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ESEAP Hub/Declaration Statement on the Creation of the Regional Hub

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Declaration Statement on the Creation of the Wikimedia ESEAP Regional Hub


We, the undersigned, declare the creation of Wikimedia East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Regional Hub, abbreviated as ESEAP, as the focal point of a diverse and collaborative network of Wikimedia communities, affiliates and content contributors in the East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific region, dedicated to support the mission and vision of the Wikimedia movement.

Mission and Vision


Our Hub's mission is to empower people around the ESEAP region to share in the sum of all knowledge. We believe that knowledge should be free and accessible to everyone, and that everyone has the right to access and contribute to it, regardless of language, culture, geography or timezone. We seek to establish and sustain a network of individuals, communities and projects including Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, and other free knowledge resources, that help achieve this mission.

Our Hub's vision is to collaborate in creating an ESEAP region in which every single person can access and contribute to the sum of all knowledge. We believe that knowledge can change people's lives and communities because it is a strong force for good. In addition to establishing a culture of participation and collaboration that encourages individuals to share their knowledge with the world, we are dedicated to developing and supporting knowledge resources that are accurate, trustworthy, and inclusive.

In order to fulfill our mission and vision, we understand how crucial cooperation and partnerships are. We believe that by collaborating with others who share our beliefs and objectives, we can have a bigger effect and accomplish more than we could on our own. We are dedicated to establishing solid, meaningful connections with a variety of partners, including civic associations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and other like-minded organizations or movements.

We value diversity and respect the unique perspectives and experiences of all individuals. We believe that diversity is essential to the success of our mission, and we are committed to creating an inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment for all people, regardless of their background, identity, or beliefs.

We are motivated by a strong desire for social justice and equality, and we believe that access to information is a basic human right. We are committed to assisting the growth and development of our communities in the region, as well as cooperating with those that share our values and vision.

We are dedicated to becoming a driving force in the free information movement and to shaping the future of knowledge sharing and access. We believe that by working together, we can have a good and long-term influence on the region and of the global movement, and we are committed to creating a shared future for all people by harnessing the power of knowledge.

Core Values


We are committed to upholding a set of core values that guide our work and shape our culture. These values are essential to who we are as an organization and inform everything we do:

  • Collaboration. We believe that collaboration has tremendous potential and that working together may lead to greater impact and success. We encourage our community members and partners to share ideas, information, resources and learn from one another.
  • Innovation. We value innovation and creativity in all that we do. We are always looking for new and innovative approaches to achieve our goals and support our communities.
  • Inclusivity. We believe that everyone has the right to learn and contribute to knowledge, and that diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to our mission's success. We seek to make all individuals feel welcome and included, regardless of their language, location, culture, identity, age, experience within the movement or views (when expressed respectfully).
  • Respect. We adhere to the principles of mutual respect, compassion, and kindness. The variety of viewpoints and experiences in our community and among our partners is something we acknowledge and cherish.
  • Transparency. We believe in being open and accountable in all of our activities and choices. We are dedicated to providing information about our work and to engaging in transparent procedures that engage our stakeholders.
  • Integrity. We are dedicated to conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity in all of our endeavors. In all of our acts, we endeavor to be truthful, trustworthy, and accountable.
  • Impact. We are motivated by the desire to use our collective wisdom to positively impact individuals and communities we collaborate with. We look to optimize the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of our collective efforts. We plan to also track, communicate, and where possible measure (and or document) the results (or processes) to nurture a learning culture within the region.
  • Sustainability. We strive to be as sustainable as possible in all of our work. We make an effort to use resources provided to us effectively and efficiently while also taking the long-term effects of our decisions into account.

These core values shape the way we work and guide our decision-making as an organization. We are committed to upholding and adhering these values and we hope to inspire and empower others to join us in our mission to make knowledge accessible to all. Where there is a deviation from these values, there will also be appropriate channels to raise these concerns so that we continue to function harmoniously.

Strategic Direction


Our Hub's strategic goal is to develop and support the essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge in the ESEAP region. This goal includes building capacity and supporting the growth of our affiliates, communities and content contributors, strengthening our collaborative processes, and working with partners to promote the free access to knowledge.

We are devoted to shaping the strategic direction of the Wikimedia movement in the region. We believe in the power of cooperation and partnerships to achieve our common goals. We are committed to developing strong, long-term ties with our regional community, stakeholders, and partners, while also acknowledging that the few that are at the decision making table, do not always represent the views of one and all in the community.

We are dedicated to working with a wide range of partners, including (but are not limited to) non-government organizations, cultural institutions, the academic community, and other like-minded groups, in order to accomplish these aims. Together, we think we can make a more significant difference and build a knowledge ecosystem that is more open and accessible to everyone.

We are also dedicated to upholding the principles of the Wikipedia movement, such as openness, objectivity and unrestricted access to knowledge. We are dedicated to open, honest and civil communication as we work toward our common objectives because we understand how crucial it is to establish trust with our regional community and stakeholders. We recognize that there are significant content, representation gaps within our free knowledge ecosystem and that we will need to continually adapt and reexamine our assumptions to remain relevant.

Overall, our Hub is dedicated to driving the strategic direction of the Wikimedia movement in the region and building strong and sustainable partnerships that support the development and strengthening of the ecosystem of free knowledge's essential infrastructure. We believe that by collaborating and embodying our shared ideals we can nurture a more inclusive, equitable, safe and accessible knowledge environment for many to thrive and contribute.

Concluding Statement


We look forward to the many opportunities that our Hub will provide for collaboration and cooperation. We invite all members of the Wikimedia community in the East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific region, and anyone who shares our vision to join us in this exciting new venture. Together, as equals working collaboratively, we can make a difference.


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