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Wikimedia's goal is the spread and promotion of knowledge. If you want to propose a new project under the umbrella of the Wikimedia Foundation which is in line with this goal, you can:

The policy for new projects is at New project policy. Please read it before making any proposition.

If you want to propose a new language for an existing project, please do so on Requests for new languages.

If you want to propose closing an existing project, please do so on Proposals for closing projects.


Detailed information is on the policy page. Read this as well as the "research" section below before proposing a new project.


Note: Wikimedia is not a free hosting company for any kind of wikis. If your project doesn't fit the ideals of Wikimedia you are probably better off with a wiki hosting site such a or WikiCities (by Wikia) or hosting it on your own. See also a page about Wiki Farms on other Wiki for a bigger list of those, with user reviews.

Your idea may also be better for expanding an existing project than for creating a new one.

Individuals attempting to create a new project may benefit from reading the Wikipedia timeline and Uses of a wiki.

Existing projects[edit]

Existing Wikimedia-hosted projects which you may not be aware of (full list):

Non-Wikimedia projects that run MediaWiki and have free/open licenses:

List of WikiCities wikis (they use MediaWiki)

Also see Sites using MediaWiki.

If you are suggesting an enhancement which requires a change to the MediaWiki software, please file a feature request in MediaZilla and here as well, if appopriate. Usually a request won't be required here.

If you have a proposal for any other type of enhancement to an existing project, please visit that project and attempt to gather interest there.

If you want to expand an existing project into a new language, please see:

Other Wikimedia projects[edit]


One other place to strongly consider is to look Wikipedia's series of subprojects, WikiProject. Many of the proposals listed below could be incorporated into one of those projects, or perhaps a new WikiProject could be started instead. Wikipedia is evolving and changing over time, and there is already quite a bit that can be adapted from the content on Wikipedia, not to mention involving people who commonly use and edit Wikipedia.


Wikisource also has a similar effort for larger subprojects of Wikisource that are focused on original source material that will require quite a bit of effort to transfer to that project. This would be things like historical dictionaries, encyclopedias, or other multi-volume reference works that are of a historical nature and can be copied according to the terms of the GFDL.


In addition, it has been suggested on many of the proposals listed below that a good place to look would be with Wikibooks. If you are trying to put together a large collection of factual information into one place, starting a Wikibook may be a good place to go. If it doesn't quite fit Wikibooks, the other editors at Wikibooks will try to help you get to the correct place as well.

Be persistent[edit]

Don't take criticism at proposals personally. There have been a number of mistakes made in the past in regards to starting up new project ideas, and several of the "veteran" users are afraid of repeating those same mistakes. New ideas are taken seriously, although it should be admitted that the process of going from an idea for a new project to actually turning on a server that is implementing that idea will take quite a bit of time and effort. If you are proposing these ideas, be willing to take some "arrows" in your back, a lot of criticism, cynicism, and outright disbelief that your ideas are not going to work. If it really is a good idea, there will be others who will be willing to help you out as well. Be persistent and don't give up right away.

The last major project that made the jump from a project idea to something going on its own was Wikinews. Some veteran users are suggesting that it will be a year or two before any other project idea will be accepted as a new separate project, if ever. If you want to see how a project idea has been successful, it would be wise to see what was done to go from idea to an actual project, please look at the project proposal page for Wikinews. In particular, click on the history button and look back in time over some of the complications they went through before going "live". Any projects that don't live up to this sort of standard for coming into existance will likely not be considered as a new project by the Wikimedia Foundation's Board. Don't get discouraged, but it is not going to be easy either.

If you see something that doesn't fit into any current Wikimedia project, could be done using MediaWiki software, can be distrbuted using the GFDL (or very similar license) for republishing, please feel free to add a suggestion below.



  • Naming suggestions: WikiCompanyNetworks, Wiki Business
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: System to store and categorize cooperations and sharholdings between companys and enterprises
  • Details: Very often I read about, "someone buys 10% of someone other" or "this company is a 100% subsidiary company". I search for graphs or pictures that show those networks.
  • Proposer: Skurt
  • People interested joining: Boomeringue
  • Relevant links:

Comment: There's lots of stuff that you could do with this to encourage public involvement and openness in corporate governance -- List corporate officers, board members, office locations, news about that company, etc, etc. I'd be more than willing to help spearhead this, as I was pondering the creation of a wiki or some other database that contained this information anyway. Boomeringue 07:13, 30 November 2005 (UTC)

  • Would most of this information not belong in Wikipedia? You can have infinite sub-pages from a company, so long as everything is NPOV and sourced to some sort of document. -- user:zanimum
    • Well, Yes and no. I would see WikiBiz as a more culled down version of what Wikipedia would have on their site, and deal with more of a company's current offerings than are printed on Wikipedia. It's basically some of the same information, but for a different purpose. I would liken this site to more of a business almanac, for lack of a better term, than an encyclopedia entry. The entry for microsoft spends the first, say, 5 page lengths on their history, which isn't really necessary, although this could be linked to, etc. There's also the problem of linking editorials, articles, etc about a company that may or may not be NPOV. I'm waiting for the thumbs-up from wikicities to start this over there... I'll update here if that comes about and I get something up. Boomeringue 22:23, 5 December 2005 (UTC)
      • While it definitely qualifies as a Wikicity, you've almost covinced me that it could be a Wikimedia project. -- user:zanimum
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: None yet
  • Naming suggestions: Wikitrade, Wikibusiness, Wikifinance, Wikicommerce, Wikonomics
  • Domain name: (Suggestion)
  • Scope: This would be a website devoted to, as the title suggests, global trade and business. This would not be a site mainly for business news, mostly for information about commerce, both as a resource for investors, journalists, and whoever wants information about corporations and business. Maybe it could incorporate the goals of Wikiproducts, Wikineur, and Trade Standard in one place. I believe the focus of the site would be wide enough to be viable. Obviously there are websites with a similar focus out there, the difference with Wikitrade would be that it would be from a NPOV.
  • Details: Wikitrade
  • Proposer: Ce garcon 10:20, 12 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:


Wiki social networks[edit]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikster
  • Domain name: (suggestion)
  • Scope: Personal webpages with links to other wikster pages
  • Comments:
    • A good idea that would most likely get my support, but I believe the name would have to be changed so as not to violate any copyrights with Friendster. -Martinman11 13:36, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC)
    • This might work better at WikiFarms, not Wikimedia. With some WikiFarms, any user can create a personal wiki. For example, at PBWiki, you can create a wiki, then give the edit password to any user (or no user) that you want to let edit. --Kernigh 23:30, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
    • I also had the idea of a WikiCommunity wiki, to end the POV/NPOV war about userpages and userboxes on wikipedia. So all user related (POV) content could be in this community wiki. Helohe 10:02, 22 February 2006 (UTC)




  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: Wikiteach
  • Domain name:,
  • Scope: Wikiteach is a proposed encyclopedia of classroom lesson plans.
  • Details: Wikiteach
  • Proposer: Chris Fallis
  • People interested joining:

This seems like it could be made a natural part of Wikiversity. -- Beland 08:30, 29 May 2005 (UTC)

This exists already. It's called Wikiversity.

This anon comment is a little off. Wikiversity is an actual place of learning, not examples of how to teach. However, I agree with Beland that this proposal would be a great addition to Wikiversity. Little on Wikiversity can be used off Wikiversity, these would be a perfect break to bump this up to the next level. -- user:zanimum
It should be an addition to the Wikiversity. --Dragontamer 01:14, 26 December 2005 (UTC)
I think that this would work better at Wikibooks, not Wikiversity. --Kernigh 21:40, 13 January 2006 (UTC)
How would this be more suitable for Wikibooks than Wikiversity? This is definitely a subset of what Wikiversity aims to be. Cormaggio @ 10:46, 2 April 2006 (UTC) - A textbook aimed specifically UK students[edit]
  • I instigated this site a year ago now and have spent a lot of time deciding upon the internal links and pages.
  • Pages have been created based upon the UK syllabus.
  • Needs content that relates specifically to the UK syllabus (this is where it often differs from wikipedia and therefore a new project was required).
  • Many pages of wikipedia are appropriate - I am thinking about adding information from wikipedia to get certain areas started - I believe this is fine according to the copyright.
  • Lots of debate about wikis in education. Most comments are very positive.
  • Free hosting has been provided by a Publisher who believes in the use of wikis (he is very web content driven)
  • Comments, thoughts, help etc etc more than welcome! (
* These are great textbooks, but why not just make them on Wikibooks, and just explicitly that all contributors must contribute based on the UK syllabus? -- user:zanimum
  • The reason for starting a new site was the fact that we wanted a site that we could shape to specifically meet the needs to UK students and teachers. It was felt that this would be easier if a whole site was dedicated to UK students rather than having to sift around a large wikibooks site that wasn't designed for them. --Wikitextbook 18:28, 24 February 2006 (UTC)
  • It is too bad that this couldn't have been dealt with by creating a UK-themed bookshelf at Wikibooks instead. There are seperate projects like Wikijunior and Wikiversity that have essentially their own user community, so this wouldn't have been that much of a difference. I'll try to integrate some links into Wikibooks from the content of this website. --Roberth 04:27, 3 March 2006 (UTC)
  • I believe that the scope of Wikibooks should be global. As it is, lots of work remains undone at Wikibooks, and having a UK Wikibook would be un-necessary biased. The idea of Wikis I feel should be used for global collaboration. What specific kind of knowledge in Sciences, Maths and Computer Science should be different from the rest of the world?
  • Who decided that all Wikibooks had to be global in scope and nature? Many Wikimedia projects have location-specific content and orentation, including Wikinews and Wikipedia. Wikipedia in particular has location-specific Wikiprojects. For example, b:Wikijunior Math is a proposed Wikibook that would deal with the mathmatics education that follows the curriculum guidelines for the U.S. State of California. It may be adapted to other locations at a later date, but it is being developed to work with a specific location in mind. b:University of Alberta Guide is another Wikibook that is clearly very specific for a particular location. b:FHSST Physics (to cite a nearly finished Wikibook) was developed following the high school physics curriculum for South Africa. I can find others examples, but it certainly is not against Wikibooks policy to have a book that is oriented toward a specific location. I'm mainly suggesting that if this is a serious proposal to get this project adopted by the Wikimedia Foundation rather than an attempt at advertising, you need to overcome the objection as to why it can't be dealt with in Wikibooks. I appreciate that as a seperate project you would have a smaller community to work with and make decisions specific to the needs of the content you are developing. The main point here, however, is what sort of contribution to the rest of the Wikimedia projects would this proposal have and why don't the existing Wikimedia projects effectively deal with the goals of your new project proposal. --Roberth 16:18, 18 March 2006 (UTC)

Go to Wikiversity/Modified project proposal to help make the Wikiversity proposal modifications that were requested by the Board.

Link to proposal on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Domain name
"language code"
An adult education center of learning using Wikimedia projects content as course material.
mav (well, historically speaking... did not add here)
People interested in joining
Relevant links
    • This is currently up for a Vote for deletion due to the way it was setup in the first place. There are a number of problems with the way that this project got started, and perhaps by starting a "formal" new project proposal this will get to be started the way it ought to be done, or at least get an equal footing with other new project ideas. DO NOT start a project on Wikibooks that mimics how this project got started, as this is more an example of how not to start a new project with the Wikimedia Foundation. There are a number of very good ideas that have been brought forward regarding this project, but had it been listed on this page more recently, it would have been "archived" as an inactive new project proposal and been left in the neither regions of Meta. As it is, there is a semi-official status that seems to be connected with this project, including granting sister project status (for the German version of all things). The VfD above is to decide what the fate of the English version should be, considering that it is not really a Wikibook nor has much to do with Wikibooks specifically. --Roberth 12:02, 14 August 2005 (UTC)
    • Update: I've set up a time table for what should happen to this proposal, according to the official New project policy of the Wikimedia Foundation. Review the deadlines for the various stages that will be needed to enable this project. --Roberth 18:03, 16 August 2005 (UTC)
    • mailing list. I guess we should have something for the "Link to proposal on mailing list" that is mentioned at the top of the proposal. Has there already been a wikiversity project proposal notice posted to some mailing list or is this something that should be done now? --Memenen 21:37, 22 August 2005 (UTC)
    • Identity - Lengthy enough discussion on aspects of Wikiversity's identity, including the place or role of research at wikibooks:Talk:Wikiversity:About - yes, i know this possibly should have been on Meta. We now need to get wider input from the community on these points and include either on Wikiversity or a sub page (Talk:Wikiversity is getting a little long and rambling). Personally I think it would be good if we put our heads together on what we think is both practical in the short term and possible in the long term and how we will implement this and identify any obstacles that need addressing, eg. software needs. You are cordially invited.. Cormaggio 00:04, 23 August 2005 (UTC)
    • It seems it would be easier and more wiki spirited to create a place for wiki study groups (wikistudy?) where people could post questions, answers links, explanations etc. and let things grow from there, rather than attempt to create formal sylabi and class shedules with designated instructors 04:17, 28 August 2005 (UTC)
    • Is this not also a perfect opportunity to implement Jimbo's call to "free the curriculum"? (From his speech at Wikimania.) I can't remember if he mentioned Wikiversity, though he says in his slides that this could be hosted on Wikibooks. Either way, there's real room for collaboration here. Cormaggio @ 23:16, 30 August 2005 (UTC)
  • I'd like to see a classroom/grading environment added to Wikiversity. I've outlined a few of my ideas and motivations here.


  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: wikihistory, wikitimes
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: An archive of news stories throughout the history of the press. Exactly like wikinews, except the scope is not just for current news, but for old news articles as well. All have to be sourced, of course. News older than perhaps 2 months on wikinews could be transwikied here.
  • Details:
  • Proposer:MateoP 20:02, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:MateoP 20:02, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments:
    • I think this is a good idea. Gives an archive of news stories throughout history as far back as recorded press goes. unsigned comment by unknown poster
    • No need for this new project. We already have Wikisource and Wikiquote for this! --Kernigh 00:29, 28 December 2005 (UTC)
      • Neither are similar to what I refer to. Wikisource can only host news articles written before (correct me if I'm wrong), 1926, and that's only U.S. newspapers. Wikiquote... I'm not sure how it's related in any way. This project would be exactly like wikinews except for old news, not new news. --MateoP 01:30, 28 December 2005 (UTC)
Neat idea, but I doubt it'll fly as an independent project. Why not just make a policy proposal on wikinews to allow old stories? i.e. Asking wikinews to view "news-iness" as realitive to the article date, not the current date. I could see this solving a number small problems with wikinews. In particular, there is a small fraction of articles which get deleted simply due to remaining controversial for too long; and thus nolonger being news. By changing our perspective on history, we could allow these articles to continue progressing, if people cared about them. Anyway, its not a huge change to the wikinews policies, so we could just bring a policy proposal to the water cooler, and see how it flies. Here would be a few related changes to wikinews:
  1. Change the developing stories box to only display stories which are at most 3 months old.
  2. Create a historical article portal which has a wikipedia like featured article box, and a developing stories box that displays developing stories more than 3 months old.
This has the advantage that existing wikinewsies are more likely to contribute to random historical articles. Thoughts? Nyarlathotep 20:18, 28 December 2005 (UTC)
  1. The domain, is taken by World History wiki.


Wikipeople or Wikibiography or Wikiwhoiswho or Wikimemorial[edit]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikipeople or Wikibiography or Wikiwhoiswho
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Similar to who's who for people not-notable and excluded from Wikipedia. We can restrict it to dead people to prevent it from being a vanity autobiography site. We can also add in the biographies of the 9/11 people left over form the wiki created for them. It would have mini biographies of ordinary people hyperlinked to others in the family or circle of peers. This is not genealogy, but a history of ordinary people.
  • Details: Wikipeople
  • Beta version [2]
  • Proposer: User:Richard Arthur Norton (1958- )
  • People interested joining:
Wikibio / Wikigeo[edit]
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions:Wikibio, WikiGeo, and Wikiart; WikiWho
  • Domain name: please propose (description for now in my user page)
  • Scope: mainly, a biographical compendium. also, Geographical and Art related projects would be interesting
  • Details: Wikiography / Wikibio
  • Proposer:MethodicEvolution
  • People interested joining:
    • Subatai baadur
  • Relevant links:please see my user page for an explination MethodicEvolution 01:04, 2 May 2005 (UTC)

This seems entirely redundant with Wikipedia. -- Beland 08:30, 29 May 2005 (UTC)

Geneological[edit] - Fully functional global family tree[edit]
Link to Proposal on Mailing List
Naming Suggestions
There are exists many others, but I think wiki prefix is not nessesary
Domain Name + "language codes" (see details)
Rodovid is an attempt to create a free familly tree site, that anyone can use. Example of ancectors tree. 32 generations.
People Interested Joining
  • Naming Suggestions : WikiFamily, WikiGenealogy, WikiGen, WikiHeritage
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: n/a
  • Domain name Suggestions:,
  • Scope: To create a world-wide family tree that is editable by everybody, in order to trace out family origins and history.
  • People Interested in Joining:

--Virtualalphamale 18:48, 21 February 2006 (UTC)

  • Relevent Links
    • [4]
    • [5] for how a wiki could be customised for this type of project.
  • Comments:
    • I was coming to suggest something like this. Not sure it would work particularly well with a normal wiki though, but it's a very interesting concept. --Phatmonkey 16:28, 29 January 2006 (UTC)
    • Recording sources is vital to an undertaking such as this for credibility to be maintained. Some sites not affiliated with wikimedia have attempted this project but they have not allowed for sources to be given, thus not allowing for any evidence of relationship. As long as their is published evidence of a relationship it would be "legit" on the site and would thus work to protect an individual's privacy.I believe that this project would be in line with the wikipedia mission, "WikiFamily" would link to every biographical, geological, and nearly every article on the site. Searching WikiFamily I not only could find articles on people born, lived, died, influenced Mobile but that individuals parents (or reverse decendants) and their effects on society. Genealogists would also be able to see the relationship between two historic people, the division of family lines (and the events that preceeded them).
  • For now, I think the Wikimedia Foundation would likely pass on the idea, as it's not unique, and the concept hasn't been proven on a large scale. BTW, This Wikicity also does the same thing too. All three projects mentioned are always eager to gain new members. -- user:zanimum


  • Link to proposal on mailing list: [6]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikimemoir, wikimemory, wixperience, IWasTherewiki
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: The idea is to provide a place where anyone can record his or her memoirs of historically significant events. Most everyone has participated in such occurrences. Take, for example, the hundreds of thousands who suffered during the tragedy in New Orleans. Unfortunately, there is no repository for the storage of the memories of such people. Their experiences can neither be shared with others today (I, for one, would like to read first-hand accounts of the New Orleans floods), and they will be lost to history tomorrow. In ten, one hundred or one thousand years, the memoirs of those “who were there” will be very valuable. Wikimemory will, I hope, allow people all over the world to record their experiences, share them with others, and pass them to the future. I've created a mock-up of the site at A nice tag line for the site: "Everyone has a story. Make yours history."
  • Details: Wikimemory
  • Proposer:Marshall Poe 6:11pm EST; September 14, 2005
  • Demonstration project: MemoryWiki.
  • Listserv: MemoryWiki Discussion List
  • People interested joining: CountessDeSaks, CowboyJeddie


  • What is the advantage of having a wiki for this? Why would people want their memoirs to be publicly editable? Wouldn't a system where each person could enter text and no one else could change that be better? See the BBC People's War site, for example. Angela 22:23, 15 September 2005 (UTC)
  • As proposer, I sort of agree with Angela and think we should seriously consider allowing memoir writers to lock their memoirs. This would preserve their integrety. We could still allow all users to add and edit meta-content (e.g., historical information about the context of the memoir, criticism of the veracity of the memoir, etc.). On the other hand, for all I know people will not care if their memoirs are editable. Neither do I know if there will be a lot of vandalism (harmful editing of memoirs). We might just have to see. I've given up on predicting human behavior!Marshall Poe
  • I agree with Angela and Marshal Poe. Wikis are great for most things, but some of the ideas here are saying that the MediaWiki software is the thing that will make everything perfect. Some things should not be editable at free will.
  • I like the idea of having people's memiors of events on a wiki. Sometimes you'll get these great stories from your grandmother, and she says that they happened 50years ago, when in fact they happened only 25years ago. Old people have a hard time remembering dates... it's better to have parts of the memoir changable.
  • MediaWiki (which Wikimedia uses to host wikis) is probably a bad choice for this project. You want a wiki with access control so that I can post my memoirs and lock them from editing by others. --Kernigh 22:55, 27 December 2005 (UTC)

General reference[edit]


WikiCategory Kechel 17:55, 8 November 2005 (UTC)

  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: wikisolver
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: problems, solutions, errors, experiences, case base, empirism
  • Details:

wikisolver is a very large community for providing and improving solution by empirical and reallife methods (essay/error/success).

Wikisolver is a case database : an encyclopedia of situations and envents, extract from reallife. The main part of the actual wikipedia is theorical content, formal knowledge, rules. So, we don't know exactly how to use this knwoledge.

Often, to use knowledge in real life, people need situated and fonctionnal knowledge, to link knowledge with the real situation, his situation.

For example, when you want to use in your job, and not to learn as at school, the description of the general situation is to poor in details : you need to know what to do. You'll need some critical, specific and pertinent situations, as yours, and our attitude or solution in this specific context.

Then, when you write a case, you're not obliged to write many formal knowledges and many rules, you just have to describe finely what's occured : sometime you don't know exactly how and why you obtain a very good or a very bad result, but you obtained it ! Do you need to learn many books for providing your knowledge ? No... You will write the specific context of the situation, with all is richness, your initial focus, the specific result, the historic of your method, and the relevant degree of this result : best solution, very relevant alternative, possible, error, big error, criticial error. Then you can write you reasoning to find your solution too. This is a real knowledge database built on people real life experiment.

In a second time, you have to link and categorize these cases, to link your case to general knowledge in classic wikipedia.

In a third time, a people who is confronted to a similar situation could use your solution. If she had the same reslut, a better result, a bad result, she could write it, and she explain the differences with the initial context. If she decide to inprove your solution, she write how, why and the real result obtained.

Case base is a "rich" and usefull form of knowledge database.


  • If this existed I would read it. Maybe a better name though. Mithridates 23:00, 2 November 2005 (UTC)
  • Sounds amazing. Why hasn't Pbouge a userpage and why isn't there anything on this site! —Æ 01:00, 5 January 2006 (UTC)
  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: WikiStats
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: A wiki for all kinds of statistics, like population of a country/state/province/city, GDP of a country, trade deficit/surplus of a country, all kind of stats per capita, websites per country...the latest statistics on any topic really. But not only the latest statistics, maybe also statistics from 50 years ago or in year xxxx, because for example the population of a country fluctuates and also surely the GDP of the US or EU was different in 1999 quarter 3 than in 2005 quarter 1. Graphs could be added, future projections, explanations about why a certain statistic varies more than another(anomalies) etc etc. Things like export/import amounts in numbers and currency, for example the US uses xxxx amount of oil per year which is x amount of money and xx% of the total world usage. Or for example the way budgets of countries are setup, for example the US spending 15 billion dollars on NASA in 2004 and xx billion on education and x billion on research and how this compares in graphs and percentages to eachother and how this compares to other countries like for example New Zealand or economic blocks like the EU etc. But one can also show statistics of companies, for example Sony earns so and so much and produces this much and has x employees and it's shareprice is currently xx etc. Really all sorts of statistics could be possible(preferably as detailed as possible), it doesn't have to nessecarily be limited to official statistics like the ones mentioned above, but also less serious statistics like number of ice creams sold in year xxxx in country x or even funny or crazy statistics so readers could compare things like that. Being able to compare things could be a powerful feature, though probably not every statistic lends itself to be compared. Comparing in graphs would also be a powerful feature and ranking lists would also be very powerful.(for example ranking on largest GDP, population, icecreams sold, oil usage, number of companies, money spent on research per capita etc)
  • Details: WikiStats
  • Proposer:
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:
  • Comment: See also WikiData for a similar project. --Roberth 03:35, 19 August 2005 (UTC)
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions:
  • Domain name: Try putting it on Wikipedia as
  • Scope: Kiwipedia will be an encyclopedia in English and Maori. It will mainly deal with New Zealand topics, and international topics will be written from a New Zealand point of view. Only New Zealand spellings (words like color are spelt with a u, -ise is always used, etc.) can be used in the English version.
  • Details: Kiwipedia
  • Proposer: Scott Gall 09:37, 19 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments
    • There is already a mi:Hau_Kāinga. Wikipedia is organised by language and a combined Maori and English wikipedia is not what would comply with how we do things. GerardM 20:55, 18 July 2005 (UTC)
    • Maybe some local organization from New Zealand could be willing to host this proposed project. However, I think Wikimedia should not. Arbeo 13:50, 27 July 2005 (UTC)
Wiki Trivia[edit]
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: -None yet-
  • Naming suggestions: WikiTriva and WikiFacts
  • Domain name: or respectively. Where the sub domain could either represent the difficulty ( or the main catagory (
  • Scope: A facts listing in the form of Qs and As and possibly articles to more detiled information on other wiki if such information exists with keywords. A playing page might be a nice idea but should serve mainly as a source for other application to retrive data from. Might also benifit if a quick way to enter facts is introduced (To use for ex with a firefox plug-in).
  • Details: WikiTrivia
  • Proposer: santa c
  • People interested joining:
    • -Maybe you? ;)-
    • Merlin of Eragon: I think this is an excellent idea!!!!!
    • 03:19, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC) sounds fun
    • Should be great. I for one like finding little peices of trivia.
Link to request on mailing list
Naming suggestions
MiniWiki, WikiMini, WikiGist
Domain name (not registrated, available)
Similar to Wikipedia, however, articles here should be short for a user to quickly understand the basics of the subject. Maybe the MediaWiki software could be edited a little bit so there would automatically be a link to the corresponding Wikipedia article.
People interested in joining
    • This is very similar to the Simple English Wikipedia. No need to duplicate effort. Andrewmackinnon 04:00, 1 October 2005 (UTC)
Well, no, not really. Simple English Wikipedia was made aiming at easy reading, meaning that no difficult English words were used. MiniWiki is aimed at providing short articles, which are read quickly when one is short of time. Vincent 13:19, 2 October 2005 (UTC)
    • Instead of a link to the corresponding Wikipedia article, would it be better to avoid duplicate content, and somehow mark up some of the content in the normal article as "this section is the summary?" Then you could browse the from article to article in the wikipedia while in summary mode. (Might also be good for mobile/low bandwidth access) -Benjamin Hill
A summary mode might be an idea, but maybe it's better to give it a separate site for people might have confusion about how to get out of summary mode when they accidentally drop into it. Also, mostly a Wikipedia article doesn't have a summary, just a short introduction, which is something else. --Vincent
    • I use Wikipedia like a MiniWiki when I only read the top part of an article. --Kernigh 22:52, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
I mostly do so too, however, it isn't really sufficient, as the first paragraph is just an introduction rather than a summary. Vincent 18:31, 27 January 2006 (UTC)
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: Not Yet
  • Domain name: I say
  • Scope: A wikipedia for simply schools, a very heated debate back in
  • Details: Wikischool
  • Proposer: --JAranda | watz sup 00:42, 11 November 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested in joining:
  • Comments:
  • Relevant Links:
Demo site
Naming suggestions
Wikinac, Wikialmanac, WikiSignifica, WikiPeople'sAlmanac
Domain name,,
A wiki World Almanac
WikiSignifica Scope
An almanac similar to the Book of Lists and People's Almanac created by Irving Wallace, his son David Wallechinsky, and daughter Amy Wallace. It would include interesting facts, obscure historical incidents, interesting links and other esoteric and unknown knowledge.
Ryan524 08:28, 24 Jan 2005 (UTC)
Wikialmanac, proposed
People interested joining
Relevant links
  • Suggest proposal closure due to inactivity and redundancy. Robert Harrison 05:52, 1 April 2006 (UTC)
Link to proposal on mailing list
Not Yet
Domain name, kidipedia
A Simple English Wikipedia that is censored for minors. Good for projects, innocent learning etc.
--Brisvegas 06:20, 13 November 2005 (UTC) - Oh! I just realised others have made the exact same proposal!
People interested in joining
Why do we need a 'censored' version for children? Totallycrazyman 18:07, 10 March 2006 (UTC)
Try asking the author of en:Autofellatio. While a fair topic, some parents probably would like to keep it from their children... --Lhademmor 09:41, 15 March 2006 (UTC)
Relevant Links


  • Link to proposal on mailing list: [7] and [8]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikineur, WikiBusiness
  • Domain name: (suggested)
  • Scope: Wikineur is a resource for entrepreneurs answering the following questions: what sort of business should they start; how do they go about running a businesss of that nature; and how should they calculate what to charge so that the business will be sustainable?
  • Details: Wikineur
  • Proposer: Gavin Chait 30 January 2005 (revision)
  • People interested joining:
    • User:Harshmellow - great! could be joined with wikiproducts proposal and wikibooks for detailing down information. Maybe could be a section of a very wide joining of "Share your Idea" and wikidata proposal too. In fact, this all joining up could be another unification proposal??
    • User:Alex3917 - I fully support this project
    • User:noclip - I too would be very much interested in this project
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments
    • I suggest that this proposal be closed due to inactivity. Robert Harrison 06:17, 1 April 2006 (UTC)
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (How do I do that?:)
  • Naming suggestions: WikiPatents and OpenPatents
  • Domain name: or openpatents respectively
  • Scope: A wiki for patents, which people want to keep available to the public - Providing proof of their existance before any other registration attempt. As well as, serving as a listing of availible methods and so on...
  • Details: WikiPatents
  • Proposer: santa c
  • People interested joining:
    • User:Harshmellow - could be joined with the wikidata proposal? (the one about a free database)
    • Merlin of Eragon
    • User:Centroles
    • User:MHart
    • Bijee 01:18, 25 Jun 2005 (UTC) - could not be joined with wikidata, as wikidata scope is "covers all types structured data"
    • --Quasipalm 15:00, 3 August 2005 (UTC) A great idea. It should be apart from wikidata, as this website would be created with the intention of creating a record of public patents, so that anything added to this site would be non-patentable. This is really needed in todays patent-happy world. --Quasipalm 15:00, 3 August 2005 (UTC)
    • Cmadler
    • --Eloy 12:47, 7 November 2005 (UTC)
    • Totallycrazyman
share ideas and coordinate their implementation[edit]
  • Link to request on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: Share your ideas
  • Domain name:
    • A Wikicities Debate Wiki already serves this purpose
      • No it doesn't, the link is for high school debate teams to prepare for tournaments. It has little to do with this.
      • In a sense, but not exactly the same purpose. I think the whole Wikibate/Wikiopinions/Wiki-share your ideas thing needs to be more explored and clarified. The idea of Wikibate seem to be more combative, and more about established controversial issues (Israel/Palestine); this idea seems more creative and cooperative; Wikiopinions maybe is somewhere in the middle. Zach 20:07, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)
        • Any wiki is going to grow into whatever its users want it to be, so there's no reason that any of them would be limited to "established controversial issues." I think a wiki will also eliminate/reduce combativeness because it will separate the idea from the person proposing it AdamRetchless 15:04, 14 May 2005 (UTC)
  • Scope: Good ideas are much more important than just knowledge. We are already trying to share valuable knowledge nowadays, but how about the invaluable ideas? We, human beings in this planet, should share any idea beneficial to ourselves by posting it right after it flashes in our minds, discussing it with others, and even finding a way to realize it. Isn't it great!
  • Details: share your ideas
  • Proposer: User:Kissall
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments
    • Suggest proposal closure due to inactivity. Robert Harrison 06:13, 1 April 2006 (UTC)

Misc. specific info[edit]

Link to request on mailing list
None as of yet
Naming suggestions
wikitrails; wikihike; wikirambling
Domain name
To collect information on all the hiking trails in the world. To organize by country, region and cities and to provide detailed information. Enough so that anyone could print out the information from wikitrails and hike the trail. It would include pictures from trails as well as maps and the history of given area, as well as links to known wildlife and vegetation in that area.
People interested joining
Relevant links
  • Scope: Encyclopedia of psychedelic substances.
  • Details:
  • Proposer:--Helohe 10:07, 22 February 2006 (UTC)
  • Comments: These substances are all covered in Wikipedia. Unless there's some benefit of splitting this content off, there's no point in doing so. Otherwise, we could have a project dedicated to socks. -- user:zanimum
  • Scope: Reference and reviews of alcoholic drinks: wine, whisky, grappa etc...
  • Details:
  • Proposer:--Helohe 10:07, 22 February 2006 (UTC)
  • Comments: Too limited in scope for the Wikimedia Foundation, but it would likely Wikicities would welcome it with open arms. Perhaps title it Drinkpedia or Bar Encyclopedia, in order to not confuse people into thinking it's only Wiskey? The only thing, it must not be deemed to be promoting alcohol, that's against Google AdSense's policy, the method which funds Wikicities. Only reviewing and cataloging, and noting which users believe which drinks are the best. -- user:zanimum
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: n/a
  • Naming suggestions: WikiAnecdotes
  • Domain name:, etc.
  • Scope: stories and anecdotes
  • Details: a wiki with stories and anecdotes (similar to wikiquote)
  • Proposer: Adam44- Poland (
  • Potential supporters:
  • Relevant links:
  • Comment: It's a little to limited in scope for the Wikimedia Foundation to take up, but that would make a great Wikicity! -- user:zanimum
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: n/a
  • Domain name:,,
  • Scope: A free/open bible commentary
  • Proposer: --E7 15:55, 7 January 2006 (UTC)
  • People interested in joining:
  • Comments: We can use public domain translations like Elberfelder and related... Someone creates a page (use template system for including bible texts) and adds his comments to the text, another person could edit this...
  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: wikisolver
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: wine, oenology
  • Details:

Wikiwine is a big database on own wine degustation

Comment: Definetly could be a Wikicity, but what of this couldn't fit in Wikipedia itself? Each vineyard and vintage can have its own page, with quotes from published critical reviews of these wines. -- user:zanimum

  • You mighty have some small POV issues, I'm not sure how objective wine taste discriptions really are. OTOH, It would be great for names of big reviewers to be linked to a page for the reviewers, as some big modern reviewers often have a very Americanized taste, which is quite unfair & even useless to those who link more traditional European style wines. Yeah, Patrick Bouge should be incuraged to just start adding the information to wikipedia, and people should bank him up when he asks for wikipedia to have suitable categories, infoboxes, etc. Oh, one reason to have this information in a seperate site is to make it langauge independent. Wikipedia is bad about not showing an article in another langauge when it exists, but does not exist in your langauge. Nyarlathotep 19:10, 7 December 2005 (UTC)
  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: WikiGameGuides, Wikiguides, WikiGames
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: video and computer games
  • Details: Basically, WikiGameGuides would be a collection for cheats and guides for video games. As we know, there are sites like GameFAQs, but many guides are heavily copyrighted, leaving very little room for open-content material. WikiGameGuides could change all that.
  • Potential supporters: user:Sarahgal
  • Relevant links: GameFAQs, Open Game FAQs, Gameinfo

Hello, I am Ixfd64 from the English Wikipedia. I didn't feel like registering an account just to post this. Anyways, this is basically only my rough proposal. I don't know if it would be a good idea. Please leave comments on my Wikipedia talk page.

Comment: There is already something similar on Wikicities called Gameinfo. This currently aims to achieve that goal, albeit not being a sister project. There is also the similar Open Game FAQs. I'd support such a project of course but I'm not sure it's that necessary. Garrett 03:30, 3 September 2005 (UTC)

We have a b:Wikibooks:Games bookshelf and a b:Wikibooks:Computer and video games bookshelf at Wikibooks, and I believe that these qualify as non-fiction instructional resources for b:Wikibooks:What is Wikibooks. --Kernigh 22:13, 15 October 2005 (UTC)

  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (As soon as I am admitted as a member of foundation-l, i'll send an email.)
  • Naming suggestions: WikiLegal, WikiLaw, LegalWiki
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: A wiki for legal research. Specifically for articles on legal concepts and legal decisions.
  • Details: Wikilaw
  • Proposer: soren9580 13:20, 18 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • People interested in joining:
    • +sj+ - should start as a wikibook
    • User:Davodd - I am 100% in support of a free alternative to current commercial sites.
    • Merlin of Eragon
    • Subatai_baadur
    • User:Allenh - I like the basic idea, but my suggestion is to make it more like a legal digest. It would be easy for attorneys and law students to list such rules and there is nothing equivalent out there.
  • Relevant Links:
  • Comments:
  • Link to request on mailing list: none yet
  • Naming suggestions: Wikiproofs
  • Domain name: (suggestion)
  • Scope: Many mathematical proofs are so important or instructive that they deserve inclusion in general wikipedia articles. However, it would be inappropriate if wikipedia articles were to become cumbersome and clumsy due to the presence of proofs everywhere. Moreover, the purpose of wikipedia articles is primarily expository and didactic, not a Bourbaki-style presentation of results in a tangled network of logical dependencies. However, such a network of results and proofs may be of interest and use to working mathematicians and other scientists and philosophers.
  • Details: Wikiproofs
  • Proposer: Revolver email: (omit XXX's and replace AT with @)
  • People interested joining:
DDPAlphaTiger1 10:51, 25 May 2005 (UTC)
Very interessting proposal. If it is accepted I'll greatly help.
Technogiddo -Wikiproofs could be a wonderful source of information.
Wikiproofs would indeed be a wonderful addition to the wikimedia family.
Marcos 17:58, 17 October 2005 (UTC)
  • Comments:
    • What exactly is a proof?--Quadraxis 01:25, 23 October 2005 (UTC)
      • No real worries there, mathematics is pretty objective about truth of proof, if not always so objective about level of detail. - Nyarlathotep 10:40, 22 November 2005 (UTC)
    • What is the goal? Wikipedia articles can easily have subpages with proofs, as Wikipedia is not printed. Maybe you just need a directory of proofs? Just an indexing of proof subpages would allow people to find interesting proofs to add. For more complex projects, you might as well use wikibooks, as you'll need structure anyway. Wikibook's "no original research" policy shouldn't impact books about the kinds of proofs your talking about. Plus, Wikibooks can bend its NOR policy for very good books which are clearly not self-aggrandizement.
  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: Wikirec
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Wiki for outdoor recreation activities and locations.
  • Details: See Wikirec
  • Proposer: Mountainmantis
  • People interested joining:
Charlotte - I think this is a great idea, I'd love to help out.
  • Relevant links:
  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: Wikisports
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Covering every sport played around the world from every country where the sports popular, covered in such a way that all nationalities are represented.
  • Details: Wikisports
  • Proposer:jdl32579
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments:
    • This can already go in Wikipedia. Angela 00:33, 3 Jul 2005 (UTC)
      • i agree with angela, we dont need to make a wiki for something that doesnt need to have a wiki made for it unsigned comment by unknown user
      • I think Jdl32579 means a country-independent articlestructre. Now on nl.wp for instance, tennis is totally centered on the Dutch and Belgian tennissers. That could be as well in a wikipedia, but we have to rewrite a lot :) Effeietsanders 13:38, 25 December 2005 (UTC)
    • We need help at Wikicities:c:Gameinfo. All of our sports are red links. --Kernigh 00:13, 28 December 2005 (UTC)
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: Wikicode
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: This will be a wiki for sharing programming source code in all programming languages.
  • Details: Wikicode
  • Proposer: Mauricio Rodriguez Alcala
  • People interested joining:
    • User:Camperdave - It should also have binaries...
    • Mauricio Rodriguez Alcala
    • Minh Nguyễn (talk, blog)
    • User:socratesone -kind of like sourceforge, but anybody could go in and change the code on the fly? Sounds like fun. It would be nice to just post an idea in vaporware form and see if it grows to a functioning program. "wikicode" has to be changed, though, since "wikicode" is the markup that wiki uses.
    • This project is already in progress at -- 9 July 2005 03:53 (UTC)
    • Ronincyberpunk -- Sign me up
    • 13:41, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC)
    • Cspurrier 18:03, 22 July 2005 (UTC)
    • Sajasaze 18:07, 16 Aug 2005 - It looks pretty funny !
    • Explodicle (no account yet) - sounds fun to me!
    • Cheesy (also no account) - I actually was about to submit the same thing! I'd like to see this happen.
    • 13:39, 5 December 2005 (UTC) May be best for it just to be used for coding libaries instead, preferibly in Limbo, but I don't think that many people will be happy if it is limited to one langague.
    • --Suprano 15:06, 17 August 2005 (UTC) The Link is dead :( ->
    • Dragontamer 01:18, 26 December 2005 (UTC) I was about to propose this. However, I doubt it would work well in a wiki structure. IMO, it should be more like a public CVS/Subversion/whatever server with a wiki frontend.
    • E7 -- Why not, I could post some (~ 100) Visual Basic 6 codes...
  • Relevant links:
Wikinews Network[edit]
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: WikiNews Network
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Audio version of Wikinews
  • Details: WikiNews Network
  • Proposer: Ryan524 05:40, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links: WikiNews Network
  • Comments:
    • I support this idea, but I don't know if Wikinews Network needs to be listed as a new project proposal when it could simply be regarded as an extension to Wikinews in the same way WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia is an extension of Wikipedia. Angela 05:33, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)
    • I also don't see why this needs to be its own new project. Try this out by generating regular podcasts and hosting them on Wikinews; and then think about extending the concept to a streaming server, with its own issues of how-to-be-wiki. +sj | Translate the Quarto |+ 07:15, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)
      • To answer concerns over whether or not this project should be given its own wiki, we have set up a test wiki that eventually allow users to upload files to a playlist. -- NGerda 8 July 2005 21:11 (UTC)
    • I ran this idea by Eloquence, the proposer of wikinews, he said it would be best if it were on wikimedia servers and we should probably go though this process.--Ryan524 8 July 2005 18:15 (UTC)
      • I don't remember saying Wikinews Network should be proposed as a separate project, no. I did say that a separate Wikiradio project that has a lot of content beyond news should be proposed separately.---Eloquence
        • eh, i must have mis-understood what exactly you said but somehow we need to get it on wikimedia servers, i know that much.--Ryan524 06:32, 21 July 2005 (UTC)
    • Before I dissent, let me explain that I support the ideal of a source for free webcasting as a concept. In the past, I was even a professional Internet webcasting journalist before the dot-com bust all but decimated webcasting in 2001-2002. But,even though I am a cheerleader of the concept, I'm not sure wiki is the appropriate way to do this. My concern is that the end product is not wiki-based and I am doubtful that it falls under the aegis of the Wikimedia Foundation's goals; namely, "goals of the foundation are to maintain and develop free-content, wiki-based projects..." ( I have a thorough understanding of the technology used in the creation of audio (and video) product and personally oversaw the creation of more than 50,000 such broadcassts professionally. I am confident when I say the recording, editing and presentation of the audio product definitely does not and cannot use wiki technology; the audio, once completed, is not easy for any listener to edit, improve, move or change at will using their browser or wiki-editing tools provided on the site. The hallmark of a Wikimedia Foundation project is that it uses wiki. With current wiki code, that means text-based product. Davodd | Talk 18:16, 24 July 2005 (UTC)
    • This would make an ideal new project, but probably on Wikicities considering Davodd's comments. It doesn't sit very happily on Wikinews itself as the WNN concept is not very-wiki like, and really it's just too different to what Wikinews is about and what it does. Dan100 08:30, 25 July 2005 (UTC)
    • WNN seems to be already implemented. I remember listening to an Ogg version of a WikiNews story once. I think that they just upload the Ogg to Commons and link from the text version of the article. --Kernigh 23:23, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
  • Mailing list link : []
  • Naming suggestions : ??
  • Domain name: ?
  • Scope : A wiki for information about specific products : software packages, phones, pens, lamps, windows, computerss, flooring -- by model and distributor, covering official instructions, reviews, tips, updates, common problems, links to help forums.
  • Details: Wikiproducts
  • Proposer: +sj+
  • People interested joining:
    • User:Harshmellow - should be specially fine if properly connected to wikibooks (how to create) and wikidata (project - on what was already made)
    • Bijee 01:17, 25 Jun 2005 (UTC) - can not be merged with wikidata as it "covers all types structured data"
    • Hoekenheef 13:45, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC) Good idea.
    • --Quasipalm 15:01, 3 August 2005 (UTC)
  • Comments:
    • This proposition should be merged with wikidata. -- 12:13, 27 Apr 2005 (UTC)
Faith Wiki[edit]

(Already exists at Wikicities:c:Religion)

  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: Faith Wiki, Religion Wiki, WikiBelief
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: This project would encompass all religions present and past. History, sacred text (ie. Bible, Quran, Book of Kells, etc.), beliefs, leaders, and essays.
  • Details: Faith Wiki
  • Proposer: Sean A. Turvey U.E. 05:07, 16 Jun (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments:
    • This already exists at Wikicities:c:Religion. Angela 05:30, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)
    • I like this idea a lot. Along with genealogy and cooking, this is a core area of collaborative study that has fascinated people for millennia, and is deserving of focused encyclopedic treatment -- and probably deserving of its own project, as it will require different NOR, POV, and trolling policies. +sj | Translate the Quarto |+ 07:14, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)
    • On Wiktionary we already have many religious words with some explanation. With the Ultimate Wiktionary it will be even better possible to share the words and the meaning of religious concepts. unsigned comment by unknown user
    • Many of the Wikipedia do not have proper articles about the topics that are relevant to religion. I am of the opinion that as long as you have not described what meanings are given to words, you cannot discuss the subject properly. So my arguments is, first get our house in order, define the words/concepts both lexicologically and encyclopedically and when that has been done, it is soon enough to start discussing this within the WMF. GerardM 13:41, 20 July 2005 (UTC)
    • Useless, let's improve articles on wikipedia instead of divide efforts unsigned comment by unknown user
    • This new project is not necessary. In addition to Wiktionary and Wikipedia, we have books about religion at Wikibooks, for example Wikibooks:Christianity, Wikibooks:Islam, and Wikibooks:Islam Way of Life. --Kernigh 23:19, 27 December 2005 (UTC)


WikiGoogleEarth / WikiMaps[edit]
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: n/a
  • Domain name: not yet
  • Scope: To enter information of a particular place which is editable. For example, enter information of a certain restaurant and include the menu and review of it, and it should be visible and clickable from google earth or other map software.
  • Comments:
Don't think this is a good idea, especially the name WikiGoogleEarth is really strange, as if affliated with Google or anything. If you're only going to give information about places, then you can just use Wikipedia. If you'd do information about certain facilities then it should have a rather different name. Also, reviews are quite without the scope of an all-edit thing, because that's mostly biased. --Vincent 13:53, 12 February 2006 (UTC)
This exist already on --Donarreiskoffer 12:46, 17 March 2006 (UTC)
WikiEarth (Using Google Maps)[edit]
Link to request on mailing list
Naming suggestions
WikiEarth, Wikiography
Domain name
make use of google maps in a wiki, to search and hold interesting locations in the world.
here you could see an example of this wiki In a short time it will be referred as
F. Terran, mail.
People interested joining
    • Scifiintel
Relevant links
    • Neither of the links you give in teh Details section appear to work. --Quadraxis 00:59, 23 October 2005 (UTC)
    • Sorry, but this proposal wouldn't work. Google Maps is copyrighted. - Kookykman|(t)(c)
    • I believe there are other map sources that are not copyrighted - "Cheesejoff"
    • Have you considered the possibility of using NASA maps instead? --Mauro 17:24, 19 December 2005 (UTC)
    • So, if I'm understanding this right, anyone could add their own house to this project? WOW YOU CAN NOW VANDALISE BUILDINGS WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM!! or if not, what would be the point, exactly? Most buisinesses are already listed (in the United States anyway) --Nerd42 01:29, 6 January 2006 (UTC)


Wikipedia Historical Atlas[edit]
Link to proposal on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Domain name
Encompasses Wikimaps/Wikiteer, except with an added focus on historical data, and prerequisite of new software development.
Wikipedia Historical Atlas

I think a more general Wikihistory or Wikinac would work better. - Kookykman|(t)(c)

  • Link to proposal on mailing list: [9]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikimaps, probably Geowiki
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Collect geographic data in wiki pages which can be rendered into maps to be used in wikimedia (and other) projects
  • Details: Geo (should be moved to Wikimaps or something...)
  • Proposer: Magnus Manske
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links: Working demo (requires SVG-enabeled browser to actually see the maps)

I think there is also a discusson to be had about Geotags.

  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: WikiGPS - Worldwide location finding
  • Domain name:
  • Scope:
  • Details: WikiGPS
  • Proposer: User:gpswiki
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:

Comments Sorry, but how would this work in the MediaWiki format that can not be found quicker and easier in other places? - Kookykman|(t)(c)

  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: WikiMaps, WikiPlanet, WikiEarth
  • Domain name:,, etc.
  • Scope: This project will alllow users to add language specific names for all the various places and locations on Earth in their own languages, and generate maps in the requested language. Say you want a map of England, and you view it in English. Then, change the language, and the names change to the German names, or French, or Dutch, etc. It would simply require a database of the place names and a user selection of the display language on the map. The user could choose to view the various political divisions of a country by clicking on them on the map, which would send the user to another map (of that political division), with links to wikipedia information on that division.
  • Details:
  • Proposer: -- 02:11, 2 August 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
  • Comments:
    • I find it interesting unsigned comment by unknown user
    • This might be a good project, but it is not a wiki, at least not a MediaWiki. MediaWiki only lets me edit text, not maps. I understand not why it is proposed that Wikimedia Foundation host this using MediaWiki. --Kernigh 23:00, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: [10]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikiteer
  • Domain name: (registered)
  • Scope: Geographical information on everything, from continents to fireplugs
  • Details: Wikiteer
  • Proposer:User:Anthony DiPierro
  • People interested joining:
    • Merlin of Eragon



Arts and crafts[edit]

Link to proposal on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Domain name,
Artistic collaboration
A wiki to create original paints, drawns, graphics etc... Artists need a place to collaborate, and people need a wiki to request original creations
Potential supporters
Relevant links
Wikipedia already has a "request illustration" feature. What exactly is the goal of this project? --Lhademmor 09:31, 15 March 2006 (UTC)
Link to Proposal on Mailing List
To Be Added
Naming Suggestions
Craftopedia, WikArtisans, WikiMake
Domain Name
Not Registered
WikiCrafts would be a central knowledge base for arts and crafts related information
People Interested Joining


  • Naming suggestions: WikiMovies, MovieWiki
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: A Movie Database simlar to IMDB
  • Details: As for now IMDB has a de facto monopoly on movie informations, and a lot of information is hidden from the normal public. Some movies eventually ends up on wikipedia, but I propose a wiki for movies only.
  • Propser: Carl Fürstenberg
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:


  • If anything, this could be a Wikicity. How would such a site benefit from being completely seperate from Wikipedia? What in the structure or rules of Wikipedia make it less than desirable to add such information? -- user:zanimum
  • Is there any obstacle to placing any given movie on wikipedia? Nyarlathotep 21:20, 6 December 2005 (UTC)
    • Yes, wikipedians do not like movie articles that go into great depth and are usually deleted. --MateoP 19:58, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
      • Then start a Wikibook, similar to Wikibooks:Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter. Though Harry Potter books are books, you could do something similar for movies. But you cannot review movies, you must use a neutral point of view (though you can quote external reviews). --Kernigh 00:24, 28 December 2005 (UTC)
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: -
  • Domain name: -
  • Scope: ¡Video & audio! Documentary films. Piensa a lo grande, actúa a lo grande.
  • Details:
  • Proposer: David, Spain.
  • People interested joining:

(see also : Wikimentary and related ideas)

Star Wars Wiki[edit]
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: WikiWars, Star Wars Wiki
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: This project will alllow users to add information from the vast collection of data on Star Wars onto one wiki. Everything on Star Wars on one site.
  • Details: Star Wars Wiki
  • Proposer: God Atum 10.02, 24 Jun (GMT)
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links
  • Comments:
Star Wars Wiki in French / Star Wars Wiki en Français[edit]
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: fr.WikiWars, Star Wars Wiki
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: This project will alllow French users to add information from the vast collection of data on Star Wars onto one wiki. Everything on Star Wars in French on one site / Ce projet permettra aux utilisateurs francophones d'ajouter des informations a propos de l'infini univers de Star Wars sur Wiki. Tout sur Star Wars en français sur un site.
  • Details:
  • Proposer: Dark Maul 3.30, 11 August(GMT)
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links


  • Link to proposal on mailing list: n/a
  • Naming suggestions: Wikipoetry, Wikipoets
  • Domain name: etc.
  • Scope: collective-poem writing
  • Details: At the moment in the sandbox poetry – it says – ‘do not edit other people’s poems’. This seems out of the spirit of Wikipedia. Surely there are on the Web, or can be created on Wikipedia an area for merely mere to display their poems. However, in keeping with the wiki-mentally a collective-poem writing exercise seems the way to go.

How would this work?

As with other pages, you put your content on the page, and other people can add, edit, copy, reorganize etc. History can be kept – poems can split in two like a forked path – and join together like tributaries to a great river.

There could be a place to put ‘ideas’ probably in prose for poems. You could start a poem and ask others to complete it. It could be subdivided into narrative, didactic, humourous, epic, ‘hip-hop’ etc. poetry. And themes: death, Renaissance, Internet, nature, revolution!

What precedents?

If I understand it well, ancient poetry was made in a similar collaborative effort. There was not one version of a poem, but the poems were turned by different tongues and progressively modified – whilst retaining the same central story. This I believe is how much early Homeric poetry was created, the difference being we will be using our keyboards.

What other projects?

It could be envisaged that this format if successful could be used for other story-telling formats in prose.

  • Link to request on mailing list: n/a
  • Naming suggestions: WikiAuthors
  • Domain name: not yet
  • Scope: provide a means to assign authors of biomedical manuscripts a unique identifier. Useful for users of the MEDLINE database of biomedical literature.
  • Details: WikiAuthors
  • Proposer: Miguel Andrade,
  • People interested joining: Carol--Carol 17:03, 24 January 2006 (UTC)
Link to request on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Wikicharacter, Internet Character Database
Domain name
A database of all characters from all works of fiction, including film, literature, and theater.
Joe Del Senno
People interested in joining
please add your names here!
    • You might want to start this as a Wikibook, a textbook for characters. See for example Wikibooks:Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter. If you use Wikibooks, then you must not add any original work (no writing fan fiction), and you should be instructional... create a textbook that helps readers understand film, literature, theatre, and cinema. --Kernigh 22:51, 27 December 2005 (UTC)

Collabortive writing[edit]

You know, with Wikipedia promoting w:collaborative writing on non-fiction up to high heaven you would think that w:Collaborative Fiction would be the logical next step. But for now is pretty undeveloped in the Wiki arena which is a pity as the very popular w:MMORPGs started as collaborative fiction. The interest is out there Renmiri 16:10, 3 March 2006 (UTC)

Nevermind, it seems Google beat you to it. I told you the interest is out there... Renmiri 20:12, 10 March 2006 (UTC)

Link to request on mailing list
Naming suggestions
The Neverending Wiki, The Unending Story, The Endless Story
Have A Vision: A Fantasy story with no borders. No begining and no ending. A story of unknowable length. A neo-mythology. A new cultural lexicon. A body of legends that will survive beyond our lifetime. An epic tale greater than any other yet conceived.
Proposer comment
This is no regular fan fiction this is an entire world! The story, like the story of our own world, doesn't occur directly and singularly (like in a novel where a story has a direct beginning and end) but is actually one great tapestry or many many stories (in that I don't know you but we have our own stories that together with everyone else's make "the great story"). Each article focus' around a person, place, event, or anything. So you can make up a city with its own history. It the course of telling its history if mention some battles and some kings attach links to their own pages so that they could be expanded individually. And so everything and everyone will have their own story.
--Olsdude 02:50, 14 January 2006 (UTC)
People Intersted

Link to request on mailing list: (none)

Naming suggestions
Wikifiction, Wiktion
Domain name
This will be a wiki that will allow numerous users to collobarate to create extensive works of fiction such as movie scripts or novels.
Wikidea Wikifiction Note: I didn't create Wikifiction. I encountered it after creating this proposal and noticed that it was similar to mine so I added to it.
User:Vikram Vaka
People interested joining
    • User:Centroles
    • User:Technogiddo
    • Hoekenheef 13:42, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC) Great idea. Would probably follow along the same kind of lines as Fanstory.
    • Circeus Major breakdown from popular FanfictionNET
    • Roberth 20:52, 5 August 2005 (UTC) This is a much needed addition *somehow* to Wikimedia, and a recurring theme here as a proposed project. I've been involved with some private MediaWiki wikis that do this, and it does provide some incredible creativity. The global NPOV can be dealt with, particularly when trying to gather background resource information for original fiction.
    • --Cspurrier 12:18, 16 August 2005 (UTC)
    • --OB 20:27, 17 September 2005 (UTC) I am very interested in this project. Incidentally, I just created a very similar site without even knowing it! MidnightWiki is an open content information repository that I just completed meant for all types of creative content. Maybe this website could be transformed into Wikidea somehow?
    • Still need a technical solution to the problem of forking (ie. to allow it), "canon trails" etc. — JEREMY 09:46, 7 October 2005 (UTC)
    • Quadraxis 01:06, 23 October 2005 (UTC)
    • Renmiri 15:55, 3 March 2006 (UTC) Why not have a Wiki version of Fan ? Their technology does not allow collaboration, and a lot of fan fiction enthusiasts like to write as a team, as you can see here. I'm not sure should get involved, but there are tons of free Wiki farms out there. Check my first attempt at a Wiki Fan Fiction )
Relevant links
b:Ardvark the Aardvark (fictional content that should be transwikied to a project like this that is already written) (Subject to VfD vote on Wikibooks, so don't think you can write another one on Wikibooks yourself and get away with it).
Older project: WikiWrite[edit]
Link to proposal on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Domain name
An attempt to bring together authors from across the Globe to co-write the first book structured from a simple outline and set string of characters. Think of the world writing the first book. Of course, strict guidelines to run by, but a tough task to pull off. I think it could be done with some help.
People interested joining

The free interactive fiction library.

This proposal has also been submitted to Wikicities, and has thus far gotten no response. Thus, it's fair game here.

WikiIF (as opposed to the currently existing IFWiki at would not be for discussing or documenting currently existing traditional interactive fiction, or for creating any kind of knowledge base about interactive fiction. It would be for collaboratively writing interactive fiction with the MediaWiki software.

This sort of thing as already been done on Uncyclopedia as a parody of real interactive fiction. (see Uncyclopedia:Zork, Uncyclopedia:Zork2, Uncyclopedia:Zork3 and Uncyclopedia:Game Online) I am not talking about a parody. Serious IF is alive and well (just google for interactive fiction, or look it up at Wikipedia:Interactive fiction) and seems to almost cry out for it's own wiki. Humorous and comedic IF would of course be allowed, but not within already-serious stories.

There does already exist another small wiki that hosts a little collaboratevly written IF: But it's not here and it's not a good example, and I thought some you people might be interested in the idea

I'm suggesting this because this is the kind of thing that I'd like to do. There has been some arguing on Uncyclopedia on proper IF formatting in WikiML. For the Zork parodies, they settled on a style that looks like an old computer actually running the real Zork games. However, for interactive fiction in general, I created a simple style/example page for what I think WikiIF could look like. --Nerd42 01:36, 6 January 2006 (UTC)


Wikimusic II[edit]

For older discussion and proposals, see: [12], [13], [14], [15] and further People interested in joining (Wikimusic II}====

    • empoor™ (consultation) 21:46, 15 December 2005 (UTC)
    • I'm not sure what's going on with all the different proposals, but I like the basic idea. Also, this one seems most heavily geared toward a music library of classical music, so I'd definitely be interested. Flcelloguy (A note?) 22:10, 20 December 2005 (UTC)
    • oscar 03:23, 22 December 2005 (UTC) in my spare time ;-) i love the idea though and heartily support it!
    • Andrewa 14:14, 19 January 2006 (UTC) The best thought out wikimedia music project yet and may actually be viable.
    • ...
    • ...
  • Comments
    • I have merged the "WikiMusic II" proposal to WikiScores Music Merger. --Kernigh 21:13, 12 December 2005 (UTC)
      • This proposal is already a merge of the two previous projects, and some more. Maybe it's more useful to keep the overview to use the pages as mentioned shortly above? Effeietsanders 21:21, 12 December 2005 (UTC)
        • To keep this simple, I think that there should be only one proposal, while some users can support only parts of it (for example, if they like sheet music but oppose playable music files). I want to comment on this proposal too, but I will wait for December 20. --Kernigh 21:27, 12 December 2005 (UTC)
          • I thought it was far simpler before the merge! Andrewa 14:14, 19 January 2006 (UTC)
  • What exactly is Wiki-music? Does it include submitting lyrics to the place? And, I'm just curious, but what gave you the idea for it? 02:20, 22 December 2005 (UTC)
      • at Flcelloguy: Why only classical music? Patio 05:14, 23 March 2006 (UTC)
    • Please look at Wikimusic II for more information about what this wikimusic is proposed to be. And the idea's came from a lot of people together, and the idea just grew :). If you're interested how the proposal grew, please look in the history of this page, where the proposal was made by various users. And can you please log in if you make comments? It's not necessairily, but would be nice :) Thank you for your comment. Effeietsanders 10:39, 22 December 2005 (UTC)
      • I read it, but it didn't say anything about submitting lyrics! Also, I was interested in how you got the idea because I had an idea similar to a music-wiki about two weeks ago. (By the way, I'm sorry that I'm not logged in, cause I have yet to create a username) 23:43, 31 December 2005 (UTC)
    • A nice plan, but I'm affraid it's impossible to realise. Sheetmusic is very expensive to put online, or it is illegal. The not-MIDI-files are also only legal to put online when you take fragments of them. Information about music is possible, but I think it is much easier to find that information when you find it, together with all other lemma's, at the normal Wikipedia-site. And lyrics can be found at Wikisource - 19:35, 8 January 2006 (UTC)
      • I don't really get it. Why would putting sheet music of Bach online, and making out of that a MIDI-file be illegal? Expensive might be true, if you mean new servers. I'm afraight that almost all proposed projects with success will need serverspace, so will be expensive. And information about a piece of music might not be encyclopaedic, but fit very well in a WikiMusic. Maybe you might want to discuss this further in Talk:Wikimusic II, this should not be (I think) a place for discussions, but for comments. I'll copy your and mine comment to there. Effeietsanders 08:31, 9 January 2006 (UTC)
        • I can't find any lyrics at Wikisource. 08:00, 20 January 2006 (UTC)
  • This proposal is the result of a merge between several music related projects.
Link to request on foundation-l
Naming suggestions
WikiScores, WikiSheets, WikiMusic, WikiNotes, WikiLyrics
Domain name,,,,
A wiki with
    • information about music in public domain or free from copyright restrictions
    • both sheet music and lyrics
    • the music itself in a playable music file (in different versions, for example one version with trumpet, one with a whole orchestra, not MIDI)
    • would need a scoring language/interface, including a feature to make a MIDI
    • not a place for illegal music sharing
WikiScores, WikiMusic, Wikimusic
Phauna, Andy753421, Effeietsanders
For older discussion and proposals, see
[17], [18], [19], [20]
People interested joining
    • --Member 9 July 2005 00:39 (UTC) nice idea, it could have an impact as big as Wikipedia
    • ErezSegal an excellent idea. must have uniqe format for scoring.
    • Phauna, CdaMVvWgS
    • Splat
    • Zhaladshar
    • +sj+ - should start out as a wikibook
    • Brigand - Why not use MIDI?
      • The lilypond plugin generates some rudimentary MIDI, too. -- Sloyment 08:13, 15 November 2005 (UTC)
    • Christiaan - oh yes please, this is something I could get my technophobic mother into (she's a music teacher)
    • I like the idea :-) Anthere 23:30, 17 Jan 2005 (UTC)
    • Lazylemon 11:43, 12 Feb 2005 (UTC)
    • - Great idea, already reality in wikibooks (eg. recipes)
    • Jaberwocky6669 17:46, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)
    • Starwiz 22:51, 28 Apr 2005 (UTC) Desperately needed, although it could be incorporated into Wikisource with enough work.
    • Jun-Dai 17:54, 3 May 2005 (UTC) I would only be truly interested in this if the scores were stored in Lilypond (which still needs help as far as piano scores are concerned) or something similar, with multiple output formats. I'm not so interested in a wiki that merely collects PDFs or PS documents.
    • --Sterio 20:14, 3 May 2005 (UTC) I'd be really interested in participating in something like this. I find it hard to imagine how it'd work, but I think it's a great idea.
    • Jbmccoy 15:54, 17 June 2005 (UTC) I'd love to take part in something like this. I don't see why a unique new score format is necessary - could something like MusicML be used for this? MIDI is IMO completely inappropriate - no score or layout information can be stored in a MIDI file.
    • Hoekenheef 13:39, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC) Wonderful idea that would benifet a large portion of the community.
    • Mysekurity would be happy to contribute some of the things he's been working on (made with FruityLoops, Wavelab, Acid, Reason, and others). We could outdo Bach! 04:22, 19 October 2005 (UTC)
    • User:dragonstongue2000 - There needs to be a place on the internet to get free sheet music.
    • Solarusdude - If you've ever been a regular visitor of a website that publishes lyrics for thousands of songs (ie Leo's Lyrics), you know that there are inaccurate entries and popular songs missing altogether. In the case of Leo's Lyrics, users can enter new lyrics into the database, but they cannot be changed later. Meaning that if someone enters lyrics that are inaccurate, you're stuck with them. As a result, there will be a lot of repeat entries for songs with conflicting lyrics. One thing that I like about Leo's Lyrics is that users can comment on songs, such as their interpretation of the lyrics and how the song is important to them. I believe this is something that can be done on a Wiki platform and I strongly suggest that Wikimedia initate a project that archives musical lyrics. I suggest that it be called, "WikiLyrics"
    • Quadraxis 01:47, 23 October 2005 (UTC) I suggest creating the pages similar to those often used for tv show episodes, as in, "title of song (band)" then a small description of the song (what it's about, etc.), followed by the lyrics, followed by a trivia section. Each article would have a sidebar containing the band, each album the song was on, what date it was first released (on the first album) what other bands have played covers of it, etc. As a sort of example of what i mean, i offer up This Stargate Atlantis Episode as an example. If you would like, i'll make an example page to explain what i mean. (yes, i've been thinking about this for a while, even before i found you're proposal. --Quadraxis 01:47, 23 October 2005 (UTC)
    • Stephenhcarlson - I would love a Wiki that allowed aspiring musicians to collaboratively transcribe songs. Has anyone seen the TABs on OLGA? They leave much to be desired - they are incomplete at best, and are often fraught with blatant errors that can be very misleading to a budding musician. Would love for Wiki to support in-browser TAB editing, and if we could find a way to support MIDI playback, we'd have a real winner here.
    • Gflores - Sounds like a great idea!
    • Sloyment - I am interested in a free music wiki, i.e. a wiki used to collect, publish and compose PD or freely licensed music in the form of lyrics, notes, computer music files and recordings, and maybe to share knowledge about composing, playing and recording.
    • Phatmonkey 21:42, 21 December 2005 (UTC) Great idea, I would help.
    • Lhademmor 08:25, 26 January 2006 (UTC) HELL YEAH!!! Let's get this ball rolling!
    • Nightstallion (?)
    • Why couldn't this be part of wikisource? A separate subdomain, maybe, like a new language. I'd say the only thing keeping it from already being part of wikisource is lack of Lilypond support. I support making this part of Wikisource rather than having it stand on its own. Mindspillage (spill yours?) 16:47, 27 August 2005 (UTC)
    • There is also the WikiMusic proposal below. Merge? -- Sloyment 08:13, 15 November 2005 (UTC)
    • Other: The Wiki lyrics concept has been explored via KiwiLyrics. How great an experience it provides, well...I'm not going to vouch for it, but yes you can correct the pages. And at least their Google ads are less annoying than on most lyrics sites... Metaeducation 12:15, 11 October 2005 (UTC)
    • There is a problem, however. Using the full lyrics of commercial songs is not lawful fair use. This project would therefore be reduced to merely covering folk songs and other copyrightless sources. Garrett 13:27, 16 October 2005 (UTC)
      • Is this true? I mean, how can the lyrics be published on hundreds of other sites, and then i have to wonder why some songs on Wikipedia contain lyrics?--Quadraxis 01:47, 23 October 2005 (UTC)
      • Fair use ought to cover lyrics if the songs are being critiqued, especially if presented in an educational setting. Since the lyrics would not be used to create a reproduction of the copywrited recording, record companies cannot complain that they are losing money from having the lyrics published, and thus have little grounds to sue for copywrite infringement anyway. Solarusdude 19:54, 23 October 2005 (UTC)
    • Almost all of the sites i have been on that are lyrics databases, have spyware, lots of ads, innacurate lyrics, awful load times (b/c of the ads), and are lacking of a place to contain other trivia about songs.
    • I am brainstorming with some people about a Wikimusic as well, but then restricted to free music. Personnely I would like to make of this (probably most PD) music a page with the score, the music and the tekst. I am talking with other wiki-like projects about coöporation. See for the brainstorming etc: my userspace at nl.wp. (however at nl.wp, most of the discussion is in English) I hope to see the discussion grow. Effeietsanders 15:11, 1 November 2005 (UTC)
    • There should be a Wiki version of! There are no copyright issues if it is just short album reviews, links to "similar artists" and "influences", and lists of descriptive keywords like "brooding," "atmospheric," etc.
    • I threw up a copy of media wiki that we can use to work on how stuff would be laid out. It's under 'Demo' (above), so if you're interested head over and edit away. --Andy753421 22:34, 3 November 2005 (UTC)
    • There is already the WikiScores proposal above. Merge? -- Sloyment 08:08, 15 November 2005 (UTC)
    • I have merged the "WikiMusic II" proposal to WikiScores Music Merger. --Kernigh 21:12, 12 December 2005 (UTC)
Relevant links


Link to proposal on mailing list
Not Yet
Domain name,, etc...
A human language wiki that will attempt describe and teach every human language we can get our hands on in order to keep many of the endangered languages alive.
--ppragman 04:15, 13 November 2005 (UTC)
People interested in joining
Relevant Links
A tough one, but I think a good one.
You can describe languages at Wikipedia and teach them by writing textbooks at Wikibooks. See Wikibooks:Languages bookshelf for some examples of this being done already. Angela 05:24, 14 November 2005 (UTC)
yeah, that's fine, but it doesn't exactly make it easy for people to get a hold of the information. And, so far as I've seen (with the exception of the Chinese wikiBook) the language wikiBooks seem pretty weak. This is supposed to be a consolodation. ppragman
Maybe, but wouldn't it be better in that case to improve those Wikibooks instead of creating a new project for it? Vincent 10:43, 26 February 2006 (UTC)
I second that. No need to create more projects, if we already have existing projects that serve the purpose. This could be some kind of subproject of Wikibooks. --Lhademmor 09:37, 15 March 2006 (UTC)
Babel Wiki[edit]
  • Link to proposal on mailing list : [22]
  • Name :
  • Main Page : a list of languages by, say, # of native speakers/readers [1], with prominent links to other views (by language-cluster, by geographic region, by article-count, by reader popularity...), information on translators & translation, and language statistics [2].
  • Details : All localizable MediaWiki strings, in 200+ languages [3]. All localizable custom strings for Wikimedia projects, in those languages. Key strings and messages (such as site-wide notice templates, error messages, &c) which are used regularly and needed in [almost] every language. Portals for each language, describing work being done to develop that language, with portal-content in a few core language + the lang in question.
    • Optional content : Other translation efforts, such as global press releases, which work through a high volume of content (thousands of edits in dozens of languages) in a short period of time. These make up an increasing % of meta-content.
    • Project partnerships : Coordination with the occasional global Wikimedia translations currently handled on Meta; and with a vanilla-mediawiki-specific, auto-synched Interface translations wiki (these ideas could be merged; or that project (say, at could offer ways to pull content from the appropriate section of the Babel wiki (and more security safeguards)).
  • Details: Babel wiki
  • Relevant Links: Interface translations wiki (related proposal), #Wikitranslation (tangentially related section on this page), Translation requests (current TRs of all sorts)
  • Proposer: Sj 06:23, 29 November 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested in joining:
    • le Korrigan bla 08:15, 29 November 2005 (UTC) (maybe not for setting up but definitely for taking part)
  • Comments?


  • Link to request on mailing list: [23]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikigrammar
  • Domain name: &
  • Scope: It is a fact that today we must improve our language skills and this not just in our native language but we can learn by internet other languages. The grammar of each language must be at anyone's hand nowadays not just if he/she buys an expensive book or e-book. Even in our native languages we have something to learn all the time. This must be a tool for translation also and it must contain audio files of pronounciation.
  • Details: Wikigrammar
  • Proposer: Romihaitza

People interested in joining (11)

  1. BlueBerry Pick'n 20 December 2005 13:57 (UTC)
  2. Vlad 25 September 2005 18:27 (UTC)
  3. Romihaitza 21:03, 25 September 2005 (UTC)
  4. Vincent 19:56, 26 September 2005 (UTC)
  5. tibo 22:20, 26 September 2005 (UTC)
  6. Malafaya 16:16, 27 September 2005 (UTC) (also pt:User:Malafaya)
  7. Platonides 11:09, 1 October 2005 (UTC) (es:Usuario:Platonides)
  8. John N. 19:09, 7 November 2005 (UTC)
  9. Kookykman|(t)(c). I've always wanted to learn another langugage. 15:36, 11 November 2005 (UTC)
  10. Great proposal. Kneiphof 20:00, 27 November 2005 (UTC)
  11. Interesting. --Æ 14:02, 2 January 2006 (UTC)
  12. --Agari 16:31, 6 March 2006 (UTC) Would always help to have find a good grammar of all those languages we wanted to learn and/or understand.


Hm, what about a wordbook, where you can find what words mean in other languages. Would of course mean some work, cause you will have to edit MediaWiki.

I know there is something like this (, but as far as I know its not under GNU FDL and you cant participate as an author.

Why not put this under the umbrella of Wikibooks? The infrastructure for this project is already there. You can have a "Spanish grammar" book at the English Wikibooks and a "Gramática de inglés" book at the Spanish Wikibooks.

The wordbook that the previous commenter is proposing already exists: Wiktionary. Each Wiktionary edition contains entries for words in many different languages, and each of those pages contain translations into many different languages. For example, the English Wiktionary has an entry on the German word Abnahme, which is translated to abatement, whose entry lists translations in Finnish, French, German, and other languages. The entry on abatement also links to the abatement entry at the Italian Wiktionary, which translates the word as "ribasso."

 – Minh Nguyễn (talk, blog) 03:11, 12 October 2005 (UTC)

I agree with previous author. One can make special chapters for this in the various wikibooks. Links to and from wiktionary can be very useful too. Patio 11:16, 9 November 2005 (UTC)
I'm seconding the Wikibook idea, although the Wikibookers probably won't be very happy that we're dumping another project on them. - Kookykman

The workbook you are talking about is Wiktionary, as already mentioned. The connexion from one language to another in words is not the idea of this project. The primary idea is to create a multilingual and multigramatical gramatic workbook. The dictionary part is normal to be liked out to Wiktionary.

Wiktionary also contains a begining of learning languages. This can be moved to Wikigrammar but is not the primary functionality again. We don't have - as far as I know - a collection of grammars, not even the English one in one place, structurated by chapters (like in school) which can help us. I will (I don't know when I have time) try to start an example of what I mean by creating the structure of one language's grammar.

Why not at Wikibooks? It's simple... this cannot be like a book in which in one page is presented all to the reader. Every thing must have it's own page (adjective, noun, etc.) which can treate in good manner that problem. How about a 5000 characters long page about Masculine gender. This can be useful! -Romihaitza 18:51, 23 October 2005 (UTC)

Is there anyone interested in giving a hand on setting up this demo? -Romihaitza 14:17, 1 November 2005 (UTC)

I think this project should be concerned with the rules and wiktionary with the words of every one language. The rules need another approach of describing... for example, making comparisons between grammatical functions of languages easier. Thumbs up for this one!! Though, the proposition needs a lot of work and, foremost, debate. —Æ 01:19, 5 January 2006 (UTC)

Picking up on the point made by the previous author, as a teacher of English in Japan, I feel that one thing that seems to be lacking (perhaps only in languages other than English) are "transformational grammars", or "intersubjective grammars". That is to say attempts to describe the grammar of another language as a morph or transformation of "L1," the language of the learner. From the point of view of a grammarian, any such attempt is bound to introduce distortion of "L2," the language under study. So there is a tendency to attempt to describe grammar independently, as grammar-qua-grammar, for any particularly language. But, for a language learner, the most important thing that they need to know is how to comprehend the new grammar. There are those that will argue that the best way to learn the new grammar is to attempt to learn it afresh, but from my point of view, it is at least also valuable to teach the new grammar as simply a "morph" or "transformation" of the grammar that the learner already knows.
For example, in Japanese language grammars of English, the words for "preposition" (zenchishi = before-placed-words) do not correspond to any term in Japanese grammar. Hence reading a grammar of English in Japanese, one may gain the impression that English has parts of speech that are absent in Japanese. This is because the parts of speech that (loosely) correspond to English prepositions are called "joshi" (help-words). In order to describe English grammar objectively, and with the least distortion it is probably a good idea to refer to prepositions by a different term, since they do have systematic differences. For a start, Japanese preposition-like-words ("joshi") are placed after the words that they modify. So I suggest, in a transformational grammar from the point of view of an anglophone, it would be a good idea to call Japanese "joshi" "postpositions." Likewise, from the point of view of a Japanese language speaker, it would be a good idea to call English prepositions "(pre-positioned-)joshi" to draw attention to the fact that they are like the joshi that exist in Japanese. I am sure that there is a place both for attempts to describe grammar objectively, AND to describe the grammar of other languages in terms of the grammar of other languages inter-subjectively. I think that cooperative nature of Wikimedia presents the possibility of providing more in the way of translational grammars such as "English Grammar from the Point of view of French" or "English Grammar from the point of view of Japanese." Of course this means that there would need to be many tranlslational grammars. TG = N * (N-1). where N is the number of languages. --Tim 10:36, 5 January 2006 (UTC)
Responding to myself, upon reflection, the debate regarding the merit of objectivity and intersubjectivity relates to the definition of NPOV. The consensus seems to be that the so called "neutral point of view" does not exist, there is merely the attempt to point out all points of view. If so, then also regarding grammars, perhaps all grammars are in a sense transformational grammars.--Tim 10:52, 5 January 2006 (UTC)
  • This is what Wikibooks is for. Those interested in helping create grammar books on all languages, just go there and start working on them. It's a great idea and we already have a place for it. - Taxman 13:27, 31 March 2006 (UTC)


Demo site: Wikicities:c:Translation

  • Comments
    • Er, Wikisource is already doing this and now that it is going to be slit up will be able to do this even better than it was before. --Daniel Mayer 19:42, 11 August 2005 (UTC)
    • It must be like an encyclopedia, with variations, expressions, idioms, figurate sense, metaphorical expressions, slang words, context using, word frequency in langage, pictures,..not just a word list...Patrick Bouge
    • Where can we post suggestions for names? 19:35, 31 January 2006 (UTC)


Link to proposal on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Wikikernel; Wikincubator; Wikiseed; Wikimedia New Projects
Domain name (or whatever the name has been selected)
People interested joining
Relevant links
  • This is an idea that has been kicking around for some time in one form or another. I'm starting this here to finally get this going and to see that a new project incubator is actually established. More to the point, rather than waiting for the board to establish the rules for a project like this, to instead explore what sorts of policies might be used to help provide a place for realistic new project suggestions to start up without having to "wait" for formal board action. A formal vote to accept this proposal will be made at some time in the not too distant future. --Roberth 17:33, 18 March 2006 (UTC)
One Encyclopedia Per Child mainly in Simple English[edit]
  • Link to request on mailing list: x
  • Naming suggestions: OEPC (One Encyclopedia Per Child)
  • Domain name: (state of registration: Please reserve and open the subdirectory)
    • Comment: Wouldn't this be better as a subdirectory of the Simple English Wikipedia (i.e. Thryduulf (en,commons) 01:04, 15 March 2006 (UTC)
    • Reply to comment: No, because when OEPC editors fail to find an entry in Simple English, they will fall back on using an ("advanced") entry from the english wikipedia. The entry is then bolded to indicate that it is intended for the bold :-) or advanced child. Metame 07:21, 15 March 2006 (UTC)
    • Comment: Why English? Aren't local languages better as many children who will receive a Negroponte-Laptop cannot read English?
    • Reply to comment: The English version is the prototype. Spanish etc can certainly follow.
  • Scope: The aim of this project is the production of a small corpus in Simple English, called the One Encyclopedia Per Child (OEPC), suitable for ultimate downloading to the One Laptop Per Child.
  • Details: page where the project is thoroughly explained: w:Wikipedia:One_Encyclopedia_Per_Child
  • Proposer: Dr. Ian Geoffrey Kennedy - user page: User:Ian_Geoffrey_Kennedy and email i.kennedy AT ee DOT wits DOT ac DOT za
  • Prototype has been documented. See Frame 1 in [24]
  • People interested joining:


This ties into the general mission of the Wikimedia Foundation to bring knowledge to every single human being on the planet and should probably be coordinated with the newly formed Special projects committee. I disagree that children should be served a "dumbed down" version of Wikipedia content whenever available, but I do agree that an offline reader application which is used to access content should support different reading levels. Content from the Simple English Wikipedia could then be shown at "Beginner Level" when available.

Now, if you want to work with the OLPC project, you first have to understand that the specifications of the laptop include neither a harddisk nor a DVD drive. Therefore, the laptop will only be useful to access the online version of Wikimedia content. So your "new project" essentially boils down to raising awareness of and making sure that and articles are well-connected (and possibly presenting the connections between them in a different way).

Now, one interesting project would be to try to set up "Wikipedia stations", essentially about $500-$1000 machines that would include a full copy of Wikipedia (including images) on a fat harddrive, as well as wireless access points, but no actual connection to the Internet. These machines could be strategically positioned in secure places (shopping malls etc.) to allow OLPC users free access to Wikipedia content without access to the Internet as a whole. Possibly the Widernet eGranary project could be combined with such an effort.

But the most important task would surely be to get a DVD version of the English Wikipedia ready. Here, the most obvious collaboration would be with Directmedia, the German company which has made the German Wikipedia DVD and with some prodding (and co-marketing) could perhaps be persuaded to release the source code to their reader application.--Eloquence 18:56, 21 March 2006 (UTC)

Reply to comments

The OEPC is not dumbed down. It is accessible and also has advanced entries. The prototype showed that with few exceptions, material for the desired entries is available at one of the two levels, based entirely on current entries in the Simple English Wikipedia and "DOT en DOT wiki DOT org". A third, starter level could very usefully be included to capture the interests of the very beginner if it has a high (50%) graphic content (assuming that we are talking about a printed proof page). This could be labeled "My first encyclopedia". It can include a graphical A-B-C to get the unschooled child going. If creative commons material is available elsewhere, the OLPC can certainly use that. For example, the A-B-C from Project Gutenberg might be suitable (although it is not coloured).

So that an off-the-shelf reader (Firefox) can be used and also to encourage further exploration where the Web is available, we allow any child to access any reading level. We just need a convention (such as bolding) to warn the adventurous reader that the advanced material might be tough to read, but the rewards could be great.

In general, the targetted children are from developing countries or rural and poor communities. They will not have dial-up or any other Web access from home, but may be lucky to have the ability to download from the Web via the One Laptop Per Teacher at school. The OLPC will be have 1/2 Gigabyte of flash memory and sometimes be networked to the Web at school, from where downloads can be made. Not all of the 1/2 Gigabyte of flash memory will be available for "user data", because the startup program, operating and filing system, and "application programs" such as Firefox, compression software and the ad hoc networking software will all need part of the memory budget to make a functional computer. For example, my full (Windows) Firefox program folder is 19.2 Megabytes.

The prototype OEPC entries ranging from A to Aborigines take up 2.7 Megabytes. This is about 1 Megabyte when zipped. (We are assuming that the file can be uncompressed from the flash memory to the full 1/2 Gigabyte of RAM memory). Since the prototype contains about 1/500th of the desirable entries, all of the desirable entries will take an estimated 500 Megabyte when compressed, and will thus just fit without paging. If other programs are present in RAM, then parts of the OEPC will have to be uncompressed and paged in and out as driven by the child's browsing.

When other subjects are being studied (numeracy, art, music etc.) the OEPC can be flushed out of flash memory for that day, and replenished on a later visit to school. In a way, the child can "book out" a full copy of the OLPC as needed. The OLPC becomes an OEPC for the day, or the weekend.

Another approach would be to only use entries from the Simple English Wikipedia. This would avoid the need for compression, paging and flushing. In this case, the OEPC is merely an off-line copy of all desirable entries from the Simple English Wikipedia.

Well-connectedness of links in the OEPC is extremely useful in hooking the child's curiosity and satisfying the craving for more knowledge. Sadly, we cannot guarantee connectivity with the Web, and even a possible connection at the school may be expensive or dicey. Thus links should rather be internal (and be to the point) than to the Web (and be all-explanatory).

The major work required will be to sort out links into two categories: those that point to part of the corpus (OEPC) and those that were deemed by the editorial volunteers to be of lesser importance, and therefore only available in the on-line Wikipedias. These two categories of links will have to be tagged (using a program?) so that the child's expectations are not continually dashed. The outward, angled arrow currently used in Wikipedia to point to Web sites is a working and adequate device to distinguish the categories.

There are also four categories of internal links in the OEPC: Links from

        • simple to simple;
        • simple to advanced;
        • advanced to simple;
        • advanced to advanced.

Bold links are a simple convention which can easily be used to indicate links to the advanced entries.

The "wikipedia station" is like the successful "hole-in-the-wall" project in India, and certainly would be a useful contribution to improving literacy and knowledge among unschooled children.

The Wikipedia v1.0 on DVD will be a major contribution to education in urban and richer communities and to secondary classes.

I am not clear why the rendered (HTML) version of Wikipedia cannot be put on the DVD? That way, any browser e.g. Firefox can be used directly as a reader. Metame 05:25, 28 March 2006 (UTC)

Proposal for $wgSpamRegex User Interface extension[edit]

Proposal moved to: Spam Filter Project

  • Naming suggestions: WikiGlobalFS
  • Scope: storage backend for notes, homepages, fast information exchange, discussion, wiki pages, news, bug reports, file exchange, email, and much, much, really much more...
  • Idea: the idea is based on two recognitions: first, that all distributed filesystems to date seem to rely on central servers to ensure a globally consistent structure (ie. locking and atomic operations). In the creative context and on a global scale there is usually no use for such an enforced consistency! Concurrent modifications of the same file result in two derivatives. Since both link to the same parent file, the problem can be handled asynchronuously, ie. later. Second, large parts of the web have a relational structure which could possibly be generalized in much nicer ways to provide more flexibility in the interactions between the users.
  • Details: Think about wikis, about typical private homepages, blogs, bug reports, small pieces of information, notes, discussion forums. Think of websites on which you cannot directly put a comment. Think of guest books. What have all these things in common? Pointers and data. The web as it is today is bad. It is bad because it is not really interactive. Wikis are interactive. But one must agree with community and only data relevant for the public may be stored. And it is limited to a specific task only. I want my homepage editable instantly and not by opening a text editor and uploading/downloading the files. I want to comment on pages where I am not allowed by the owner. This can be done by installing some public indexing servers which register your pointers to and from other documents in the GlobalFS and to conventional URLs. The GlobalFS could also provide a vault for your personal information. It could replicate your documents among your personal GlobalFS servers and thereby autmatically create backups -- so there is another task efficiently eliminated. One could also just click on a document and it gets public and registered on a server. Another click on a foreign document could 'subscribe' to it and keep a copy in your local cache. Copyrights could be automatically implemented, ie. licenses which prohibit redistribution could get respected by the GlobalFS, ie. locally cached data would not get redistributed to others. Now think of your personal information storage: do you like the hierarchical filesystem? I don't. It enforces a singluar structure which is in no way optimal. A referenced GlobalFS would let you link all sorts of documents against each other in all sorts of ways as it would be possible to give the links special meanings ("reply to a post", "comment", "warning", "bug", "manual", "derived from", ...). Or do you often look up references in scientific documents? The GlobalFS would allow to implement such references as links to the and prola documents and so on: so browsing a document from or a citation entry from a citation server could automatically display all relevant links on the bottom of your browser or on the desktop without the need of the authors' cooperation -- that of course depends on how you integrate the GlobalFS. Or think of application support: when you start a specific app, the GlobalFS client could look for references to newer versions and even look up in bug databases and display relevant information on your desktop.
  • More details: There would also be a great flexibility. Think of a new Wikipedia. Let us factorize content administration and content creation: users take existing articles, rewrite them or create new ones. Then they link it against official Wikipedia articles. The Wikipedia user then has the choice to read alternative articles and comments. One could even attach discussion threads which are essentially only text documents referencing each other by using appropriate links expressing a "is a reply to" relationship! The Wikipedia administrator would then check the quality of content and give good contents a quality rating or an official signature. So, in the end, Wikipedia would basically consist of three parts: the external content vault provided by the content producers, the content caching on the Wikipedia servers for content authorized by admins, and the quality assurement by the admins themselves. That does not have to imply that the Wikipedia gets closed: the GlobalFS solution is of course independent of your publishing policy. If you choose to trust each derivation of an officially signed Wikipedia page, you are free to do so. That would resemble the current situation -- but not entirely because users would be free to link into Wikipedia their own versions without requiring the consent of others. Those, who browse Wikipedia without a GlobalFS extension would only see Wikipedia like it is now. The others would have the possibility to look up additional versions of each page which have been rejected by the community.
  • Even more details: I think the current implementation of Wikipedia is not generic enough, too heavily concentrating on community consent, and could by using a suitable (simple!) technology merge the whole web into something like a vast storage vault which is tightly interlinked and allows all sorts of authorities providing quality information which the user may use or may not use on his own will. It would give the user more control and would take some control away from the community and local admins. It would be another step towards a free information-sharing internet platform spanning the whole world and which is only controlled by one person: the user. It finally would also remove the information storage barrier enforced by locally administrated websites etc.
  • Proposer: Cinquero
  • People interested in joining:
  • Relevant links:


  • Using RDF would be a great idea here, according to me. --Vincent 13:50, 12 February 2006 (UTC)

  • Link to request on mailing list: (None yet)
  • Naming suggestions: Wikilists
  • Domain name: (None yet)
  • Scope: A collective of lists with inter-wiki referencing
  • Details: Wikilists
  • Proposer Jmax
  • People interested joining: (None yet)
Stand-alone WikiEditor[edit]

Easy Free Open source Stand alone application like Yahoo SiteBuilder or Microsoft Frontpage for editing and upload article using wiki Markup Language

Comment: [Found this stranded up in the title, with no metainfo =)]

Comment: [Apologies if this is elsewhere, my goal was to get it off the title, without throwing it away]

Comment: Perhaps a MSWord/OpenOffice Template would work.


export EDITOR=kwrite (or any other editor)
w3m ""
see also the WikiSuite proposal for something more elegant...
-- Sloyment 08:05, 15 November 2005 (UTC)
  • I want one perhaps it ought to be able to zip all nessicary files for a single article with images and templates to a standard wikimedia file format which the mediawiki software could be modified to recognize or something --Nerd42 01:44, 6 January 2006 (UTC)
  • Did the user who proposed this read the new project proposal? This new project is not a wiki with "a new type of content", so it does not belong at this page. --Kernigh 22:05, 13 January 2006 (UTC)
  • Link to request on mailing list: N/A
  • Naming suggestions: Wikibrains, Wikiplex
  • Domain name: <lang>, <lang>
  • Scope: This brain mapping wiki is intended to offer to the wiki users the means to associate their interests with the information posted in the various wiki projects. It will work as an online bookmark system to the casual wiki user, and as an advanced management tool for the wiki contributors.
  • Details: Wikibrains
  • Proposer: Robert Panduru
  • People interested joining: N/A
  • Relevant links:
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: Not yet posted
  • Naming suggestions:
    • Mediator (from Mediawiki Editor) - boring...
    • wikeditor (wikedit seems to be used already by a wiki system called twiki)
    • feel free to come up with names that sound more interesting...
  • Domain name: n.A.
  • Scope:
    • External, simple wiki viewer/editor.
    • Runs on remote host and connects to wikis to retrieve or send information.
  • Details: WikiSuite
  • Proposer: Marius Treitz
  • People interested joining:
    • None
  • Comments:
    • This is the wrong page for proposing this project! See New project policy... this page is if you want to propose that Wikimedia Foundation host a new wiki. --Kernigh 00:21, 28 December 2005 (UTC)
  • Link to request on mailing list: [25] [26]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikilabs
  • Domain name:,,,
  • Scope: Wikimedia's playground for new ideas; an umbrella for the early development of approved Wikimedia Foundation project proposals.
  • Details: Wikilabs
  • Proposer: Christiaan and +sj+ 18:08, 22 jan 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
    • sounds a lot like Google Labs. good idea - Lewis1350 (talk | @) 22:04, 2005 Feb 20 (UTC)
    • Me likey! Messedrocker 23:03, 19 May 2005 (UTC)
    • I really like it. It could show off some great technology. Mysekurity 04:36, 19 October 2005 (UTC)
  • Comments:
    • This would make Wikimedia Foundation into a WikiFarm, which it probably does not want to be. If you have a new idea, I suggest looking at the list of WikiFarms and starting a new wiki for it. --Kernigh 23:51, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
Wiki revolution[edit]
Link to proposal on mailing list
none yet
Naming suggestions
wiki revolution ...
Domain name
No need, on wikimedia or wikibooks website like mediawiki users manual see [[27]]
write a book on wiki phenomenal
User:alex35 - France
Potential supporters
Relevant links
    • I do not understand what this project is about. Could you please explain it more throughout? --Lhademmor 09:29, 15 March 2006 (UTC)
Closure of September 11 Wiki[edit]

Discussion has been moved to Proposals for closing projects.

CDT: Lets Make a Map of Wikipedia[edit]
Link to proposal on mailing list
CDT stands for Context Driven Topologies, an open source system of mathematical mapping, audio-visual presentation, and data structures to serve as a bridge between interactive thinking communities like Wikipedia, large scale digital collections and archives, and everyone with a computer.
Deborah MacPherson
People interested joining
Relevant links
    • Wait, so, this would be like a map of Wikipedia, linking one page to another in different areas? As in, i could make a map that contains links to all, lets say, movie directors, and show where they are in what genre of movie they generally make (as in Sci-Fi is at top middle, Action is top left, Horror is top right, then Romance is bottom center, etc. and then chart out a point for each director's movies)? Or is this something different alltogether. I.E. I don't really understand this... --Quadraxis 00:50, 23 October 2005 (UTC)


  • Link to proposal on mailing list: [29]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikidata - Free Databases
  • Domain (registered)
  • Scope:covers all types structured data - movies, books, ships, airplanes, chemical elements ...
  • Details: Wikidata
  • Proposer:Eloquence
  • People interested joining:
    • Eloquence
    • Img Could be very interesting in providing common data for all wikipedia projects. Currently, different wikipeidas have often different informations on a given subject (i.e. the Population of Ireland). By using variables from databases instead of rough numbers, it could help harmonize all wikipedia projects and stenghten their overall reliability, while providing better accuracy.
    • GerardM
    • Aphaia
    • RobKohr
    • AaronSw
    • User:Yongliu
    • bpt
    • User:Centroles
    • Harshmellow
    • Merlin of Eragon
    • SV
    • Ahamay: Great Idea - this will be part of the next wiki generation and could include all other data-bases wikis like WikiScores or WikiSpecies!
    • Greudin
    • Lewis1350
    • Jleybov
    • Abdull: great source for information like alphabetisation figures, employment statistics etc. Shouldn't be limited to web access, should be accessible from software via regular sql queries, too
    • Jacoplane
    • Martinman11
    • --Quasipalm 14:57, 3 August 2005 (UTC) this is a great idea and is sorely needed
    • Roberth 20:44, 5 August 2005 (UTC)
    • Deprifry
    • Mthridates: finding actual data for things like historical GDP, government budgets and whatnot takes up a lot of my time. This would be good.
    • Nyarlathotep Could be good.
    • tumaini99 Excellent. I was thinking of something like wikiographies instead of bibliographies, but this incorporates it.
    • Bkwillwm I was thinking of something like this.. I do a lot of work with social science data, so I was thinking of it from that end. If one person could upload, eg, GDP for the US and another person savings rate and a table could be easily queried, it'd be INCREDIBLE.
    • MovGP0 Great Idea - this technique can provide a common base for most of the others ideas posted here and can put some of them even aside. Also the Quality of many articles will raise by providing common Templates a User will need to follow - rather than developing another scheme for each article.
    • Anchjo
    • Nightstallion (?)
    • Totallycrazyman


  • Link to proposal on mailing list: n/a
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: a website for open-exegesis (commentaries) of various holy texts from all religions (bible, quran, bhagavvad gita, etc). further development of wikibible, to include all other religious texts. The entries can be separated according to verses. All historical text should be available from as old as possible to trace its development. This website goal is not to change or alter the holy text, more focused on sharing on different interpretation and commentaries of the verses.
  • Comment: Commentaries? They might be a little hard to do in a Wiki format. A priest might put up his interpretation of a section of the Bible, but then I, even if from the same religion, could have a totally different interpretation. Can I change his interpretation of the Bible, to be the Protestant interpretation? Can a Muslim, a Sikh, or a Jew come in and change the interpretation? If you may only interpret your own religion's texts, how do we proven someone is from a particular religion? Are radical interpretations of scripture allowed? It all just seems to be a touchy subject. -- user:Zanimum
  • Naming suggestions: WikiDesign, WikiEmergency, WikiNow
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Beyond knowledge building... into the area of open collaborative specification.
  • Details: WikiNow There have been talks regarding the accuracy of wikipedia, while I agree most errors on wikis are shallow, another way of looking at the inherent nature of online "democratic" collaboration is to see it for what it can do best. We don't want creative facts. But how about creative wishes. Building up specifications and public wish lists takes imagination and will; bridging Wikipedia and Creative Commons to turn ideas into reality, and getting results quickly for first priority issues --- turning patents into design of first aid kits, sos devices, products that has the potential to save thousands of lives and minimize the devastation of natural disasters. Write down your ideas and let others add to them. For example, what do you think about the effectiveness of video security systems and emergency call buttons?
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: not available yet
  • Naming suggestions: Wikireview, Wikipinions
  • Domain name:,
  • Scope: People reviewing generally anything, whether it be books, computer games, music, or any of the like. Possibly help people in making decisions based on people's experience.
  • Details: Wikireview
  • Proposer: Messedrocker
  • People interested joining:
    • Technogiddo- wonderful idea, this is exactly what wiki comunities need. The sooner we have a wikireview up and runing the better!
    • Jonathan Kovaciny - I think Wikipinions would be a popular wiki site. Like but better.
    • Garrett 03:13, 18 September 2005 (UTC) It could become just like epinions--except the crappy/biased reviews could be fixed! Garrett 03:13, 18 September 2005 (UTC)
    • Ryan Norton T | @ | C 22:54, 25 September 2005 (UTC) -- Sounds neat!
  • Comments:
    • This would not work, because New project policy requires a neutral point of view: "A collaborative opinion website is probably not a good idea." I suggest looking at the list of WikiFarms for a place to start your wiki. --Kernigh 23:57, 27 December 2005 (UTC)
    • M. Stern - I like this idea, I was thinking of something like this. In response to Kernigh's comment--nothing can be completely neutral. It makes sense to have a reviews section of the site so that opinions on music, movies, etc. does not creep into the articles on them. I have noticed that there are quite a few articles on movies and albums and such, so why not have a link from those Wikipedia articles to user reviews of the item? 05:00, 15 February 2006 (UTC)
Link to request on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Domain name
Currently registered,,
Wikipubs seeks to provide a source for the sharing of information relating to pubs, clubs, bars and festivals throughout the world. It will achieve this by encouraging users to post information, stories, anecdotes and reviews of their local pubs, clubs, bars and festivals. Wikipubs will also encourage discussion on pubs, clubs, bars and festivals between patrons of these establishments. Thus building a database for users to refer to when planning an enjoyable night out.
James mail
Demo Site
Demo site
Naming discussion

Inclusive of political, ethical, scientific, religious, and philosophical controversies.

Naming suggestions
Wikiviews, Wikilogic, Wikibate, Wikebate, Wikipolis, Wikiforum, Wikidebate, Wikithink
Domain name
Collecting, cataloging and developing arguments.
Wikibate (original proposed name)
User:David Bruhn
People interested joining
Relevant links
Wikidea / Wikitheory / Wikipolitics[edit]
Link to request on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Wikidea, Wikitheory, Wikipolitics
Domain name
This will be a wiki for sharing theories, ideas, and insights into how the world works.
User:Vikram Vaka
People interested joining
Relevant links
Wiki Theory[edit]
Naming Suggestions
Wikieory, Wikiory, Wikiry
Domain Name (suggestion)
an open forum to develop and/or disscuss theories on science, politics, series like Harry Potter, etc., as well as discuss government systems, cultural habits, etc.(Wikitution part of Wikieory????)
Merlin of Eragon
People intrested in joining
    • Kraken
    • Ahamay :Great idea! Wikitution should be included here
    • User: Centroles - Brilliant idea
    • This is very similar to the wikibate proposal. User:Colignatus 2005-02-25
Relevant links
Wikiopinions / Wikiexperiences[edit]
Link to proposal on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Wikiopinions, Wikiexperences, Wikomments
Domain name,, ecc.
Giving for every concept or object described in Wikipedia own opinion or personal experience
People interested joining
      • This is very similar to the wikibate proposal: you would not mention an opinion unless it has value for the community. User:Colignatus 2005-02-25
      • I like this idea, there is already alot of this content that can be used on the usenet archives. If the name is still up in the air, its worth saying that this semester im working on a project for my bachelors thesis called "wikipinion". It is an unrelated project, and i havent decided on the name definetly either. so whatever. msg me at wikipedia talk:Spencerk if you'd like.
        • How could the Usenet archives be used? They are copyrighted and not licensed under the GFDL. Superm401 | Talk 06:15, 25 February 2006 (UTC)
Relevant links
Wiki Conspiracy[edit]
Link to proposal on mailing list
Naming suggestions
Wikiconspiracy, ConspiriWiki, Wikspiracy,
Domain name
Ive noticed that people get upset when conspiracy theories leak into regular articles. but some topics have more conspiracy than anything. I think it would be neat to creat a wiki that features conpiracy theories. Then we could keep regular sites clean and still give the full flavorful rich part of our culture known as crazy conspiracy theories spread its wings. plus with peer editing alot of those long ramblings could be rendered coherent. could be fun--Olsdude 01:44, 21 January 2006 (UTC)
--Olsdude 01:44, 21 January 2006 (UTC)
People interested joining
    • --Olsdude 01:44, 21 January 2006 (UTC)


  • Naming suggestions: WikiTronics
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Knowledge base covering the design and construction of electronic devices and boards
  • Details: WikiTronics
  • Proposer: Jan Simons (Sorry, not much time, but I wanted to ask your opinion on this proposal)
  • People interested joining: feel free to add yourself
  • Link to request on mailing list: [31]
  • Naming suggestions: Wikibuilder, Wikiconstruct, Wikiarchitect
  • Domain name:,,, (all available)
  • Scope: Knowledge base covering the design and construction of the built environment
  • Details: Wikibuilder
  • Proposer: Christiaan - 22:08, 17 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
    • techtonik
    • Catherine
    • Merlin of Eragon
    • User:Steverapaport I'd like to help archive this project in a lasting (non-digital) format in case the built environment breaks down, too. (See WikiCapsule)
    • User:Miscreant VERY intersted. Would be a hugely important resource.
    • Sasa Stefanovic
    • Nk
    • Clumsyjedi
    • User:TonyPray What a fantastic chance to capture best practices and have those practices constantly under review! -- 18:23, 21 July 2005 (UTC)
    • Zath42 I work in the highway/heavy filed and would love to provide profestional input.
    • user:lazyquasar This would be an excellent school, department, section, division, etc. at Wikiversity. I am going to add a link there[32] to here. When this project is established the independent public knowledge base of FDL'ed construction expertise will invaluable to various Wikiversity course builders and our student/participant body.
    • Why not expand on this idea into areas other than building? There are many areas of human knowledge that wikipedia does not cover that the wiki you suggest could. Include the entirety of human actions. Making soap, mowing a lawn, butchering a cow, building a computer... the list is endless.
  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: TLDPWiki, LinuxWiki, WinuxDocs, WikinuxDocs, Wikidocs
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: The idea is to extend The Linux Documentation Project, and make it a contribution based information site, much like how Wikipedia is. Allowing documentation to be contributed by all, and helping others to easily figure out and solve Linux-related problems would be extremely useful. I know that many people spend a lot of time looking for information on fixing stuff for Linux, and I would like to provide a central repository for people to contribute how to fix stuff. Installing DNS servers and such can be contributed by several authors, remarking their personal experiences on different systems. I know that after spending countless hours trying to install or fix a problem, it would have been nice for me to find a single page telling how to fix it, rather than looking at strange sites, sites of different language, sites which are designed for functionality presentation, rather than useful presentation. This includes broken links, out of date links, missing files, etc.
  • Details:
  • Proposer: AllyUnion 13:55, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
    • User:Centroles - Brilliant idea. Open source coding through an open website like wikipedia would be brilliant.
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments:
    • The wiki seems to be growing at a fair pace, and it has a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license. A Wikimedia Foundation wiki with the same mission would be a duplication of effort. I would encourage interested parties to contribute to the wiki. It might actually be a good idea to encourage the other sites listed above to merge content, or in the case of the static sites, to wikify their content. There are a number of technical and licensing issues, of course. -- Beland 22:00, 30 May 2005 (UTC)
    • Would we also have a Macwiki, a Windowswiki, an AmigaWiki? Almafeta 10:12, 4 August 2005 (UTC)
    • Why not just make a wikibook on linux? 09:00, 25 September 2005 (UTC) (user:Bawolff I'm not logged in)
      • This is large enough to be its own project :-p. But yes, I do think this could work on Wikibooks, and probably would be better on wikibooks anyway. --Dragontamer 01:16, 26 December 2005 (UTC)
      • Come help with Wikibooks:Guide to UNIX! This is documentation for Unix (mostly Linux and BSD). --Kernigh 00:04, 28 December 2005 (UTC)
Open Source Hardware projects[edit]
  • Naming suggestions: GarageWarrior
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Documentation of and collaboration on open source hardware projects. Open source hardware is anything that can be made where all the relevant information detailing its construction, CAD files, firmware, software, bills of materials, instructions, etc..., are openly available and ideally easily modified (i.e. no proprietary CAD formats).
  • People interested joining:
  • Demo:
  • Comments: WTF is "open source hardware"??? --Lhademmor 09:07, 26 January 2006 (UTC)
  • Comments: Would be an amazing project that if successful would have a huge impact on the world. --Chendy

Science specific reference[edit]


  • Link to proposal on mailing list: (none)
  • Naming suggestions: WikiChem, Wi-Chem-Pedia
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: A chemical database similar to the en:Merck Index.
  • Details: Working title
  • Proposer: User: 00:11, 16 Dec 2004 (UTC), email at veritosproject AT gmail DOT com
  • People interested joining:
    • Good idea, but needs a better working title, WikiChem is kind of hard to pronounce (2 hard k (k and ch) sounds in a row)Lewis1350 (talk | @) 21:56, 2005 Feb 20 (UTC)
    • In favor : I would propose Wikicompound, Wikimol or Wikistry for titles for this project. Lincher 18:08, 21 Mar 2005 (UTC)
    • user:zanimum However, why not just make it part of Wikipedia? This is all encyclopedic content.
    • Support the "Wikistry" name. I think it would be useful beyond the current Wikipedia entries, if not only to encourage people with the correct knowledgebase to contribute to the topic. -- 06:15, 3 Jun 2005 (UTC)
    • --Eloy 12:50, 7 November 2005 (UTC)
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments:
    • All are welcome at en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemicals and at sister projects in other languages. What would this new wiki add? Physchim62 04:12, 17 August 2005 (UTC)
    • It'd be helpful to have a common repository of chemical-physical data about the compounds, to be used in every project about chemicals in the various wikis, such data should be handled and shared similarly as the media files in Commons, The just-above-mentioned "Wikidata" might serve this purpose. --Paginazero 17:07, 24 December 2005 (UTC)
    • This proposal would add nothing that could not be done on Wikipedia. I agree with Physchim62. --Bduke 23:34, 1 April 2006 (UTC)
    • I'm not competent to add, use or comment on this resource, but I'd suggest that WikiChem and Wikicompound are preferable to Wikistry as a title for a chemical Wiki. The -stry is a generic suffix, that doesn't necessarily imply chemistry. Wikistry could just as easily be a Wiki of, say, dentistry. Or artistry. Or some sort of Wiki registry. Or ministry, for that matter. -- 21:25, 30 March 2006 (UTC)


  • Link to proposal on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions:WikiDiabetes
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: Seeing all the complications and all the wrong information around this subject I wonder if some physicians can join with me to bring basic information, to prevent and to delay complications. We can also talk about obesity, hypertension etc. I have this project on my own at my domain, but I want to offer this to you. WikiDiabetes
  • Details: WikiDiabetes
  • Proposer:alanfl
  • People interested joining: Me
  • Relevant links:
  • Comments:
    • Medical information should only be provided by a trained specialist, imho. I think this could be a potentially dangerous project. --Quasipalm 15:05, 3 August 2005 (UTC)
    • All wikipedia sites have the potential for misinformation. I see the problem in reverse. I think the Wiki environment will lack credibility about medical issues. That said, as long as the information is cited and well intentioned, a regular network of contributors should be able to eliminate any problems. -- 11:05, 11 August 2005 (UTC)
    • I think it is a great idea. I have been thinking of a similar Wiki for something else. unsigned comment by unknown user ** PLoS ( an open source journal) for comments by Dan Hoch who is an assistant professor of Neurology, on epilepsy sufferers sharing their Know How. unsigned comment by unknown user
    • There is also the Medical Bookon Wikibooks which is being compiled as I type... but that will probable get swamped by professional opinion rather than what really matters to the individual. Might be best to construct a wiki to suit yourselves. --Aspro 23:27, 11 August 2005 (UTC)
    • There is a new mailing list to discuss this type of project. See [33]. Angela 21:47, 16 September 2005 (UTC)
    • What about a Wikibook on Diabetes? --Quadraxis 01:22, 23 October 2005 (UTC)



A poll for this project is open at Wiki for standards/Vote.

The purpose of this wiki will be to have a place where people involved in or interested in standards can discuss their standards. The creation of this project was suggested at the Language Standards for Global Business conference. Many of the people were interested in actively participating in this project.

It was considered a good idea to have this with the Wikimedia Foundation as it allows for informing effectively with encyclopedic articles in the Wikipedias. When good quality articles have been written these in turn can and will be translated into other languages. Terminology can find its way into Wiktionary. I did point out that many people would find their way to this project, and would want to involve themselves.. This was seen as a challenge but a nice challenge. :)

I will e-mail the people who indicated their intention to actively contribute to this wiki and I expect them to indicate their support. GerardM 16:53, 24 December 2005 (UTC)

Link to discussion(s) on Foundation-l
Domain name
Wikistandards, Wiki for standards
People interested in joining
  1. User:AppleBoy
  2. GerardM
  3. --Sabine 04:25, 26 December 2005 (UTC)
  4. Melbyak 23:23, 27 December 2005 (UTC) This is Alan K. Melby. I am very interested in supporting the standards wiki. My specialty is data exchange standards for translation tools. I would like to see all comments on all language standards available in one place.
  5. Roberth 10:10, 28 December 2005 (UTC) Perhaps this time the proposal will work out with a little more support.
  6. nsallembien 9:22, 30th December 2005 (UTC) Another vote for this Wiki...
  7. ddepalma 03 January 2006 Don DePalma -- The conference in Berlin demonstrated lots of support for centralizing information about language technology and process standards. We need to continue this effort.
  8. kdunne 03 January 2006 Keiran Dunne -- I agree that we need to build upon the Berlin conference and pursue efforts to centralize information about language standards.
  9. jdecamp 03 January 2006 Jennifer DeCamp -- A wiki would help share information and provide better coordination across the many standards efforts, particularly in the language area.
  10. KHarris 03 January 2006 Kim Harris -- We need to use the wiki not only as Standard Central for information on existing language standards or WIP, but also as a foundation for the active creation of new standards and even the consolidation of existing standards in our industry.
  11. keithjmiller 03 January 2006 Keith J. Miller -- A wiki would be useful for sharing information among the many different efforts revolving around standards in HLT.
  12. Lferro 03 January 2006 Lisa Ferro
  13. Peterrey 04 January 2006 -- Peter Reynolds, Lionbridge -- I think this is a great idea and good way to build on the work done at Berlin. I am involved in both XLIFF and Translation Web services at OASIS and I think both committees would be interested.
  14. ThomasL 04 January 2006 -- Especially for tool developers like me a wiki would be a good source for sharing information around HLT. I am focused on forcing XML based technologies around the translation process and terminology tools.
  15. Eloquence 12:07, 4 January 2006 (UTC) - It makes a lot of sense to start with language standards, as few other organizations are so much in need of them as Wikimedia. At the same time, Wikimedia is a neutral organization and as such ideal for providing a space for discussion and shared drafts. As can be seen above, there is interest from key players in the field of language standards, and others will likely follow. It's important to use this momentum.
  16. Æ 01:10, 5 January 2006 (UTC)
  17. User: Alfredo.spagna 11:40, 5 January 2006 - It is important to monitor all standard effords are going on. Expecially in the field of quality standards for translation service providers it is important to focus on one world-wide quality standard. Wikistandards can be a good mónitoring and discussion tool. Alfredo.spagna 09:43, 5 January 2006 (UTC)
  18. User:TexTexin 11:07 5 January 2006 (UTC) - It is clear from the LSGB conference that we need a forum for the integration of the viewpoints and proposals of the people working on language standards. There are many standards and the players are not aware of all of the activities that are ongoing. The work on language and locale identifiers, terminology standards, translation memory and localization interchange, locale content, negotiation, et al. need to be made aware of each other. Linguists, software and web producers, translators, etc. have different views and requirements. As a result, standards developed with one or the other audience in mind neglects the needs of the other audiences. However, all of these groups tend to rely on the standards as if they were designed for all audiences in an integrated fashion. This creates problems. WikiStandards will provide a place for requirements, proposals, and released standards, to be discussed and all parties educated about the needs for all groups. Information can be provided on how the language standards can be made to work together. The librarian, translation, localization, and other industries need a forum like this.
  19. Cspurrier 19:14, 7 January 2006 (UTC)
  20. sasakifelix 01:32, 9 January 2006 (UTC)
  21. --Tony.jewtushenko 19:38, 9 January 2006 (UTC) - I'm OASIS XLIFF TC Chair and participant in Translation Web Services TC, and I would like to participate in this Wiki project.
  22. Sue Ellen Wright 9:47, 2 February 2006 EST -- I use my own full name and no alias. I am chair of the US TAG for ISO TC 37 and terminology chair of the American Translators Association. I am active in creating ASTM standards for translation quality management and co-compiler of the Handbook for Terminology Management. I am not unknown in the area of terminology management and translation and localization studies. Anyone who suspects I'm not for real may try googling me. I am one of a composite webmaster group for the website FOR THE THIRD TIME I am now personally re-adding my name to this list. I can attest that the other names I see in this list are also highly regarded individuals active in the field of translation, localization, knowledge management, and terminology management.
  • First, given the large number of users claiming to support the Wikistandards proposal, I am worried that some of the users in the "support" list are sockpuppets. It is not required, but if you edit Wikimedia wikis, consider adding a link from your user page at Meta to your user page at your most-edited Wikimedia wiki. However, as there is an important need to free the standards, and some supporters for this will probably come from outside Wikimedia (but not being sockpuppets), I would not be surprised if the list above had no sockpuppets.

    Second, New project policy requires neutral point of view. One attempt to write a standard (for wiki or any other topic) using a wiki is Meatball:WikiMarkupStandard. Consider Meatball:WikiMarkupStandard#Free links: there were 11 competing proposals for "free links". When the standard chooses one of these 11 competing proposals, the standard acquires a non-neutral point of view, because some editors will disagree with the result. (Meatball does not require NPOV, but a wiki at Wikimedia would require NPOV.)

    I can suggest one solution: the purpose of the standards will be NPOV, but the standards themselves will not be NPOV. This would be a significant precedent, making Wikistandards the first wiki where pages (not talk or project pages) were sometimes exempt from NPOV. It is up to the Wikimedia Foundation, not some random user like me, to decide when NPOV is necessary. --Kernigh 19:35, 16 January 2006 (UTC)

    • The people in this list are known people. I have met them IRL. They are people who are part of standards organisations GerardM 20:30, 17 January 2006 (UTC)
  • While GerardM may be thinking I am trying to fight him on this proposal, I am not. A Wikimedia project proposal, in order to succeed, must be broad enough to encompass a large variety of opinions on the subject. I am not trying to shoe-horn my previous proposal on this topic to become part of what was proposed here by GerardM, but I do see it as essentially a different approach to the same idea. There is no reason why either this proposal, my proposal, nor the proposal for standards for interwiki development can't all be accomodated by a project like this. As time goes on, I see more and more of a reason to support open and free standards, and feel the Wikimedia community in general has the opportunity to provide a highly visible forum for the creation of these standards. If there is any project that is worthy to be one of the first on a seed or test Wiki to experiment and try out an idea, this should be the one, just to see what standards documents could be started. -- 15:06, 18 January 2006 (UTC)
Trade Standard[edit]
  • Link to proposal on mailing list: [34]
  • Naming suggestions: Trade Standard
  • Domain name:
  • Scope: International Knowledge & Evaluation Platform for Goods, Technology & Trade

!!! a project that can lead the Wikipedia model to the level of global civil governance !!!

  • Details: Trade Standard
  • Proposer: Erik Koopman 18:58, 26 Jan 2005 (UTC)
  • People interested joining:
    • --Oshani 12:58, 18 Apr 2005 (UTC) I already started something like that in Hebrew. I think its a very important project. Eirk, if you would like to try and start something like that out of the WikiMedia site, please E-mail me!
    • User:Centroles - Great altruistic idea.
    • Lucidish Brilliant idea.
  • Relevant links: Trade Label, Work plan and design for an ethic product label and market verification system for food, goods, products and services
  • I suggest that this proposal be closed due to inactivity. Robert Harrison 06:18, 1 April 2006 (UTC)


Common Components[edit]
Intellectual society Powered By Wikimedia[edit]

I fear that most of the leadership in america, for one, has been forfeited to the war mongers and money grubbing land rapers, an idea hit me like a bug hits a windshield when I was driving last night, webspace could be used to organize and unify a group of educated people who wish to push the nation in the right direction. now I think the Wiki-format is perfect for what I wish to accomplish, and that the Intellectual Society could have longterm ramifications into U.S. policy, and once we were able to organize we could one day become a lobbyist force to be reckoned with, as long as we are able to agree on goals, and thats why this endevour is so important, to see if society has any Aristotle's floating aimlessly in to discussion and criticism, but keep it constructive. R.W. Kerin

  • Link to request on mailing list:
  • Naming suggestions: Wikments
  • Domain name: (suggestion)
  • Scope: Free documents created by contributers (Also content-based separation of Wikibooks)
  • Details: Wikments
  • Proposer: PiaCarrot
  • People interested joining:
    • Merlin of Eragon
  • Comments:
    • Not necessary!! unsigned comment by unknown user
    • Wikments explains how to separate guidebooks from textbooks. However, guidebooks are textbooks. Thus, I cannot comprehend this project proposal. --Kernigh 23:54, 27 December 2005 (UTC)

Old proposals[edit]

If you are thinking about making a new proposal, please check to see if a similar idea has been previously proposed.

More proposals can be found on:

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