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  • Personal info: This steward did not create their confirmation page before the start of the comment phase. Page created on behalf of the Election Committee by Snowolf

    Hi, although late, but I believe I have very good reason for that. I had real emergency in my personal life which came just a about a week ago before the confirmation. Previously I talked to my fellow steward colleagues and thought briefly about seeking reconfirmation or stepping down. I thought a lot and made up my mind.

    I have been a steward for quite a while now. Truth be told, I was mostly inactive during last year. I was stuck with my real life (not this present emergency I am dealing with) issues and could not find enough time to be active as a steward. But I have always missed it and I hope to be active this year as I look for more stability in my personal life. Nevertheless I cannot guarantee future but I have decided to seek confirmation for at least once more so I can have this one chance to continue my work as a steward. I believe I have still the trust of the community (and my account was never compromised during the inactivity level) so it will allow me to give me a chance to continue for another year. I hope you will understand.

    So it is up to you fine people. I will be friendly and active whether or not I pass this confirmation. It's just a matter of finding scope which I hope I will find in this coming year. Thank you.

    — T. 18:57, 8 February 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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