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Request for adminship[edit]

Request for adminship[edit]

Sir, please make me an administrator. Please sir. (User talk: Machli jal) Machli jal (talk) 09:26, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Sjones23's fault[edit]

That user was the one that started all this. He/She keeps throwing out lies about me saying that I was adding unsourced material which I never did, Sjones23 kept on stalking me too. I was only fixing some typos and some mistakes in articles, I was only trying to help improve them and make them more better again. Don't listen to Sjones23's lies, I didn't start this, he/she did! 03:04, 21 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

I just want him/her too leave me alone and too stop following me. I just want to edit in peace. 03:05, 21 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

You're banned on enwiki, so your changes are reverted on identification regardless of their merits. I don't necessarily agree with this, but that is the policy. If you want to become a productive contributor, then try appealing your ban there - cross-wiki harassment won't get you far. Ajraddatz (talk) 03:10, 21 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Well it's still his/her fault for harassing me and for making the articles a mess, I was only fixing typos and mistakes. 12:14, 21 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Well what ever. I'm noting going to deal all this with you. I have better things too do than too put up with cyber bullies online like Sjones23 who lies and tattle tales on me. It's true, I don't put up with that in real life. That's another thing about Wikipedia, you guy's don't deal with your cyberbullying problems. You all care about no one but yourself's. It's just ridiculous! 19:31, 21 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Or, maybe it has something to do with the abuse you've caused to the project over the course of years. Please stop making edits to my talk page now, thanks. Ajraddatz (talk) 02:18, 22 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Help please.[edit]

Hello, I am working in Persian Wikinews and there is just 10 active user and if I want to be an administrator I need to Candidate myself, but when there is nobody to vote except 1-2 user(s) how can I be an administrator? can I invite users from other Wikipedia even they never had edit in Wikinews, or not? is there any page to help me for rules? Thank You.--Qian.Nivan (talk) 19:00, 22 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hello @Qian.Nivan: you can start a request on the wiki. Don't worry about inviting other users, just go with the current community there, and request sysop rights on SRP after one week. We can grant you temporary adminship for 3-6 months even if nobody comments, and renew it for longer times after that. We don't have a guide for this, but we should really write one... Please let me know if you have other questions! Ajraddatz (talk) 19:34, 22 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks for your answer, I am just wanna know can I be a candidate with having just patroller Right in Wikinews? Qian.Nivan (talk) 04:43, 24 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Yes, there is no pre-requisite in terms of current rights. Just start a discussion on the Village Pump/Project Chat/Whatever the local equivalent is :-) Ajraddatz (talk) 06:04, 24 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for your participation in IdeaLab during the Inspire Campaign focused on improving content curation & review processes from February to March 2016. I'm interested in hearing your feedback about your participation during campaign, so if you're able, I invite you to complete this brief survey to describe how you contributed to the campaign and how you felt about participating.

Immediate results of the campaign can be found here. Please feel free to review them and let me know if you have any questions about the campaign or the survey. Thanks! I JethroBT (WMF) (talk) 02:31, 26 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

(Opt-out instructions)

I cant use my account[edit]

1st Step in main page
2nd Step while logging in
3rd Step when error came up

Hello, i can't use my account for a while in Persian Wikipedia. and even i have change my user name but still i can't go in and i see this Error: Exception encountered, of type "Exception". Can you see what is happened with my account? Qian.Nivan (talk) 16:12, 30 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hello, I've alerted some of the techy guys to the problem. Either I or him will get back to you when we have figured this out. I think it is part of a rename-related bug. Ajraddatz (talk) 17:53, 30 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
No this is for before that, I change my name to maybe I can solve the problem, but this problem is for more than 5 days ago. --Qian.Nivan (talk) 19:25, 30 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Hi @Qian.Nivan.Out.Of.Service:, you currently have two SUL accounts that you seem to be using. This one, Qian.Nivan.Out.Of.Service, and Qian.Nivan. Both are active on every project. If you log out of both of them, and then log in with the one you want to use, it should work. Please let me know what any further issues are. If you want to talk to a steward in your language, you can contact Mardetanha as well. He might be able to help you more. Ajraddatz (talk) 00:38, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
The issue is I can't use Qian.Nivan.Out.Of.Service with 5,000 edit in Persian Wikipedia in just Persian Wikipedia, but i can use it in other project such as English wikipedia, and with Qian.Nivan i can use all project in wikimedia but i look like a new user and i dont have my old rights as edit the long pages, Is it possible to marge Qian.Nivan.Out.Of.Service's history to Qian.Nivan's history? Qian.Nivan (talk) 01:20, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
@Qian.Nivan: I've set up a ticket for this problem at phabricator:T136595. Please upload images of the specific error you are encountering to that platform. Hopefully, the techy types can fix it for you. Thanks, Ajraddatz (talk) 03:43, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you very much.Qian.Nivan (talk) 04:52, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
I can't use that site without username I have these photos uploaded in here.--Qian.Nivan (talk) 05:26, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks, looks the same as phabricator:T119736. Hopefully your case will be addressed soon. Ajraddatz (talk) 05:56, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you, I hope, by the way I was working on a project in Persian Wikipedia before this error, I was making the project of "Wikipedia:Request an account" in Persian Wikipedia and I needed your help for requesting of wikimedia foundation to being an Account creator, can you help me for making this project.--Qian.Nivan (talk) 06:16, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]
w:en:Help:Logging in#Login issues and problems has instructions which help some users with this problem. PrimeHunter (talk) 10:14, 31 May 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Congrats …[edit]

… for having become a translation administrator. --Vogone (talk) 01:18, 4 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you. I am so very happy with the trust that the important members of the community have given me. I shall hold these advanced permissions very carefully and never ever misuse them!!! Ajraddatz (talk) 01:24, 4 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Add rights to the Autoconfirmed group[edit]

Hello there! I was going to upload a file for the Gregory S. Forbes page on Wikipedia, but I don't own a computer, I edit using my Wii U, the only place is to search for an image on Google. Can you add upload image from URL under the Autoconfirmed user group? Thanks! DatNuttyWikipedian (talk) 16:50, 11 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, you can upload your photo to Wikimedia Commons without autoconfirmed rights and use it from there. Regards, Ajraddatz (talk) 19:55, 11 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Deleting oppose comments[edit]

I do not know where this comment goes, I hope you will copy it to there. I JethroBT (WMF) just deletd 18,726 bytes just because he said they should be. If this is under discussion, shouldn't those deletions have waited also? I am only trying to replace deleted content. I was invited to a discussion, made a good-faith comment, and had my comment deleted. Thank you for your time. Sammy D III (talk) 04:43, 12 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

It looks like it was moved to the talk page. Can you confirm that it isn't there? And I agree that him stopping would be ideal while discussion is ongoing, but what he is doing is the 'status quo' so I suppose it's somewhat understandable. Ajraddatz (talk) 05:06, 12 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
It is on the talk page. But I posted it on the front, where I could take part in the discussion. It is not there, I have been excluded from the discussion. That stinks. Oh well, thank you for your time anyway. Sammy D III (talk) 05:40, 12 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Sorry you don't feel like this has been adequately resolved, but the discussion on RFH is going somewhere and hopefully we can work something out on this. But I still do feel that the way to do that is by talking, not reverting. Have a good one, Ajraddatz (talk) 21:14, 12 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Help on Yoruba Wikipedia[edit]

Dear Ajraddatz,

I trust you are fine. Please I need help on Yoruba Wikipedia. I am actually not an administrator on Yoruba Wikipedia but an active editor of that language Wikipedia and a native speaker of the language. The homepage of that Wikipedia is outdated and I am much interested in updating it but it is protected. Although we currently have one administrator there, User:Demmy but they seem to be less active recently. I have tagged some pages for deletion and also notify them on their talk. The editor didn't attended to it. I don't want to moan about it because I understand that they could be busy as a result of real-life engagement and this is a common problem with Wikipedia with a single admin. I am comfortable with the homepage protection due to vandalism but is there a way experienced editors can have access in other to update it when necessary? Please, note that I am not in anyway reporting the administrator but simply seeking help on pages that need deletion and admin attention. Thank you in anticipation. Wikicology (talk) 15:52, 12 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hi @Wikicology: given that the local admin isn't active you can always ask stewards or global sysops to clean out the pages requiring deletion. The best place for such requests is at SRM, while providing a link to the category of pages requiring deletion. Thanks, Ajraddatz (talk) 21:03, 12 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you so much. With kind regards. Wikicology (talk) 21:57, 12 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]


  • I see that you have (probably) been visited by "our old friend"; at least the user-names are very similar to those he have used on English Wikipedia. I had to ask admins here for help last year, see this. You might want to "watch" those user-pages I mentioned there. We all have permanent semi-protected on en.wp these days, so therefore he comes here, Cheers, Huldra (talk) 00:15, 15 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
  • Also, when you look at the history of this page, you still see the user-names he used. Yes, his edits are wiped out, but your edits say clearly "Reverted changes by So-and-So", Cheers, Huldra (talk) 00:19, 15 June 2016 (UTC)  [reply]
    I've semi-protected the pages. I'm not seeing anything more recent than a couple of weeks though; could you please provide links to anything that needs cleaning? Stuff that should be suppressed can be sent to the email address listed under meta at OS. Ajraddatz (talk) 00:20, 15 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
    Thanks, that was quick! You might want this edit-line, and this one also go "does the memory-hole", together with this? Cheers, Huldra (talk) 00:24, 15 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Inspire campaign[edit]

Hey, Ajraddatz! My name's Joe and I'm helping to run the Inspire Campaign on addressing harassment currently running on Meta-Wiki. I'm interested to know a little more about your motivation for proposing your Idea, regarding the investigation into existing mechanisms of handling harassment. What was the inspiration for this proposal? And do you think the feedback you have received so far has been useful to you in improving it? Thanks! Joe Sutherland (WMF) (talk) 17:40, 17 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hi @JSutherland (WMF): I made it after noticing some weaker areas in the research done by the Foundation; the proposed research plan would allow for knowledge of how harassment is handled, rather than just looking at whether it happens. Knowing this, we will be able to more efficiently direct our efforts for improving institutions that deal with harassment and hopefully deal with it better. I haven't recieved much feedback on the idea so far, and actually don't have time to request a grant or work on it myself at the moment. Ajraddatz (talk) 01:37, 19 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Cheers, Ajraddatz, appreciate the response! Thanks for your work so far in the campaign. I do personally think your idea is one that someone should run with. Joe Sutherland (WMF) (talk) 16:12, 20 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]


I have refactored your comment here, as it seemed a bit off-putting, considering the topic. You may want to doublecheck, and check your mail as well, as I am not sure I have got the original intention of your meaning. Regards, —Neotarf (talk) 22:19, 21 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

@Neotarf: Some good reading for you might be wiktionary:dickishness if you don't know what the word means. Unless you can somehow convince me that that word constitutes incivility, breaking basic etiquette, or some threat to stalk or harass a user then clearly URB has no issue with it and I will restore my original wording later today. If you approach this in a different way, saying that you would prefer to not see the word instead of just removing it, then I could be very easily convinced to change my wording. But your approach to handling this is quite strange and I am really failing to see the damage caused by the word. Ajraddatz (talk) 04:38, 22 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
@Ajraddatz: I'd prefer it if you changed the term. Rudeness seems to work pretty well.
We talked about this situation briefly at Wikimania before we parted ways at the airport. I realize that some folks feel that using expressions like being a dick / dickishness / etc. are a useful way to describe insulting behavior / being a jerk / etc. I also realize that a wide (but not indefinite) range of expression should be permitted on our projects. One takeaway I had from this Wikimania was that there are times when the language we use sets an environment that can effectively turn folks away from participating. The whole notion of "harassment" and what behaviors it refers to was a common topic of discussion for me at the conference, and for some, that choice of term caused some to not want to participate in the campaign despite having profoundly negative interpersonal experiences on-wiki. This situation and Neotarf's objections don't seem so different. Part of me has felt attracted to calling a spade a spade, because these expressions are common enough and it feels like straightforward communication, but at the end of the day, it basically feels like name-calling, and the tone does make folks reluctant to participate even when they understand what you mean. These days, both as staff and as a volunteer, I try to focus on the behavior when I see issues with conduct: disrupting the campaign, creating a battleground, discouraging participation, threatening another editor, etc. Anyway, I hope you'll consider changing the language, and Neotarf, I think it's a good idea to ask someone to change it first in the future before refactoring. I JethroBT (WMF) (talk) 21:53, 28 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
waiting for this editor to strike his language on his meta/meta page. the english wikilaywering will not work here; you need to conform to community norms, or you are not a part of this community, and need to be blocked. i expect that the admins here will refactor on sight, they can counsel the disruptive editors later. Slowking4 (talk) 12:47, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Ok. With a reaction like this, I'm not changing the wording. The goal here is that I change my wording to somehow create a more civil and enticing tone of discussion, right? So how does accusing me of bad faith, suggesting that I should be blocked, and having my comment altered without my permission factor into that? What you and Neotarf have done here is far worse than me using a very common wiki expression (being a dick), and represents a far greater problem with the wiki community in general than any language I have used here. Furthermore, neither of you have shown in any way that the word is against meta's norms - we renamed the "don't be a dick" page (that itself being a contested action which is still under debate); we didn't outlaw the word altogether. Ajraddatz (talk) 15:03, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Hello Ajraddatz, I sincerely hope that you will reconsider your use of terms that can cause people to feel unwelcome in conversations on Wikimedia projects/websites. When the websites were first created most of people participating were guys from similar backgrounds so the culture on wikis reflect the norms for this group. As the community/movement has grown to more inclusive, we need to remember that terms that seem okay to some are offensive to others. I especially think this is important for someone such as you who is a steward and will be speaking with authority when enforcing policy. It is better to use culturally neutral language whenever possible. Sydney Poore/FloNight (talk) 15:54, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
What do you think makes people feel more unwelcome: the use of a term like dickishness, which has been acceptable on Wikimedia projects for 15 years and referenced in major community policies and essays, or modifying the comments of other users, accusing them of bad faith and editing contrary to established policies, and suggesting they should be blocked as a disruptive editor? I have issues with this sort of censorship in general, but I would normally have no problem changing the language of my comment if asked to do so in the way that you just did. I already censor myself quite a bit; the language used in my workplace is considerably stronger than anything I use here, and I understand that I should change how I communicate here to make people feel welcome and included. But I'm not going to acknowledge that a single word used by myself is causing people to flock away from this project, and certainly not give any merit to these accusations of disruption. The comment stays until such a time as I choose to change it; you can take it up on RFH if you wish. Ajraddatz (talk) 16:00, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Hi Ajraddatz, I'm not asking you to change the word in this one instance, but going forward to always try your best to use words that are more culturally neutral when someone points out that a word is offensive to them. What are you going to lose by changing the word when asked to change it? There is much to be gained by being a role modeling for working together to build a healthy community. Please reconsider your position and join together to be friendlier to each other. Sydney Poore/FloNight (talk) 16:11, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
@FloNight: As I said, if I had just been asked, I would have changed it without issue. But I wasn't asked; I was told that it was changed after another editor edited my comment without permission. After that, another editor accused me of being a disruptive user and said I should be blocked for flouting community norms. It's very ironic that the people trying to argue for more friendliness are behaving in this way, and in that regard you have chosen some strange allies in your attempt at making things friendlier. Their behaviour is decidedly unfriendly, or do you think that this is an acceptable way to deal with wording that you find offensive? Ajraddatz (talk) 16:17, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Ajraddatz, as a functionaries, it is most important for us to consider what is best for the community movement. In this instance, dwelling on whether the comment should or shouldn't have been retracted seems to be unhelpful to resolving the situation. Please move past this aspect of the situation and instead think about the core issue which is the original language which some people think is inappropriate. Thanks, Sydney Poore/FloNight (talk) 16:40, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Nope. You are trying to argue that how something is said or done matters, not just what is said or done. You can't have it both ways. Rest assured that I always have, and always will, attempt to make my comments as neutral and nice as possible, and will continue to re-evaluate what that entails moving forward. The same obviously cannot be said for the actions of those that you are here supporting. Ajraddatz (talk) 16:44, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Ajraddatz, as a show of leadership as a steward, I'm making a request for you to change the language that you use despite you not likely the manner that the request was originally asked. Your personal dislike of having your comment changed does not change the idea that the wording was not ideal. The community will be better if you show leadership and agree that changing the comment was done in good faith, even though you are annoyed at the people asking you and the way that it was done. Sydney Poore/FloNight (talk) 16:58, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
This has nothing to do with me being a steward, and I am not changing the comment at this time. You are now painting my actions with your own brush - I am not annoyed at people asking me, I am annoyed that you seem to think it is OK to modify users' comments without their permission, and acceptable to respond to "non-PC" words with comments like this. Your own actions here are quite questionable - you ignore obviously abusive behaviour towards me, because you feel that one word I used in one comment is not "neutral" enough to be used here. Changing the wording of that one comment will not make the community better, but condemning the behaviour expressed towards me most certainly will. If you want to make Wikimedia a nicer place, put less focus on ensuring completely neutral and politically-correct wording, and put more focus into appropriate user-to-user interactions that encourage discussion and positive action rather than what has been done here. As I said above, if you want my comment force-ably changed then take it to RFH. Ajraddatz (talk) 17:13, 29 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
If I may interject here without objection. I really disagree Sydney Poore/FloNight, and I understand Aj's stand on this. The discussion here is conflated about the language. Whether usage of a certain word had or still has an effect on the projects - while that is a discussion to have, which we might agree or disagree on. It is being conflated here by what Aj is pointing out. Acting in bad faith, attacking an admin, a steward no less, threatening a block while side-stepping the actual discussion entirely is not a productive way to address the issue. Aj was and still is, civil. He hasn't threatened or accused anyone. I completely understand when he says his feelings aside he would have reconsidered a change but behaving like this and threatening is not something an admin should stand idly by. You said you want him to set an example, I think he is doing that for a lot of non-english speakers here who might not be well-versed in policy. If he agrees, similar requests can be made against absolutely any new editor to silence and censor them. None of this would be productive. I hope you can see that. Thanks. Theo10011 (talk) 02:23, 30 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
there you go. Meta:Requests_for_help_from_a_sysop_or_bureaucrat#request_meta_block_for_User:Ajraddatz. Slowking4 (talk) 01:35, 30 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]
you, of course understand, that you have undermined your credibility and authority, by your actions. Slowking4 (talk) 15:51, 30 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Request to globally unblock my account[edit]

Since I cannot email you, cannot access my email and I cannot access IRC this is the only way to contact you and since this is considered socking, this will be used as justification as to why you should deny the request. Nice catch 22 situation I am in huh. Anyway, since you are the one that globally blocked my account I was wondering if you would be willing to globally unblock it now. Of course I know you are going to say no and that is only if someone doesn't delete this before you have a chance to read it. Especially since it was done under the false justification of long term abuse in order to justify it. Reguyla ShinySheik (talk) 21:00, 28 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

@ShinySheik: if you are planning to use Wikimedia for things other than harassing people regarding your enwiki ban, then yes, I would be willing to unlock your account. Please note that it would not remove any of the individual blocks, so you'd need to appeal all of those separately. Ajraddatz (talk) 21:50, 28 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]


Hi. Please delete my personal page in meta-wiki. Thanks. --Farsizabon (talk) 10:51, 30 June 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Done. Ajraddatz (talk) 00:11, 1 July 2016 (UTC)[reply] xwiki-contribsxwiki-date (alt)STIP infoWHOISrobtexgblockglistabuselogbullseye[edit]

Hi, can you globally lock the above IP for 6 months at least? Although his accounts have been already blocked, he's still editing with his IP on Greek WP and WV doing a lot of damage to both projects. I've moved my request to Vandalism reports, trying to be accurate but the normal route will take some time or so I think. Thanks for your recent support on el/voy. I appreciate --Gobbler (talk) 14:30, 1 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

@Gobbler: apologies for not getting to this sooner, but it seems that MA has dealt with it. I'm pretty busy with work right now and will indicate so on my userpage. Regards, Ajraddatz (talk) 05:26, 6 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Request for 3 new User Right Groups on Urdu Wikipedia[edit]

Hi Ajraddatz,

Hope you are fine and in good health. It was a pleasure meeting you at Wikimania 2016. Hope you can also be present in the event next year in your own country.

We've asked for three user rights on Urdu Wikipedia - (1) Accountcreator and (2) Filemover as well as (3) Reviewer.

As per, we've been granted 1 & 2.

With regard to this, I request you to kindly rename "Filemover" to "محرک تصاویر" from the current name of the user right as per this community endorsement

Also, as per, reviewer rights are not granted and we've been pointed to this this requests for comment/flagged revisions deployment. I've created a section there with a humble request for Urdu Wikipedia but this has not evoked any response.

Please look into these matters and help us.--Muzammil (talk) 10:29, 3 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hi, glad to see that the first two were enacted. You can change the local name for the filemover group by visiting ur:MediaWiki:Group-filemover, ur:MediaWiki:Group-filemover-member and ur:MediaWiki:Grouppage-filemover as a local sysop. As for the reviewer one, you cannot currently enable flaggedrevs (nobody can), but you could create an 'autopatrolled' usergroup and patrol edits that way. Ajraddatz (talk) 02:29, 4 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you very much!Thank you very much! for the information.--Muzammil (talk) 16:42, 4 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Private Information on Hello world[edit]

Hi Ajraddatz, Is it possible that I could have my telephone number removed from Hello world. Thanks! —M@sssly 07:34, 19 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hey @Masssly: my apologies for the delay. I've removed it now. Regards, Ajraddatz (talk) 03:26, 24 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you! —M@sssly 13:51, 24 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Globally block a user[edit]

Hey, just giving you a head's up that Moredecai has opened a new account, DivisionalB. I know that you blocked him globally previously, so you might want to do it again in this situation. I've blocked him on the English Wikipedia so odds are high that he'll start coming over here like he did with his other account. Tokyogirl79 (talk) 09:21, 23 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks @Tokyogirl79:, locked those and a few more from CU. Special:CentralAuth/Fixer88 is the sock master here, but I'm not sure about locking them with ~90k global edits and only blocks on two projects. Ajraddatz (talk) 03:24, 24 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

RfC notice: Designated space for editors to give and seek advice about topic bans and other sanctions[edit]

You are being contacted because you commented on the proposal for a designated space in which users, including topic-banned and other sanctioned users, could ask questions and seek information about topic bans and other sanctions, "IdeaLab/Area for topic banned editors to talk freely about their ban, e.g. to ask questions of experienced wikipedians." There is now an RfC in progress concerning this proposal. Your participation is welcome. Darkfrog24 (talk) 03:13, 24 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for letting me know, I'll comment shortly. Ajraddatz (talk) 03:27, 24 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Global abusefilters[edit]

Hi Ajraddatz, I've recently come across Global AbuseFilter - I am an EFM on the English Wikipedia and am interested in updating the information here, as well as closing the RfC. Is this something you're still interested in doing? -- samtar talk or stalk 18:42, 25 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hi @Samtar: there is some progress being made on this from the technical side, so there won't be much point in updating those pages just yet. You'll see when announcements are made and we can update the documentation then :-) Ajraddatz (talk) 19:18, 25 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]
@Ajraddatz: Wonderful, great to hear :) thank you. Shame there isn't a global abusefilter group, I'd be pretty interested in that -- samtar talk or stalk 19:28, 25 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

RfC structure[edit]

While I think it's too late in the game to change the structure of this particular RfC, your comments about it being poorly set up intrigue me. How do you think it could have been done better? Darkfrog24 (talk) 04:08, 31 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

The location needs to be sorted out before asking whether or not it should be done. IMO that's the sort of background planning that should go into an RfC. Especially for things on a global scale, RfCs should be closer to a yes/no question than an opportunity to flesh out a proposal. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having public discussions that involve multiple stakeholders, and as such the current RfC is not poorly set up - it just requires further RfCs after this one to do anything, and I hope that those involved recognize that. Ajraddatz (talk) 04:53, 31 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]
I will think on this. I've had good results from multiple-option RfCs in the past, so long as the options were perfectly mutually exclusive. Darkfrog24 (talk) 05:57, 31 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]
The issue (as it pertains to Meta anyway) is that there is a separate yet necessary discussion of whether or not it fits in Meta's scope, beyond whether it is ideal to host it here. I don't think the current RfC is equipped to answer that question. I know you both have put forward ideas on why it meets meta:not, but that is an opinion which would need to be defended rather than taken as fact. I'm not convinced myself, given past difficulties we've had in the area. Ajraddatz (talk) 08:08, 31 July 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Over on enwiki[edit]

Hi! It looks like a user who was having a bad day (i.e. running into multiple autoblocks and global range blocks) left a notice on your English Wikipedia talk page, and you never got back to him! Just letting you know! 04:01, 26 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

I wonder who is responsible for those, hmm. Those blocks have expired now so it should be fine. Thanks for letting me know. -- Ajraddatz (talk) 04:02, 26 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]
You're welcome! Perhaps you could get back to him. Maybe, apologize for the inconvenience? It sucks when cross wiki spammers block up all the addresses! 04:07, 26 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Sure does. If only some people could drop the stick and find better things to do with their time, huh. I've also let him know who is actually responsible for his inconvenience. Have a good one, -- Ajraddatz (talk) 04:09, 26 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]
You too! Good night! You're in Canada, right? 04:13, 26 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Disruptive global lock request[edit]


IP, who has a history of making bad lock/unlock requests, has filed a frivolous request that I be global locked at Steward_requests/Global. Please decline it. Purplebackpack89 13:58, 30 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Declined by Ruslik, and I've blocked the IP here. -- Ajraddatz (talk) 16:53, 30 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thank you Purplebackpack89 03:45, 31 August 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Survey on Inspire Campaign for addressing harassment[edit]

Thanks for your participation during the Inspire Campaign focused on addressing harassment from June 2016. I'm interested in hearing your experience during the campaign, so if you're able, I invite you to complete this brief survey to describe how you contributed to the campaign and how you felt about participating.

Please feel free to let me know on my talk page if you have any questions about the campaign or the survey. Thanks! I JethroBT (WMF) (talk) 03:23, 10 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]

(Opt-out instructions)

Git submodules[edit]

Would you be able to help provide documentation for git submodules and how Brickimedia/extensions work at Currently we're a bit clueless and we haven't reached any git gurus yet (and Jack Phoenix has been meaning to ask you but hasn't yet) so I'm directing this message on your user page, hope that's okay. :) Thanks in advance! SamanthaNguyen (talk) 03:52, 13 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]

I have absolutely no clue how that works, sorry. I haven't understood the setup since we moved it onto Github. – Ajraddatz (talk) 04:30, 13 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Ah that's fine don't worry about it then, thanks anyways! :) SamanthaNguyen (talk) 00:51, 14 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]


Dear Ajraddatz, you gave Apipo1907 on june 7th admin status on ln: for 3 month. Now, his candidature is supported by the two other admins from ln:, as he did good work this summer. See here: ln:Wikipedia:Moyángeli#Utilisateur:Apipo1907 Best regards, -- 11:40, 21 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hi there. I've responded on SRP, but I'll give it another look. Regards, – Ajraddatz (talk) 23:57, 27 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hi there, may I inquire that this user be indef. globally blocked...? This user is likely the same account as this one, which you also globally blocked. Thanks.

Done. – Ajraddatz (talk) 00:27, 28 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]

2016 Wishlist[edit]

Hi Ajraddatz -- can I ask why you're encouraging people to add new proposals to the 2016 Community Wishlist page? It's not the actual 2016 Community Wishlist Survey -- we're not accepting proposals until the survey starts on November 7th. I'm concerned that people who see that volunteer-created page will get confused, and think that they're participating in the wishlist survey. -- DannyH (WMF) (talk) 01:21, 3 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

I didn't, and honestly the former could just be redirected to the latter or deleted. – Ajraddatz (talk) 01:22, 3 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
I know, I tried to do that, and User:EllenCT yelled at me about it here: Talk:2015 Community Wishlist Survey#2016. She said I had no right to redirect or delete something that somebody else created. So, you adding "Add new proposals here" on that page made me think that you were encouraging people to add new proposals. :) I'm sorry, I know this is confusing. -- DannyH (WMF) (talk) 01:27, 3 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
I didn't add that line, I added another one about seeing the actual survey page instead. Check the diff again. I've deleted the page again now, and created a redirect in its place. – Ajraddatz (talk) 01:29, 3 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Oh, did I misread the diff? I'm sorry, that's embarrassing. :) Thanks for your help with the redirect; I appreciate it. -- DannyH (WMF) (talk) 01:31, 3 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
No problem :-) – Ajraddatz (talk) 01:32, 3 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

request for adminship granted?[edit]

Hello, it says that you granted me adminship for, but when I log in I can't remove pages etc. This is why I asked adminship. Why isn't it granted while there is community consensus? Bokareis (talk) 12:37, 5 October 2016 (UTC) Bokareis (talk) 12:37, 5 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hey @Bokareis: your temporary permissions expired on 25 Sept. Please create a new request on gotwiki, and then request sysop access on SRP after a week. Regards, – Ajraddatz (talk) 17:00, 5 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
[1]? --Stryn (talk) 20:00, 6 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Awkward. Granted now. (Thanks Stryn!) – Ajraddatz (talk) 20:10, 6 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Request unblock[edit]

Greetings Aj. I hope things are going well these days. I would like to request unblock on Meta. I'm sorry to do it this way but my talk page is locked and AlexZ just deletes it everywhere else I request to prevent me from requesting unblock. Not sure where else to turn too. Cheers! Reguyla 2601:5CC:101:2EF2:51BE:14FA:EFE5:229A 02:02, 9 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hey Regulya. Things are going quite well; hopefully for you also. I have no issues with you appealing this way given the circumstances, but I don't think I can help with this one. Since Az doesn't want to unblock, my options are a) wheel warring or b) starting a discussion to overturn the block. Option b might get you unblocked in the end, but for what purpose? You're correct that not much happens at Meta, and for you it would only be another platform to raise concerns about your enwiki ban. But that can't be overturned from here. So basically I still don't see much point in unblocking - for your sake, and everyone else's. Sorry. – Ajraddatz (talk) 08:01, 9 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks. Glad to hear things are going good for you. Things are going ok for me. I created a Discord server for the Wikimedia projects but other than that just editing. You're right that not much happens on Meta but Meta does act as a central place to update userpages for the WMF projects. Let's also mention the things I did to help here. I started the discussion about community banning WayneRay, I cleaned up the sister links template on the Main page here and I cleanup and improved the CVN bots page that was seriously outdated. So I have done some good here as well. If you don't want to unblock or start a discussion that's certainly up to you, but with respect, keeping a ban I requested in place is not for my sake in the least. Reguyla 2601:5CC:101:2EF2:E54E:3E44:5586:F9C0 13:29, 9 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Greetings again. So just what do I need to do to get unblocked here on Meta. It would be nice to be able to update my global user account properties and be able to participate in the various RFC's and things that happen here from time to time. Reguyla. 2601:5CC:101:2EF2:3CE5:4098:CEDD:B15C 16:47, 11 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
You could ask on Meta:RFH I guess. I can't promise it will go anywhere though. If you can manage to appeal without bringing up enwiki, you'll have my support lol. – Ajraddatz (talk) 20:00, 11 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks for the suggestion and done. Reguyla 2601:5CC:101:2EF2:B92D:29C7:46A4:7A37 22:03, 11 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]


Can you also globally block this one too? Thanks! 2601:1C0:4401:F360:28AA:8490:C872:4D54 03:06, 11 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Request for adminship[edit]

I asked for the right of permanent administrator on Why again you are gived me the admin flag only for six months? Our community is hounding me to become a permanent administrator. Я просил права постоянного администратора на Почему мне снова дали администраторский флаг лишь на полгода? Наше сообщество давно просит меня стать постоянным администратором. --Санюн Вадик (talk) 09:18, 15 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hey @Санюн Вадик: we only give permanent access when there is a large local community. Most of the voters on your request are not active community members, and the wiki is too small for permanent admins. However, all you need to do to retain access is start another request in 6 months, after which we could grant permanent access or at least temporary access for 1 year. Regards, – Ajraddatz (talk) 03:39, 16 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Wasting time[edit]

Your personal comments at Talk:Wikimedia_Foundation_Board_Governance_Committee/Board_transparency/Status_report_October_2016#Ombudsman are unhelpful to say the least. I strongly suggest that you consider removing them. If you wish to comment on, ask me about, or discuss my contributions to Meta, then you should do so on my personal talk page, and not clutter up a working discussion on the nature of certain potential roles in the governance of the WMF, where they clearly do not belong. I do not particularly care whether you like me, my suggestions, or the way I propose them; but do not disrupt serious conversations with personal prejudices. You know better than that. Rogol Domedonfors (talk) 06:53, 19 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

I feel that your contributions here are unhelpful, to be very frank. And I feel some need to provide a buffer against the notion that the loud parts of the community should overrule our overall mission, or the vast majority of the people who contribute to the movement but not in governance-level discussions. I'm sorry if I have worded comments too strongly, I'll take another look and see if there are areas to lighten. – Ajraddatz (talk) 06:55, 19 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
If members of the Board, or senior members of WMF staff, find my suggestions and proposals unhelpful then they are able to say so, or ignore them: they do not need you to protect them. I have had private discussions with some members of the Board and with some senior staff, which you are not privy to, and so I am reasonably confident that you are in fact wrong on that point.
I am baffled by the notion that you think I am trying to "overrule our overall mission, or the vast majority", and can only assume you have not actually read any of the suggestions I have made, which are intended to strengthen community engagement and involvement in planning at the strategic and technical levels. (If there are any which you feel would not do so, by all means engage in a discussion the forum in which they were made.)
Finally, thank you for this, and I will take it that you withdraw those assertions unless you wish to repeat them in an appropriate place, such as my talk page. Rogol Domedonfors (talk) 08:05, 19 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Mark page for Translation[edit]

Hi sir, I tagged some pages for translation few days ago. They are:

  1. Maithili Wikimedians User Group
  2. Premier Secondary Boarding School
  3. Little Flower Secondary School

Will you please mark these above pages for translation? Best RegardsTBhagat (talk) 07:03, 19 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Hi. The page isn't set-up properly for translations yet. While I keep the translation admin flag on, it's just to mark list pages for translation so the main page updates (as in OS); I don't handle most translations. You'd have better luck asking someone else - you could always look through the list of translation admins, and see who is very active in the area. Sorry, – Ajraddatz (talk) 07:23, 19 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Reverts on enwiki.[edit]

A couple of weeks ago, you mass reverted this ip without explaining why. I've undone these reverts because the edits appear to actually be constructive. Did you accidentally click a mass revert button of some sort? 23:17, 27 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

That IP had posted non-constructive edits on a couple of the noticeboards which were reverted, and upon checking some of the others they seemed to be either disruptive or not useful. If there were others that were productive, then replacing the revisions is fine of course. – Ajraddatz (talk) 23:51, 27 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
I just re-checked this, and apparently the nonconstructive edits were from a different, similar IP. When both appeared on my list, I must have assumed they were the same - there were a couple of this IP's edits that had been reverted, and at least a couple of others seemed nonconstructive, but weren't after further inspection. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and fixing it. – Ajraddatz (talk) 19:06, 28 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
You're welcome! 22:47, 28 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Your vague, scary message seems entirely inappropriate.[edit]

Hey Ajraddatz,

Apropos your dishearteningly vague message on my talk page, which read in part: >Please stop doing stuff like what I've reverted with Special:Diff/16025885.

Like what? Please explain, specifically, what's wrong with signing and editing my own comments on a talk page as I did. I'm not sure if your message is intentional, or just some sort of editing glitch, so I'll, likewise, give you the benefit of the doubt. You are asking me to be somewhat cognizant of what in the future? Please be more careful; don't leave messages like that, which come across as vague and scary, on my, or anyone's talk page in the future, OK? Please revert your edit - at least the parts you can't provide a clear, specific reason for reverting - ASAP. –Elvey (talk) 02:04, 1 November 2016 (UTC)[reply]

Announcing a new mailing list for Meta-Wiki administrators[edit]


As a regular administrator on Meta-Wiki, you're allowed to subscribe to the recently created metawiki-admins mailing list. This is a closed mailing list for announcements, asking for help and discussion between Meta-Wiki administrators. If you wish to subscribe, please fill the form at this page and then contact Savh or MarcoAurelio via Special:EmailUser using your administrator account so they can verify the authenticity of your request and address. You'll find more information on the mailing list description page. Should you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact any of us. We hope that this tool is useful for all.

Best regards,
-- MarcoAurelio and Savh 12:30, 9 November 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Mailing list administrators for metawiki-admins mailing list.

Message sent to members of Meta:Administrators/Mass-message list. Please see there to subscribe or unsubscribe from further mass messages directed to the whole group of administrators.

Username change[edit]

Hello, I would like to change my username from "Alex29843279837459" to "Alex12321" if that does not work then I would like for it to be "Alex9303" --Alex29843279837459 (talk) 21:35, 15 November 2016 (UTC)[reply]

@Alex29843279837459 and Alex12321: done. – Ajraddatz (talk) 19:45, 17 November 2016 (UTC)[reply]

No renaming between November 20 and November 27[edit]


You’re getting this because you’re a steward or global renamer. The Community Tech team are working on cross-wiki watchlists. We need to add a couple of fields to the localuser table in centralauth database. In order to be able to do this, we’d need to run a script that will get in the way of renaming users. Our apologies – we realize this is getting in the way of your work.

We ask that you do not rename anyone between 00:00 November 20 (UTC) and 00:00 November 27 (UTC).

(UTC means that if you live in the Americas, it will be on the evening or afternoon of November 19 when the script starts running, and if you live in Oceania or eastern Asia, it can be closer midday on November 27 before we can be sure the script is no longer running.)

Phabricator task.

If there are any problems related to this, or you have any questions, please write me on my talk page. /Johan (WMF) (talk) via MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 19:39, 17 November 2016 (UTC)[reply]