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This project consists o twa pairts: Abstract Wikipaedia an Wikifunctions.

The goal o Abstract Wikipaedia is ti let mair fowk share mair knawledge in mair leids. Abstract Wikipaedia is a conceptual extension o Wikidata.[1] In Abstract Wikipaedia, fowk can create an maintain Wikipaedia airticles in a leid-unthirlt way. A Wikipaedia in a leid can translate this leid-unthirlt airticle intil hits leid. Code dis the translation.

Wikifunctions is a new Wikimedia project that allous any body ti create an maintain code. This is uisefu in mony different weys. It provides a catalogue o aw kinds o functions that any body can caa, write, maintain, an uise. It forbye provides code that translates the language-independent airticle frae Abstract Wikipaedia inti the leid o a Wikipaedia. This allous awbody ti read the airticle in their leid. Wikifunctions will uise knawledge anent words an entities frae Wikidata.

This will git us nearhauner til a warld whaur awbody can share in the sum o aw knawledge.

Whit is a function?

A “function” is a sequence o computer program instructions that maks a calculation basit on data ye provide. Functions ar a form o knawledge that can answer questions, lik how mony days hae passit atween twa dates or the distance atween twa ceeties. Mair complicatit functions can answer mair complicatit questions, such as the vollum o a three-dimensional shape, the distance atween Mars an Venus on a certain date, or whether twa species war alive at the same time. We already uise functions in mony types o knawledge inquiries, such as asking a question ti a sairch ingine. The templates knawn as {{convert}} an {{age}} in Inglis ar forbye ensaumples o functionalities that ar already uised in mony Wikipaedias, written in wikitext an Lua an manually copied ti ilka wiki whaur hit's wantit.

Mair ensaumples o function ar at Early function ensaumples, an gey rough sketches o hou the interface micht leuk ar ata Early mockups.

In short, functions mak a calculation on the data ye provide, an answer a question ye hae anent it.

This new Wikimedia project will big a librar o functions, written bi volunteers, ti help answer questions lik these across leids. Bi biggit oor librar o functions, we can enable mair fowk ti access an explore free knawledge in new weys.

Whit is Abstract Wikipaedia?

A visual explanation o the Abstract Wikipaedia project an Wikifunctions

The term “Abstract Wikipaedia” itself refers ti the lang-term goal – that this librar o functions will somday enable the creation o leid-unthirlt airticles. Ance mair pieces o this project ar in place, this will mean that any wiki – especially smaw ti medium wikis – will dow ti dramatically increase the nummer o airticles available in their leid. It forbye means that eeditors can share knawledge frae their culture an contexts wi a muckler and mair global audience.

The new wiki o functions, Wikifunctions, will develop the codin infrastructure ti mak this vision possible. The Abstract Wikipaedia pairt o the project will stairt in roughly 2022.

In ither words: we will dow ti combine the functions frae the new wiki, wi the data an leid-information in Wikidata, in order ti generate natural leid sentences in any supportit leids. These sentences can than be uised bi any Wikipaedia (or elsewhaur).



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A airticle in the Signpost provides a mair detailed introduction ti the idea. The material ablo - research papers, videos o talks, prototype software - offers a lot o detail. A detailed draft plan for the development of Wikilambda is also available.

See the Historic proposal page for the lang leet o relatit discussions, papers, videos, an comparable proposals.

Originally, the project was code-named Wikilambda, derived from Lambda calculus. The name is still referenced in the name of Extension:WikiLambda and in the Wikifunctions logo which contains a lambda character.

Highlights include:

Further readin

Project plan

  1. Summary: owerview o the project plan
  2. Name: discussion on the name o the project
  3. Goals: whit ar we tryin ti achieve? Primary an secondary goals
  4. Organisation: hou the development team wad be set up
  5. Requirements: oweraw conditions that the project needs ti fulfill
  6. Architecture: a owerview o hou the project components wad work thegither
  7. Components: individual software components the project needs ti deliver
  8. Tasks: individual tasks that need ti be duin bi the projects
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  1. The new pairts (listit in the development plan for Abstract Wikipaedia) include extensions ti Wikidata, whose integration (in the second year o the project) needs the agreement o the Wikidata commonty afore storing the “abstract content” thare or on anither wiki (such as the new Wikifunctions wiki developit in the first pairt o the project, or anither multilingual wiki).