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Sobre as Campañas Inspira
Inspire NewReaders icon still.png

Inspire Campaigns are month-long events to focus collaborative efforts on some of the most pressing challenges of the Wikimedia movement. This is a time to share and create new ideas.

After the campaign, Grants are available to turn these ideas into collective action. For projects that do not need funding, planning and logistical support is available.

Cal é o tema actual?

The current theme is new readers, and it's about raising awareness of Wikipedia where you live.

Did you know that only 33% of internet users in India have heard of Wikipedia? Think about all of those other internet users who do not know about Wikipedia and our communities. There are many other regions where people are unaware of Wikipedia. If you lived in one of these places, what would you do to attract new readers for Wikipedia? We want to hear your ideas.

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Why is awareness important?

Awareness is the first step in building new use, support, and participation in Wikimedia projects. We know that low awareness of Wikipedia is associated with low usage, and without usage people will never become contributors or advocates for free knowledge.

What is "awareness"?

The goal of this campaign is to come up with ideas about how to increase awareness of Wikipedia. This is not about increasing or adding content to Wikimedia projects. It’s about bringing new readers into the movement who may have never used Wikipedia before and helping them understand the incredible work you and thousands of other volunteers do to build the world’s largest online source of free knowledge. In addition to this campaign, the Wikimedia Foundation has been engaged in several projects aimed at increasing awareness of Wikipedia projects.

How to raise awareness for Wikipedia - Lessons from Nigeria and Iraq.pdf
How to raise awareness for Wikipedia - Lessons from Nigeria and Iraq.pdf
How to raise awareness for Wikipedia - Lessons from Nigeria and Iraq.pdf

Need help understanding how to design and plan a project?

We will be hosting two (2) online workshops during January: one on how to think about this problem, and another one on how to plan a project. If you are interested in attending those workshops, please sign up here.   Learn from past projects that focused on awareness! Here are some recent efforts in Nigeria and India to educate people about Wikipedia and how to use it:

Raising Awareness for Wikipedia: Lesson from Nigeria Raising Awareness for Wikipedia: Lesson from the Punjabi Community

Se tes ideas pregámosche que as compartas durante a actual campaña!

Tes dúbidas sobre esta campaña ou sobre as Campañas Inspira en xeral? Entón bótalle unha ollada á páxina de preguntas frecuentes.

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