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Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2020-09-03/Notes

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Archived notes from Etherpad of the 2020-09-03 meeting.


  • 16:00 UTC, 1 hour, Thursday 3 September 2020
  • Online meeting on Google Meet: https://meet.google.com/hch-trhy-trv
  • Join by phone: https://meet.google.com/tel/hch-trhy-trv?pin=4486380681555&hs=1


  • GLAM data modeling, focusing on CIDOC-CRM / event-based modeling in Wikibase + Wikidata.
  • This will be an open session and participants are free to demo their projects over the discussions.
  • Lessons learned, challenges, success stories, etc with all participants.
  • Topic and schedule of the next meeting
  • AOB

Participants (who is here)[edit]

  1. Mohammed Sadat (WMDE)
  2. Dan Shick (WMDE)
  3. Jens Ohlig (WMDE)
  4. Lozana Rossenova (Rhizome)
  5. Jarmo Saarikko (the National Library of Finland)
  6. Sarah Hartmann (German National Library and not an CIDOC expert;-))
  7. Jeroen De Dauw (Professional.Wiki)
  8. Okko Vainonen (the National Library of Finland)
  9. Johannes Hentschel (DCML@EPFL https://www.epfl.ch/labs/dcml/ Wikibase: https://muwi.epfl.ch/)
  10. Victor Agroskin


  • Overview for new attendees: this is a monthly call about WB development and bringing like-minded folks together to expand on how to use WB
  • Last month's preso from Lozana (see notes)
  • Today: open discussion on success stories, etc.
  • Introductions (see participants list :) )
  • Lozana discussed PROV last time, we wanted a further discussion this time on different ontologies
  • Talks about us having an open sessoin where different people can share their experience using standard ontologies in custome Wikibases or even in Wikidata
  • CIDOC represents a common, event-based standard. Difficulties in implementing such standards in WB
  • CIDOC specialists hoped for but not currently present
  • Lozana solicits questions on the event-based topic
  • https://seco.cs.aalto.fi/publications/2019/hyvonen-en-sampos-2019.pdf  - group of knowledge websites on various topics  which are using CIDOC-CRM model in the background e.g. https://biografiasampo.fi/  collection interlinked biographies of prominent people in Finland.
  • Rhizome: custom ontology -- project page (link) shows how to map onto PROV standard
  • Lozana explains the reasom why we Rhizome focuses on CDOC is not because of special preference but because it is a commons standard and it is also event based.
  • Prov is a standard for digital provenance. where it is a relevant to cidoc crms,
  • Lozana presents an overview of PROV & Rhizome's implementation
  • https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Federation_input
  • https://artbase.rhizome.org/wiki/Property:P117
  • https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikiProject_Digital_and_Performative_Arts/Provenancial_Data
  • Feel free to go and have a look and add comments here or on Telegram
  • We have our own custom ontology because it's useful to be able to connect accross instances
  • where relevant, things have been mapped to prov standards
  • Types of records have been separated; artworks and their differnt variatins altjought its not a fully fledged standard
  • Basically as a group we were interesting to see if there was a better way not necessarily similar to what we have done at Rhizome
  • Lozana: one of hte way I've been trying to go about with documentation is to write Wikiproject pages for the differnt project I'm involved in
  • Question: how do you do trhe mapping in the wikibase --> yes we use the exact map [missed point] which is also done in wikidata.
  • For now each of the properties we are able to connect it to the wiki. if people really want to learn, they could follow the proper ontology
  • "Proper federation" --> Wikidata folks.
  • Active project: federated properties, as in properties from Wikidata that can be used on your Wikibase instance.
  • On the roadmap: other federation-adjacent topics (reusing items, etc.) -- "far future, not this year"
  • Discussion about what need to happen with federation on the wikipages can be communicated with the people whon were invioved in it. https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Federation_input
  • Rhizome would be interested to do some more work with WMDE with regrds to federatrion
  • Question: If you want to use a certain published model in your wikibase, such as CIDOC-CRM, would you 1) upload the model properties "as is" into your wikibase? (Lozana: No -- not practical) Or 2) would you do a selection of properties and then upload, or 3) would you enter them one by one?
  • With zero human curation and everything done with scripts, maybe it's possible. But creating "third-tier" entities programmatically doesn't seem like a good idea.
  • Lozana --> openrefine could be the solution to [missed part] move items around different databses (in connection with federation)
  • There is also some news on making OpenRefine work with Wikibase. ; adding labels , statements, overriding, etc to Wikibase -- OPenRefine can now read your manifest and understand your custom data structure, not just Wikidata's any more
  • It will be GUI based
  • Question --> Wikibaseimport extension does allow importing properties attached to items, but it does not import all properties(?) -- see below
  • Discussion on modeling events and RDF
  • For the example with our case at Rhizome we care about finding out in one query all the artworks that were made by an event like web archiving
  • Using WikibaseImport / WikidataIntegrator to successfully import properties/items
  • In WikibaseImport, use --all-properties to load all properties with an item (found onhttps://stuff.coffeecode.net/2018/wikibase-workshop-swib18.html#_via_wikibaseimport_code_importentities_php_code)
  • This blog post https://medium.com/@thisismattmiller/wikibase-for-research-infrastructure-part-1-d3f640dfad34 demonstrates how to use add_properties.py and add_items.py available in this repohttps://github.com/SemanticLab/data-2-wikibase
  • Question? --> Are there better ways to document our work going forward, on different platforms; work with data models or also data upload and import and exchange.
  • Sarah, we'd like to have documentaiton on the within the wiibase instance
  • Dan -- hoping to have a clear space to find stuff  https://wikibase-registry.wmflabs.org/wiki/Main_Page
  • Exhortation to add your WB instance to the registry above; plan to add all docs tohttps://mediawiki.org/wiki/Wikibase
  • Provenance presentation that was shared by Lozana --https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aAotYvqgUYevqttYjJytRBQL5t9hx7tz2rq_nAH1KXI/edit?usp=sharing

Suggestions for next meeting

  • https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikibase_Community_User_Group/Proposed_meet

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