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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos/Participating Communities

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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos

The #WPWP Campaign 2020 is now closed!

Please list your name, if you are interested in coordinating this contest in your Wikipedia project, by language, theme, and/or local community. Also please subscribe to our official mailing list.

No group for you on the following list? You're welcome to sign up below as a solo participant.

Wikimedia Affiliate Communities[edit]

No. Username Community / Affiliate Wikipedia language Country Organizers Guides
1 Ebenezer Mlay Wikimedia Community Arusha Kiswahili North-Eastern Tanzania Organizer's Guide
  1. Constant Azogbonon
  2. Rachad Sanoussi
Wikimédiens du Bénin User Group Français Benin Organizer's Guide
  1. Georges Fodouop
  2. Eugene Egbe
Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group Français, English Cameroon Organizer's Guide
  1. Uzoma Ozurumba
  2. Ceslause Ogbonnaya
Igbo Wikimedians User Group Igbo Nigeria Organizer's Guide
5 Paulo Wikimedia Portugal Portuguese Portugal Organizer's Guide
6 Joalpe UG Wiki Movimento Brasil Portuguese Brazil Organizer's Guide
7 Mompati Dikunwane Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana Tswana Botswana Organizer's Guide
8 KAG1LP2MDIAKITE Wikimedians of Mali User Group Français Mali Organizer's Guide
9 Aboubacarkhoraa Wikimedians of Guinea User Group Français Guinée Organizer's Guide
10 Mrbobax Planning Wikimedia User Group Rwanda Kinyarwanda Rwanda Rwanda Organizer's Guide
11 Geertivp Wikimedia Belgium Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, English België, Belgique, Belgien, Belgium Organizer's Guide
12 Gereon K. de:Wikipedia German
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Organizer's Guide
13 Miranda Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group Albanian Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia Organizer's Guide
14 Maffeth Opiana Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group Bikol, Tagalog Philippines Organizer's Guide
15 ESM Amical Wikimedia Catalan Catalan-speaking areas Organizer's Guide
16 Filipinayzd Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group Cebuano Philippines Organizer's Guide
17 Timmylegend Wikimedia Fan Club, University of Ilorin English Nigeria Organizer's Guide
18 Jadnapac Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania Swahili & English Tanzania Organizer's Guide
19 Erinamukuta Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda English and Luganda Uganda Organizer's Guide
20 Isaac Kanguya WikiProject Zambia English and Chichewa Zambia Organizer's Guide
21 Violetova mk:Wikipedia, GLAM Macedonia Macedonian North Macedonia Organizer's Guide
22 Bachounda Wikimedia Algeria Arabic ,French Algeria Organizer's Guide
23 ToprakM Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey Turkish Turkey Organizer's Guide
24 Dario Crespi (WMIT) Wikimedia Italia Italian Italy Organizer's Guide
25 Benjamenta Wikimedia Canada French, English (and any others) Canada Organizer's Guide
  1. Athikhun.suw
  2. Horus (limited to online activities)
Wikimedia Thailand Thai Thailand Organizer's Guide
27 Danidamiobi Nigerian Wikimedia Community English Nigeria Organizer's Guide
28 Matarimi1 Wikimedia Community User Group Tchad français chad Organizer's Guide
29 Ourysow92 Wikimedians of Guinea User Group Français and poular Guinée Organizer's Guide
30 M-Mustapha Hausa Wikimedians User Group Hausa and English Hausa speaking areas; Nigeria, Ghana, Niger and Chad. Organizer's Guide
31 Anthere Wiki in Africa French and English Organizer's Guide
32 Sarah Krichen WMFr Wikimédia France French France Organizer's Guide
33 Innocentbunny Hindi Wikimedians Hindi India Organizer's Guide
34 IvanaMadzarevic, Mickey Mystique Wikimedia Serbia Serbian Serbia Organizer's Guide
35 Wikilover90 Wiki Loves Folklore All languages Indian Organizer's Guide
36 KuboF Hromoslav Esperanto and Free Knowledge Esperanto every Organizer's Guide

Solo participants[edit]

No. Username Wikipedia language Country (optional)
1 Suyash Dwivedi Hindi, Sanskrit, English and many more India
2 ابن أحمد Arabic Morocco
3 Ptinphusmia English Nigeria


English Ghana
5 Navinsingh133 Hindi, English
6 Swaralasika Telugu and more India
7 Sukan Bengali and more India
8 ArnabSaha Bengali and English India

Majun e Baqi



Tagalog Philippines

Armaandeep Singh

Punjabi India


Malayalam and English India


Greek Greece


Galician, spanish, english and other
15 User:Nizil Shah Gujarati, Hindi, English India
16 Renessaince Беларуская Беларусь
17 IM3847 Telugu and English India
18 Nehaoua Arabic, French, English Algeria
19 Kritzolina German and more
20 Farzana2796 English India
21 Nada kareem22 Arabic and English Palestine
22 Dolphyb English Nigeria
23 Meenakshi nandhini Malayalam, English and many more India
24 J ansari Hindi, Urdu and English India
25 Sandra Arabic and English
26 Md. Golam Mukit Khan Bengali and more
27 Harvinder Chandigarh, Wikimedians of North India Punjabi, Hindi, English and many more India
28 Ranjithsiji, Wikimedians of Kerala Malayalam, English and many more India
29 CuriousCreatorMind, Wikimedians of North India Hindi, Punjabi, English India

Durga Soren, Wikimedians of Santali Language User Group/Members

Santali, Hindi, Oriya, English India


Arabic, English, French and more. Egypt

Arpitha Hegde

Kannada, English and more India
33 NanaYawBotar English, Akan Ghana
34 Rajeeb All or any languages India
35 Discostu German and English Germany
36 Ola Arabic and English Sudan
37 Muhammad Arabic and English Egypt
38 LilMamaVhris35 English, Spanish, And More! 🇺🇸 USA
39 Aliva Sahoo Odia and Hindi India