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The mission statement of the Wikimedia Foundation describes our current activities and purpose, the scope of our projects, and our core values. It stands in contrast to the vision statement. Our mission statement, an elaboration of the short version in the Articles of Incorporation and approved by a board resolution in April 2007, is:

At Wikimedia Foundation wal minsken üüb a hialer welt mud maage, at weden frei of uun't Public Domain tu saamlin an aptuwerkin an widjer tu dun.

At Foundation (stiftang) werket mä regiunaal ferianer, diar jo am't organisatschuun komre faan Wiki-projekten uun flook spriaken. Det stiftang suragt diarför, dat det weden widjerhen amsunst uun't internet stäänt.

Proposals to change the phrasing of the statement should be made at Mission/Unstable and proposals will be reviewed at least annually (every year).

See also our bylaws, vision, and values.