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Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe or CEEWikiLink is a partnership among the Wikimedia communities in Central and Eastern Europe. The main goal of the group is to stimulate growth for all Wikimedia projects of this region and aid in cooperation and understanding of individual projects which are part of the CEE region.


The Central and Eastern European Wikimedia Group, usually called as CEEWiki Group, was founded in Haifa at Wikimania 2011. Its main purposes are organising chapter meetings and helping those countries which have no chapter or user group.

What is the purpose of this group?

CEE Partnership is basically a broad project to "link-up" the CEE wikis in mutual co-operation. Some initiatives of this project include:

  • Wikimedia meetup Central and Eastern Europe
  • A joint CEE mailing list, facebook page or IRC channel #wmceeconnect
  • An article coverage campaign (this includes each CEE wiki having articles about other CEE countries - e.g. the Romanian Wikipedia having articles about famous Estonians and towns in Estonia)
  • Perhaps a Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe local chapter - this could be registered in a certain country but could operate on a pan-CEE basis.

Why is this group unique?

It is the first time that a group of Wikimedia projects in a region have come together for co-operation. Outside Meta, we have seen fairly little co-operation between Wikimedia projects of different languages, on an organised scale. That's important because, by co-operating, all CEE wikis can grow mutually. This will also strengthen the voice of CEE wikis in the general Wikimedia structure. Just look at what the European Union has achieved!


До WMCEE входять проекти Вікімедіа такими мовами:[1]:

Вікі активнi учасники
албанська 36
вірменська 247
азербайджанська 143
білоруська 61
боснійська 38
болгарська 247
хорватська 141
чеська 547
грузинська 72
грецька 253
есперанто 396
естонська 114
угорська 466
латвійська 71
литовська 88
македонська 45
польська 1144
румунська 222
російська 3176
сербська 210
словацька 113
словенська 84
українська 795

Founding Wikimedia organizations and groups

Invited Wikimedians

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Минулі зустрічі

Ongoing meetings

  • No ongoing meeting right now. CEE you soon! :)

Минулі зустрічі


Минулі проекти

  • Wikimedia CEE Spring 2015 - a 3-month period for creating articles about every country in the region in every Wikipedia in the region.

Проекти, що зараз тривають

Заплановані проекти


It would be great to get at least one link (one user) from each CEE Wikipedia. However, the smaller Wikimedia languages which are part of the CEE region may not currently have a large enough community to support this project. Please list yourself under the Wikipedia you are currently editing most in and/or are willing to help contribute CEE-related articles to.





Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republic of Srpska












Social Media and Blogs

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  1. At least 5 edits per month. Data from stats.wikimedia.org, taken on 29 November 2015