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Wikimedia LGBT+/Portal

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Wikimedia LGBT+
Drecera :
Wikimedia LGBT+
A User Group to support the LGBT+ community
and represent LGBT+ content
across Wikimedia projects.


Wikimedia LGBT+ és un grup d'usuaris de Wikimedia, anunciat per primer cop el 2012 a Wikimania. El grup d'usuaris Wikimedia LGBT+ es va aprovar pel comité d'afiliacions el setembre del 2014. El grup promou el desenvolupament del contingut dels projectes de Wikimedia d'interès per al col·lectiu LGBT+. Wikimedia LGBT+ és un grup d'usuaris global, intersectorial que dona la benvinguda a gent de totes les races, religions, etnicitats, nacionalitats, orientacions sexuals, identitats de gènere i habilitats.


  1. Encoratjar a les organitzacions culturals LGBT+ a utilitzar els projectes de Wikimedia i adoptar els valors de cultura lliure i accés obert.
  2. Promoure els projectes de Wikimedia com una eina per enfortir les comunitats LGBT+.
  3. Crear i expandir els continguts d'interès de les comunitats LGBT+ als projectes de Wikimedia per incrementar la qualitat d'aquests continguts en tots els idiomes.


  1. Improve the editing experience for all contributors by ensuring that LGBT+ related harassment is dealt with by simple policies in a prompt manner regardless of sexuality.
  2. Ensure that non-discrimination policies related to sexuality, gender, and sex are effective across all Wikimedia projects, and participate in discussions of discrimination of all types.
  3. Provide support networks for the LGBT+ community and allies, including welcoming IRC and VRT support.
  4. Provide a sympathetic appeal mechanism when dispute resolution has failed and a contributor would prefer a self identified LGBT+ mediator or arbitrator to handle their case.
  5. Create a safer environment for LGBT+ readers of Wikimedia projects, with a special interest in improving the experiences of LGBT+ youth on Wikimedia projects.
  6. Build greater community among LGBT+ Wikimedians.
  7. Coordinate cross-wiki efforts among WikiProjects engaged in specific LGBT+ content development.


Wikimedia LGBT+ portarà a terme la seva missió de les següents maneres:

  1. Capacitarà les organitzacions i els individus per tal què puguin contribuir als projectes de Wikimedia.
  2. Crearà, reunirà, processarà i presentarà una sèrie d'indicadors que descriuen l'ús de les estadístiques i qualitat del contingut relacionat amb LGBT+ als projectes de Wikimedia.

While Wikimedia LGBT+ members will always be welcome to contribute content of LGBT+ interest themselves, the scope of the work which the project seeks to complete can only be engaged if many LGBT+ outreach programs all contribute their expertise to developing the content in their fields. The general practice ought to be that any educator of LGBT+ populations anywhere who is performing outreach in any field ought to share their information on Wikimedia projects if any of their target demographic uses the Internet as a source of information. When such an educator recognizes this, then that person ought to be able to contact Wikimedia LGBT+ and get appropriate training to enable them to share their information on Wikimedia platforms.


  • Increased participation and visibility by LGBT+ communities at Wikimedia events, building towards even greater engagement at future Wikimanias.
  • Increased (open) participation by members of the LGBT communities on all Wikimedia projects.
  • Coordination of LGBT+ WikiProjects:
    • GLAM LGBT+ history and culture presentations.
    • Increased quality and depth of LGBT+ articles.
    • Representation of LGBT+ monuments in Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • Guidelines on Outreach for recommending and improving policies across Wikimedia projects:
    • Chapter and WMF safe space policies to cover all events specifically ensuring any complaints of apparent LGBT+ related harassment are dealt with effectively and promptly.
    • Guidance for new LGBT+ editors (and those that edit LGBT+ topics) on how to stay safe and how to find help when things go wrong.
    • Simple guide to responding to LGBT+ related harassment or threats on all Wikimedia projects and IRC.
  • Access to LGBT+ specific help on-wiki, IRC and email (for example, access to LGBT+ identified VRT members via lgbt(_AT_)wikimedia.org).
  • Independent and expert assessment of the Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia Foundation's effectiveness at handling homophobic harassment cases.
  • Commissioned surveys and statistical reporting on LGBT+ participation and perception of editing experience in order to support planned improvements.
  • Model for future minority population based thematic organizations.


Activities associated with Wikimedia LGBT+: