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This page is a translated version of the page InternetArchiveBot/Problem and the translation is 67% complete.

Hierdie robot moet afgesluit word.

The management interface is reporting a 503 error

Wait about an hour and then refresh. If it still does not work, report it on Phabricator.

Die robot eis verkeerdelik dat 'n skakeling dood is.

Die robot gebruik Engels waar dit nie moet nie.

The bot is using the incorrect date format in templates

  • Modify the bot configuration for your wiki. Make sure your wiki is selected from the dropdown on the top right.
  • Scroll to "Default used date formats". Define one date format per line, using the strftime syntax. The format that is preferred by your wiki should have the prefix @default: in front of it.
  • Scroll to the bottom and submit. If there are still issues, leave a message on User talk:InternetArchiveBot.

The bot is removing a lot of wikitext from pages

The bot often makes maintenance edits to articles in the course of its work. This includes removing redundant citations from articles. Here is an example of that kind of edit. In articles, if a reference has a "name" attribute (such as <ref name="cite1">Wales, 1994</ref>), you only need to provide the text of the citation once, and can use shorthand references after (like <ref name="cite1" />).

In the event something else is happening causing the bot to remove large amounts of wikitext, please leave a message on User talk:InternetArchiveBot.

Ek het die robot vir my wiki geaktifeer, maar dit doen niks

As die robot nog nooit op u wiki gewerk het nie, is dit moontlik die robot nog nie daarvoor opgeset is nie. As u 'n boodskap op ons besprekingsblad los, kan ons werk om die robot vir u wiki op te stel. Ook, as 'n robot vir 'n wiki aangesit is vir die eerste keer, kan dit dae vat vir die eerste wysiging om gemaak te word.

As die robot al op u wiki gewerk het, is dit moontlik dat die robot gedeaktifeer is. As dit gebeur, is dit as gevolg van 'n gogga wat InternetArchiveBot keer om effktief op daardie wiki te werk. Wag asseblief vir diens om na die wiki terug te keer. Maak ook seker die robot nie geblokkeer op u wiki is nie.

Ek moet met die hand 'n domein of URL as lewend of dood stel

Ander goggas of funksie versoeke