidligere udgave

A first edition was conducted in 2016, as a side project of Wikipedia 15 in Strasbourg. It was smaller in thematic scope, more geographically targeted, and didn't generate much participation. For the next edition, the geographical scope will be larger, it will be clearly be open to international participation and far greater outcomes are expected. Be bold to join in effort to make the next edition a success !

Andre kærligheds initiativer i Wikimedia

The Wikimedia is full of passionate people, and conceals some love nuggets, here are a list of interesting links that themselves point to further resources

Deltag i organiseringen

We are actively looking for people wanting to join our team and foster love in the Wikimedia world and beyond. Help from experienced people in other Wikimedia photo contests or other Wikimedia international projects would be especially useful, but all good will will be welcome with warm love!

You can also provide your feedback and proposal to help in one of the following place:

Husk på: din hjælp vil især være nyttig hvis du allerede har været involveret i en lignende konkurrence før, men der en til alle derude!


LOVE is a basic need.
Just like water, sleep and food (in that order) - but first and formest comes love.
There are several incidents concerning infants/babies, who had been feed, given water when thirsty, keept clean and neet, a bed to sleep in, and a schelter such as a house or a tent.
BUT without care; human contact such as the very important physical touch from another human in a gentle and caring way; without sentimental and emotional care in touch AND speech -  :...the babies died...!
That is why I, and others who has this knowledge, gladly and with seriousity will support WLL = Wiki Loves Love!!
PLEASE send this note around to as many people as possible;
which I guess that The Meta Wiki already is cabable of.
( It´s just me who is a bit of a dinosaur on digital medias, - please cut this sentence out of this original message).
from a dane
called Mette Berner Skipper Mbskippergobal4Us (talk) 14:03, 14 February 2019 (UTC)[reply]


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