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विकी लव्ह्स विमेन / शी सेड

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This page is a translated version of the page Wiki Loves Women/SheSaid and the translation is 36% complete.
Wiki Loves Womenː SheSaid
    #SheSaid २०२३ चे भित्तीचित्र

    The SheSaid is a drive run by Wiki In Africa as part of the Wiki Loves Women initiative. The campaign aims to celebrate and recognize women by focusing on enhancing their representation and visibility on Wikiquote. Through this drive, the WLW initiative encourages the creation and improvement of Wikiquote entries related to these influential women, thus contributing to a more inclusive and diverse representation of their voices and perspectives.

    The impact of the #SheSaid campaign on Wikiquote has been truly remarkable, with over 7,721 new articles created or edited in 11 different languages across the last three editions. This impressive achievement reflects the collective effort and dedication of the Wiki Loves Women initiative and the different participating communities in celebrating and increasing the visibility of women leaders.

    प्रत्येक आवृत्तीसह तयार केलेल्या किंवा संपादित केलेल्या लेखांच्या संख्येत सातत्याने होणारी वाढ या मोहिमेचे सातत्यपूर्ण यश दर्शवते. प्रतिनिधित्व आणि मान्यता यातील लिंगभेद कमी करण्यासाठी जगभरातील योगदानकर्त्यांकडून वाढती जागरूकता आणि वचनबद्धता हे यातून दिसून येते.

    या यशामुळे आणि अजूनही बरेच काही करायचे आहे हे लक्षात घेता #SheSaid मोहीम २०२४ मध्ये पुन्हा चालेल आणि हि मोहीम १ ऑक्टोबर ते ३१ डिसेंबर २०२४ पर्यंत चालेल.

    शी सेड मोहीम का?

    इंग्रजी विकिकोटचा २०२०-१०-०६ रोजी चा स्क्रीनशॉट. लोकांच्या यादीत फक्त तीन महिला आहेत (हेलन केलर, एलेनोर रूझवेल्ट आणि एमिली ब्रॉन्टे).

    विकिकोटच्या नोंदींमध्ये लिंग प्रतिनिधित्व संतुलित करणे.

    To illustrate the situation, here are a few interesting figures:

    • On the English Wikiquote main page on 6th of Oct 2020, in the Selected people section, 29 men were featured and only 4 women (see the screenshot on the right).
    • There were 260 women who had featured articles on either French or English Wikipedias... with no entry on the French Wikiquote.
    • There were 162 women who had featured articles on the English Wikipedia with no wikiquote entry.
    • There were 777 women and 3504 men listed on the French wikiquote.

    As of September 2023 there are 375 women as opposed to 2876 men listed on the German wikiquote.

    अर्थात सर्व स्त्रिया असे 'चांगले उद्धरण' करत नाहीत ज्यामुळे विकिकोट प्रविष्टी फायदेशीर ठरेल.


    बोत्स्वानामध्ये २०२२ मधील शी सेड

    The #SheSaid campaign, launched in October 2020 on Wikiquote, has been an astounding success! Spanning across 7 languages, by January 5th, 2021, the campaign led to a total of 867 new or improved articles, with the majority being new contributions.

    Following Italian Wikiquote's remarkable contribution of 405 articles, Ukraine comes in the second place with 187 articles, and French takes the third spot with 105 articles.

    दुसरी आवृत्ती जबरदस्त यशस्वी ठरली , ज्यात ९ भाषांमध्ये तयार केलेल्या आणि सुधारलेल्या १५००+ नवीन विकिकोट नोंदी होत्या. ८३६ नवीन किंवा सुधारित लेखांसह इटालियन आणि ३०८ नवीन किंवा सुधारित लेखनांसह तगालोग सर्वात सक्रिय भाषा होत्या. "

    In 2022, the 3rd edition of the campaign run from the 1st October to 31st December 2022 and resulted in 4158 articles created or imported and 1918 articles improved.

    The first place goes to the Italian Wikiquote with 1212 new or improved articles, followed by Tagalog with 1514 new or improved articles and English with 1003 new or improved articles.


    प्रत्येक आवृत्तीचा प्रचार करण्यासाठी आलेख तयार करणे हा प्रेक्षकांना गुंतवून ठेवण्याचा आणि उपक्रमात स्वारस्य निर्माण करण्याचा एक प्रभावी मार्ग आहे.

    Visual materials like postcards, bookmarks, and banners which can serve as eye-catching reminders of the campaign's mission and encourage people to take part. They can be distributed at events, conferences, and other gatherings to attract attention and spark interest in Wikiquote and the importance of recognizing and celebrating women.

    For help and access to templates on Canvas, please get in touch with Afek
    Link to the categories: SheSaid 2023 visuals and SheSaid all visuals



    Social media


    To know more about our impact, you can read the following blogpostsː

    External media coverage

    आता काय करावे

    Souvenirs for active SheSaid participants in Ukraine

    आम्ही काय करण्याचा विचार करत आहोत!

    1. तुमच्या आवडीच्या भाषेत विकिकोटला थोडे प्रेम द्या. विद्यमान विकिकोटम महिलांच्या नोंदी तपासा आणि त्या सुधारल्या जाऊ शकतात का ते पहा. किंवा उल्लेखनीय उद्धरण करणाऱ्या उल्लेखनीय महिलांसाठी नवीन नोंदी तयार करा. किंवा विविध नोंदींमध्ये महिलांचे उल्लेखनीय उतारे जोडा. किंवा महिलांविषयी चुकीच्या श्रेण्या सुधारावा करा.
    2. When you improve entries, please add #SheSaid in the comment box so that we can see how much impact we make!
    3. Or list your entry in the language portal page.
    4. Relay the #SheSaid drive to your friends and community!

    तुम्ही उत्सुक आहात का?

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