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Translate this page; This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.
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Welcome to the Meta-Wiki translation portal. This page points to translation requests on Meta. It also has information and help on how to translate, and how to sign up to help with translation. See the Babylon for more general info.

How to translate

  1. Find something in the translators dashboard that you would like to translate
  2. Click relevant section
  3. Start translating

See the tutorial for details.

How to request a translation

  1. If it doesn't exist yet, create the page you want to be translated here on Meta-Wiki.
  2. Follow the tutorial to prepare the page for translation (steps 1 and 2 of the tutorial).
  3. A translation administrator (or yourself if you're one) will see the page on Special:PageTranslation and mark it for translation (step 3 of the tutorial).

If you don't understand what to do and the documentation doesn't help, or translation administrators haven't seen your request, ask for help (Transcom members are also a suitable target for direct requests).

Best practices in short (read more):

  • Make the source text as clear and understandable as possible. When a text is to be translated, clarity comes before conciseness.
  • For texts used outside of Meta, it is recommended that you include an explanation or a link showing the context of the original.
  • Think about when you want the translation to be ready, and which languages it is most relevant to translate the given text into, and specify those on the page itself.

You can sometimes ask for help with translations on Translators-l, a mailing list for Wikimedia translators.

You can read more about translatability.

Wikimedia Foundation wiki

Some of the above requests, and some of the manual requests in Translations by status, are or were about pages which exist (also) on and used to be handled by interested editors and the transcom (until May 2013), see the subpages for archives.

If you're interested in translation of a Wikimedia Foundation uneditable website or publication, try and directly contact the local people in charge, such as foundationwiki sysops.

In 2021, Wikimedia Foundation wiki started to accept as a SUL wiki and restrict editing, except for talk page and translations. In the future, you can translate directly in this wiki.

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