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  • Languages: pt, en-3, es-2, fr-2, it-2, gl-1, sk-1, (sq, ms, hi)-0.5
  • Personal info: Hi, everyone. Five years have passed since I became a steward. Time flies when we are doing something we really enjoy - I'm glad to be part of this awesome team and I learned a lot from it. I believe I've been reasonably active in 2019 by dealing with steward requests pages on meta-wiki, locking, blocking, fighting LTA/spambots, doing cross-wiki countervandalism work, changing user rights and trying to help the way I could - despite having a gap in activity in the middle of the year due to some health issues I already mentioned before - since 2018 I have this problem that tends to get worse in winter, but now hopefully it won't come back due to a new treatment. As a cu-list/cu-wiki/irc administrator I also do a lot of behind the scenes stuff. And I am reachable on IRC whenever I am around for dealing with emergencies or daily requests. So, if I can count on your support, I would like to continue for one more year as I feel I still can be of help in the steward tasks. I would appreciate reading any comment that could help me to improve as a volunteer. Thank you all for participating!
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  • Informazioni personali: translation needed
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  • Información personal: translation needed
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  • Личная информация: translation needed
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