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WikiConference India 2011/Selected Submissions

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Submissions Review[edit]

  • All the relevant submissions made in response to the Call for Participation have been selected here based on review by Conference program team.
  • Program team will contact all the below speakers individually by email and arrive at the final schedule. If your talk proposal is listed below please wait for a communication from us at the earliest.
  • All selected speakers must register for the conference. If you wish to represent / portray any for-profit organization in your talk in form of case study / showcase any professional work related to Wikipedia / Wikimedia, you must be registered as institutional registrant.

Selected Talks / Posters List[edit]

S No Title Author Poster / Talk
6 Improving Marathi Wikipedia Content Sudhanwa Jogalekar User sudhanwa on Marathi Wikipedia Talk
7 Marathi Wikipedia Growth and Challenges Mandar V Kulkarni User: Mvkulkarni23 Talk
25 School Students collaboration for wikisource, A Kerala experience S.KANNAN, Talk
87 Legal Aspects of the Wiki Culture Adv. Somnath Bharti Talk
167 Language Support in Wikipedia Siebrand Mazeland, Product Manager Localisation for MediaWiki Talk
169 MediaWiki Translation Sprint Siebrand Mazeland, Product Manager Localisation for MediaWiki Workshop?
224 Starting_GLAM_in_India user:noopur28 (noopur.raval@gmail.com) Talk
20 Kerala Sarvavijnanakosham and Malayalam Wikipedia Rameshng Talk
159 Digitizing a Book using DjVu Manoj.K (username:Manojk) Talk
174 SemanticMediaWiki and its implications for your wiki Devayon D Talk
186 WikiBhasha: Our Experiences with Multilingual Content Creation Tool for Wikipedia A Kumaran, Naren Datha, Ashwani Sharma and Vikram Dendi Talk
21 Mass Creation of 1-liner Wikipedia Articles and Its Current State Rahimanuddin Shaik Talk
22 Native language transliterations in English Wikipedia articles Swaroop G Rao (MikeLynch) Talk
24 Productive editing AshLin Talk
38 Wikipedia India Education Program_- Roundtable Hisham Talk
66 Media\' and citation: exploring alternative paradigms SBC-YPR Talk
108 WikiMedia - The New Secondary Legal Source Debashis Mukherjee (DebashisM) Talk
158 DBpedia Jinesh Shaji George Talk
160 Geoki - An integrated approach to geocoding wikipedia articles Planemad - arun ganesh Talk
30 The Tamil Wiktionary Story Thagaval Uzhavan and ta:Sodabottle Talk
43 World\'s 6th Most Spoken Language: Bengali Wikipedia Jayanta Nath Talk
11 A_new_scientific_India V. Krishnamurthy Bangalore, Karnataka Talk
18 Indic_Initiatives Subha Pa Talk
36 Wikipedia and School Students Achu Kulangara (School Student) Talk
82 Indian_biodiversity L. Shyamal Talk
83 Indian Education and Transport community in English Wikipedia Naveen PF Talk
91 People are Knowledge Aprabhala, Shijualex, Mayur Talk
98 The Wiki Quiz Riyaz Usman Quiz session
117 Wikipedia\'s coverage of people and places in Third World countries - A short analysis K. Ravichandar Talk
163 How Wikimedia can use HTML5 and related web technologies to enrich itself Shwetank Dixit Talk
178 Role of Tools in Indic Wikipedias. A look at the range of tools being in use. ta:User:Logicwiki Talk
207 Wiki in Enterprise Udayan Banerjee Talk
216 Expanding the Bengali Wikipedia Sucheta Ghoshal Talk
19 Integrating OpenStreetMap to Wikipedia Ditty Mathew Talk
161 GSOC 11 Akshay.agarwal Talk
179 Usage of AJAX & Jquery in Wiki web pages Shivansh Talk
238 Wikipedia great possibilities for the visually impaired. SATH.LINUX Talk
13 Collaborating with corporates - the Tamil Wiki experience ta:User:Sodabottle Poster
41 WikiWomenWeb dipalia Talk
42 Women Editors--Bridging the Gender Gap Neerja Arora Talk
77 Fair Use Initiatives VivekM Talk
121 Accelerating wikibooks Dharav Solanki Talk
162 How to safe guard wikipedia from Black hat and Grey hat Internet Marketers Anamica Poster
206 Use of Wikipedia and other knowledge platforms; towards a collaborative media model BIBU V N Talk
212 Review of the Campus Program Pilot in Pune User:Srikeit Talk
222 People\'s Science Movements and Wikipedia Sivahari Nandakumar Talk
65 Titles in MultiLanguage Praveen Vedha Poster
97 The Evolution and Importance of the Main Page in Tamil Wikipedia user:sodabottle Poster
211 a comparative study of Wikipedia usage patterns among urban and semi-rural college students Ajit Gagare Talk
40 Wikipedia: A Child editor\'s view Rishabh Tatiraju Talk
73 Documenting Indian LGBT space Sridhar Rangayan Talk
157 Developing Treebanks For Indian Languages Shahid Bhat Talk
203 Bridging the Gender Gap Harshita Pande Talk
85 Issues affecting knowledge availability for editing Wikipedia ta:User:Sengai Podhuvan Talk
109 Wikimedia as a Teaching - Learning Source for Social Work Education Dr.ILANGO PONNUSWAMI Talk
168 Making Wiki more user friendly Gouri Nawathe Poster
232 Wikiagriculture Sridhar Gutam Poster
10 wiki_design Ketan Soni Poster
44 Wikipedics without Borders Aman Sadana poster
60 Role of Wiki in Research Dr.Subramonian Talk
81 imwotk Dr. HPS Kalra Talk
116 Wikuizzing Avishek Basu Mallick Talk
151 Embeded Infographic Tools username:mistryjugal Poster
166 It\'s all about re-using & linking to the Wikipedia Content Mohith Agadi Poster
170 Need of animated content on Wikipedia Tejas Bhalerao Poster
190 Wikipedia and Social Media Adethya Sudarsanan Talk
220 Offline Wikipedia on Low-Cost Devices Bill Thies Talk
225 Strengthening Educational Platform: A Wiki Connected India Sayantan Chakraborty Poster
227 Visual_Wiki Abhijeet Goel Poster
230 Wiki on Campus Rithvik Pamidi Poster
79 How \"wiki\' changed Learning experience of students Aafaque R Khan Talk
156 Content_Synergy Mpendharkar Poster
68 Biowikis for Medicinal plants Prashanth Suravajhala ( Prash)) poster
173 Searching the needle in this haystack Rahul Parashar Poster
235 WikiIndia at Ground Zero Nrapendra Mishra Poster
111 Wikipedia as a Reference Tool for Postgraduate Study Syed Muzammiluddin Talk
152 Offline Wikimedia Ashish Jain Poster
219 Medipedia Dr. Mohit Goyal Poster
228 WiKey_Members Arnab Sarangi Poster
239 WikiStudent Sambhaji Sasane Poster
75 Enriching Oral Traditions Dr. Mathai B. Fenn Talk
37 Wikipedia for Govt. Projects R Edsley Neoson Daniel Poster
UK1 Wikimedia and student societies: present and future Vinesh Patel Talk
UK2 Growth of Gujarati Wikipedia and possible aspects of dissemination Dhaval Vyal Talk
UK3 Embracing Wikipedia as a Learning & Teaching Resource Tony Sant Talk
UK4 GLAM Panel WereSpielChequers Panel/Workshop