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भाषांतरात मदत करायची आहे? न झालेली भाषांतरे करा.
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Catch up on the process


चर्चेचे तीन सत्र आहेत. पहिले सत्र १८ एप्रिल २०१७ रोजी संपले. दुसरे सत्र सुरु झाले आहे.

You can now read the text of the strategic direction that emerged through this process. In October 2017, you will be invited to endorse it.

अधिक जाणून घ्या


चालू अपडेट

WMF-Agora-Language selection-crop 3492D1.svg Katherine Maher sends weekly summaries of what is happening around the movement strategy process. You can also sign up to receive news on your talk page.

संभाषणातील प्रेक्षकांविषयी (ट्रॅक्स)

There are many different groups in our movement, who engage with information in different ways. In order to understand their needs and perspectives better, the core team has organized "tracks" by audience. The main participation tracks are Organized Groups and Individual Contributors. The third audience is for those not in our movement conversation, namely readers, experts, and partners. We are currently doing both research and interviews to better understand their inputs. Learn more here (link coming soon).

संघटित गट

ट्रॅक अ

This group includes Wikimedia movement affiliates, organized movement committees including the Funds Dissemination Committee and Affiliations Committee, staff members at the Wikimedia Foundation, the Foundation Board of Trustees, and other organized or semi-organized groups that help support the movement.

वैयक्तिक योगदानकर्ते

ट्रॅक ब

This group includes individual contributors, such as editors, curators, and volunteer developers, across different languages and Wikimedia projects.

नवीन आवाज: वाचक, तज्ञ आणि भागीदार

पूर्वी ट्रॅक क आणि ड

We are doing research to better understand the voices that aren’t part of our movement discussions: readers, experts, and partners. To ensure a complete picture, we are engaging in research as well as conducting interviews and hosting small gatherings with these people. This group includes existing and new readers of our projects, and existing and potential partners, in countries or languages where we are both well-known (formerly track C) and where we are much less known (formerly track D).



WMF-Agora-Language selection-crop 3492D1.svg The core strategy team has prepared a process in collaboration with a Steering Committee of long-time volunteer Wikimedians.

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WMF-Agora-Language selection-crop 3492D1.svg Many groups of people from across the movement are working together to organize the strategy process (and you can be one of them!)


वारंवार विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न

WMF-Agora-Language selection-crop 3492D1.svg Answers to more questions are available in the Frequently asked questions.


सुधारणा सुचवा

(English) You are invited to discuss the process and ask more questions on the talk page.

हेही पाहा