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Jawatankuasa Ponggubal Piagam Koguraan id Wikimedia Summit 2022.

Jawatankuasa Ponggubal Piagam Koguraan (MCDC) kitonggungan do monggubal Piagam Koguraan.


Jawatankuasa diti winonsoi ontok 1 Milau 2021 maya piomungan mogikaakawo pomili om kaida-kaida pomilian suai.


Jawatankuasa diti aga'on do tumilombus kumalaja gisom ookunan o Piagam Koguraan, ii pinojodual do garis timpu id pintangaan toun 2024.

Puru tinimungan

Puru tinimungan MCDC nopo nga' kohompit no mantad projek, puru piomungan, om Yayasan Wikimedia. Montok toilaan potilombus, rumomut id Matrik Piagam Koguraam.

Kopisudong do pibatasan pogulu, puru MCDC monorimo pongolus montok poposulimbang kos mampayat. Kos iti nopo nga' soginumu US$50 monikid duo tulan.

Puru tinimungan MCDC id timpu diti (miampai aiso kouludan pointantu, todoso montok lobi ogumu toilan):

Okon no ko' puru tinimungan


The idea behind the MCDC Advisors initiative is to gather in-depth feedback and content contributions from a range of people beyond the MCDC membership with the flexibility to participate to their preferred extent. The advisory role is voluntary.

Advisors can:

  • participate in certain MCDC working meetings and discussions under the Chatham House rule;
  • work on the furthering of drafts, by MCDC invitation; and
  • get previews of the drafts for early input and feedback.

Please note that the advisors do not possess voting rights, are not required to travel, and are not granted access to confidential or privileged information beyond their involvement in Charter drafts. Advisors have access to Charter drafts that may be embargoed.

If you are interested in supporting the MCDC in the role of advisor, please reach out to the following email: movementcharter(_AT_)wikimedia.org

Current advisors to the MCDC and their respective Wikimedia regions, as of 26 October 2023:

Kakitangan monokodung


Montok rumomut do Jawatankuasa Ponggubal Piagam Koguraan, guno'o emel diti : movementcharter(_AT_)wikimedia.org