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Did you know what Graca Machel said?
SheSaid is part of the Wiki Loves Women initiative
Screenshot of the English Wikiquote on 2020-10-06. Aside from the alpha male displayed on home page, check out the people list and look for women...
Souvenirs for active SheSaid participants in Ukraine

The Wiki Loves Women initiative celebrates women leaders with the SheSaid drive. The drive is aimed at improving the visibility of women in creating new or improving already existing Wikiquote entries related to them.

First launched in October 2020, the #SheSaid campaign on Wikiquote has been an amazing success! Across 7 languages, by the 5th January 2021, it resulted overall in 867 new or improved articles (the majority new). Italian Wikiquote was the clear language winner (405 articles) with Ukraine (187) and French (105) coming not so close behind. This is an amazing result - thank you for getting women’s voices heard.

The second edition was yet again a success with 1500+ Wikiquote entries created (and more improved) in 9 languages ! Italian and Tagalog were the most active languages. Congrats to all :)

Given its first and second editions success and noting that there is still a lot to do, the #SheSaid drive will run again end of 2022.

To balance the representation of gender in the entries of Wikiquote.

To illustrate the situation, here are a few interesting figures:

  • On the English Wikiquote main page on 6th of Oct 2020, in the Selected people section... 29 men are featured and only 4 women (check out the screenshot on the right...)
  • There are 233 women who have a featured article on either French or English Wikipedias... with no entry on the French Wikiquote check it out
  • There are 141 women featured article on the English Wikipedia with no wikiquote entry check it
  • There are 519 women listed on the French wikiquote check it and 3117 men listed check it out

Obviously, not all women said good quotes that would make a wikiquote entry worth it. Still...

Register your community for #sheSaid drive in 2022 !!!

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Links to local wikiquotes portal pages

Other dedicated pages

Outcomes of the #sheSaid drive in 2021 !!!

You can use Quarry to find out more

2021 in-person events

A number of in-person activities are being organised by the Wiki Loves Women's Focus Group members in countries across Africa. Find the list of local events here:

How can I get involved

I am new

Simple steps to take when contributing on Wikiquote are:

  1. Register on the Wikimedia projects.
  2. Search for quotes said by notable women online (keep a record of where you found the quote mentioned).
  3. Watch this introduction on how to edit on Wikiquote.
  4. Add the quotes to Wikiquote and ensure that there is a short biography about the woman you are featuring.
  5. Remember to use the #SheSaid hashtag in the Edit Summary so that we can track it!
  6. Quotes should be sourced from reliable sources, i.e. news site, book, newspaper, journal, etc.
  7. Add links and references of the source to your quotation.
  8. Follow the #SheSaid campaign on Facebook or Twitter @WikiLovesWomen

I am a Wikimedian

  1. First, please add your name below (optional but nice to see who is interested in helping :))
  2. Get to know Wikiquote better! Watch the webinars linked below!
  3. Share the postcards created in 2020, create a bookmark or postcards for 2021.
  4. Join the drive in your local language community WikiQuote by adding quotes using the #SheSaid hashtag in the Edit Summary!
  5. Share your added quotes on social media with the #SheSaid
  6. Follow the #SheSaid campaign on Facebook or Twitter @WikiLovesWomen

From October 2021 1st on ...

  1. Give a bit of love to Wikiquote in the language of your liking. Check existing Wikiquote women entries and see if they might be improved. Or create new entries for notable women who produced notable quotes. Or add notable quotes from women in various entries.
  2. When you improve them, please add #SheSaid in the comment box so that we can see how much impact we make!.
  3. Or list your entry in the language portal page
  4. Relay the #SheSaid drive to your friends and community !

About Wikiquote

What is Wikiquote ?

This is one of the sister projects of Wikipedia. Wikiquote is a free compendium of quotations that is being written collaboratively by the readers. The site is a Wiki, meaning that anyone, including you, can edit any entry right now by clicking on the edit this page link that appears in every Wikiquote entry. There are 38,093 articles in English that are being worked on with many more entries pending other languages. It is also run by Wikimedia Foundation. You may look at what Wikipedia says about Wikiquote.

If you are not familiar with Wikiquote, we suggest you start with a quick read of Welcome, newcomers page on Wikiquote.

Quotability rules

Not every quote belongs to Wikiquote. Please take the time to read the guidelines of Wikiquote. Those are considered important, or even essential, by the project's founders and participants. They help us to work towards our goal to create a free compendium of quotations--indeed, the largest compendium of quotations in history, in both breadth and depth. We also want Wikiquote to become a reliable resource.

Quotability determines whether a quote appears in Wikiquote. There is no absolute test for the inclusion of either a page or a specific quote. However, there are a number of factors to be weighed in determining whether either deserves a place in this compendium. You may find quotability rules of the English version.

We suggest you read the English guidelines whatever the version you contribute to, for inspiration, as they are the most detailed. But do not forget to check the relevant language quotability rules before contributing (e.g. in German, quotations have to be quoted by secondary source)!

How to link between projects

If you want to simply create a Wikiquote entry, or to improve a Wikiquote entry, that's fine.

Here are other things that you might want to do.

  • If you want to link a Wikiquote page here on meta, please write a link here in the following way [[q:en:Women]] where Women is the name of the article you want to link to and en the language code.
  • If you want to link a Wikiquote page on Wikipedia, there are other cool options. Check out the women article for example. The text to add in the wikipedia article is {{Wikiquote-inline|Women}} and its addition must be done at the bottom of the article. But not all languages do it the same way. Check out in French....
  • Do not forget that if you create a Wikiquote entry, it is also interesting to add it in the relevant Wikidata entry

See also:

Further elements that can help

Webinars in 2021

Anthere recorded a full tutorial: How to add an entry on Wikiquote.

Videos or other material

Webinars of discovery in 2020

Share the #SheSaid postcards on social media and elsewhere

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Share SheSaid campaign bookmarks to encourage participation

SheSaid campaign Bookmark Sample

For help and accesss to the template on Canva, please get in touch with Candy

See category

User boxes and barnstars

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To add this template, paste the following code into your user page:

{{User Wiki Loves Women}}

The following is the Barnstar notice for the winners of the Wiki Loves Women #SheSaid

WLW Barnstar.pngThis editor was a wonderful help in the SheSaid campaign !

Outcomes of the first #sheSaid drive in 2020 !!!

Interested ?

Please add your name here, as well as any comment you want to make...

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