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For stewards

New stewards are elected on a roughly annual basis in a process that has been ongoing since early 2005. In order to be elected, candidates must get at least 30 votes in favour and at least 80% support, be over 18 and sign the Confidentiality agreement for nonpublic information with the Wikimedia Foundation. Additional requirements for being a candidate or a voter (based on edit count) exist since 2009.

Orchestrated confirmation and discussion of the existing stewards was first undertaken in 2007. These confirmations run in concurrence with elections and are used to determine whether stewards should retain their rights.



Chart of elections and deconfirmations[edit]

User:Jon Harald Søby User:Jimbo Wales User:Walter User:Suisui User:Romihaitza User:Rdsmith4 User:Paginazero User:Jon Harald Søby User:Ausir User:Aurevilly User:Ascánder User:Shizhao User:Yann User:Waerth User:Snowdog User:Sj User:Shizhao User:Oscar User:Datrio User:Danny%7Emetawiki User:AstroNomer User:Andre Engels User:Mav User:Looxix User:KarlWick User:Fantasy User:ArnoLagrange User:Anthere User:Angela User:Andre Engels Stewards/elections 2006 Stewards/elections 2005 Stewards/elections 2004
User:Mike.lifeguard User:Meno25 User:Leinad User:Laaknor User:Kylu User:Erwin User:Dorgan User:Alexanderps User:Mardetanha User:Wojciech Pędzich User:Thogo User:Jusjih User:Zirland User:Wojciech Pędzich User:Thogo User:Spacebirdy User:Nick1915 User:Millosh User:Lar User:Jusjih User:Dungodung User:.anaconda User:DerHexer User:Shanel User:Redux User:Pathoschild User:MaxSem User:Magister Mathematicae User:M7 User:Guillom User:Effeietsanders User:Dbl2010 User:Darkoneko User:Cspurrier User:Bastique Stewards/elections 2009 Stewards/elections 2007 Stewards/elections 2006-2
User:Wikitanvir User:Quentinv57 User:Quadell User:Bennylin User:Bencmq User:Axpde User:Vituzzu User:Trijnstel User:PeterSymonds User:Manuelt15 User:Jafeluv User:Fr33kman User:Eptalon User:Barras User:Ruslik0 User:Mentifisto User:Matanya User:Bsadowski1 User:MarcoAurelio User:Wutsje User:Sir Lestaty de Lioncourt User:Mercy User:J.delanoy User:Melos User:MarcoAurelio User:Jyothis User:Avraham Stewards/elections 2011-2 Stewards/elections 2011 Stewards/elections 2010
User:Sjoerddebruin User:Matiia User:HakanIST User:Defender User:NahidSultan User:Masti User:Taketa User:Stryn User:RadiX User:Pmlineditor User:Linedwell User:Einsbor User:TBloemink User:SPQRobin User:Rschen7754 User:Shanmugamp7 User:Savh User:Hoo man User:Ajraddatz User:Mathonius User:BRUTE User:Amqui User:QuiteUnusual User:MF-Warburg User:Snowolf User:Pundit User:Luckas Blade User:Elfix User:Billinghurst User:Teles User:Tegel User:MBisanz Stewards/Elections 2017 Stewards/Elections 2016 Stewards/Elections 2015 Stewards/Elections 2014 Stewards/Elections 2013 Stewards/Elections 2012