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Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Location

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View of Lake Como
Core housing of Esino Lario. Its accommodation capacity goes far beyond its 780 inhabitants.

Esino Lario is a mountain village just above Lake Como, a renowned Italian tourist destination. Immersed in the Grigna mountains, Esino Lario has around 780 inhabitants, and it reaches around 4'000-6'000 presences during the summer. Esino Lario is located in the Province of Lecco, Lombardy Region in the north of Italy, facing Ticino in Switzerland; it is located 100 km from Milan, 40 km from Lecco and 12 km from Varenna. The municipality of Esino Lario, and the near-by municipalities of Perledo, Varenna and Lierna are one administrative unit, and they share commons services.


Eolo equipment on villa Clotilde.
Wikimania Haifa.

As of June 2016, Esino Lario is served by an additional 1 Gb/s line by EOLO, while Telecom Italia installed 4G. Wifi is available in all , most of the accommodation in Esino inferiore/superiore and the main streets.

In the school building, ethernet sockets are available for those who need faster connection, by asking Simone Sala.


Optical fiber reached Esino Lario and was distributed using ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) over existing local telephone network wires. In order to properly serve the conference with connectivity as per required by Wikimedia in the Wikimania Handbook, an ad hoc network has been designed. Such a network responds to Wikimedia core values (e.g. openness, freedom, neutrality). The network will furthermore partly represent the legacy to Esino Lario from Wikimania, thus providing a sustainable telecommunication infrastructure for the people living in the village.


The site-visit of EOLO to define the infrastructure for the connectivity at Wikimania, 4 December 2015. The site-visit was also filmed.

Plan for the distribution of the optical fiber in Esino Lario. The plan is by the Esino Lario City Council in collaboration with EOLO.

Initial plan for Wikimania Esino Lario[edit]

Initial plan for a mash network.
  • We have started the discussion with Telecom Italia – the major Italian communication company – for the technical support to Esino Lario connectivity during Wikimania; presentation of the project to the head of the brand development projects (positive feedback), introduction of the project to the managers; the project will be evaluated in 2015 (according to the company fiscal year plan). Telecom Italia owns and manages the optical fiber reaching Esino Lario. The presence of the optical fiber in Esino Lario is a reassuring asset. Further discussion with Telecom Italia will define the best technical implementation for the connectivity. Other options have been mentioned in the current discussion; the Telecom site-visit and check will allow to select the most appropriate and efficient solution.
  • Under 100 meters, Optical fiber can be distributed using ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) over existing local telephone network wires with good performance. we have identified the position of the buildings according to their distance to the arrival of the optical fiber and the presence of the local telephone network wires https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Kv5M2tciY0n_vh64Ja5-Lx5L7RnGgGhBYVzFaf0UQbI/edit#gid=1240151931[1].
  • This backhaul link can provide Internet access to be shared via an open, free and neutral wireless mesh network. Such serverless network con provide Internet service on the whole territory of Esino Lario (open space, accommodation, restaurants and bars).
  • Single wired/wireless (up to 1Gb) point-to-point links can ensure high quality Internet service in the various venues where the main Wikimania events will be held and it can prevent contention/congestion issues during heavy user demand.

It has been suggested to consider a backup plan in case the connectivity does not respond to the needs of the hackathon[2]; we have contacted the Politecnico di Milano – a university with very good ICT capacities and spaces; in the worst scenario the backup plan is feasible and it guarantees also the implementation of the hackathon, the Wikimania session with the highest connectivity needs.

Done Villa Monastero has been booked and made available thanks to the support of Provincia di Lecco, which is offering all the rooms. Thanks to the support and collaboration with Società Italiana di Fisica, Villa Monastero has access to the GARR network (the high speed network for research) also during Wikimania.

Device Function Unit cost No. of units Total in euro Total in dollars Additional notes
RJ45 Cable (optimized for outdoor use) Distribute Internet connection via wired cables € 50 / 100m 20 € 1.000,00 $ 1.372,49
Cable channel Channels to isolate wired cables from outdoor € 0.6 / 1m 2000 € 1.200,00 $ 1.646,99
Ramped cable protector Protect ethernet cables temporarily installed on public roads 60 30 € 1.800,00 $ 2.470,48
Cable connector Allow linking cables to cover distances > 100m 0,7 30 € 21,00 $ 28,82
Direct access to Internet backhaul (via optical fiber) Provision of direct access to Internet for the duration of the event € 4500 (estimate) 1 € 4.500,00 $ 6.176,21 Estimated cost
UPS Provision of power backup in case of blackout for key devices 250 4 € 1.000,00 $ 1.372,49
Server Small server for local operations (e.g. registration, network backup 2000 € 2.000,00 $ 2.744,98 We can also not use it but we prefer to include it in the budget
Wireless mesh radios Nodes of the mesh network 100 30 € 3.000,00 $ 4.117,47
Point to point 1Gb link among hotspots Provision of high bandwith link among the main venues of the event € 2'000 6 € 12.000,00 $ 16.469,88 Links which are redundant with the cable links. Among those, 3 can be used from the main hub to the sport hall, collaborative space and former cinema; 2 can be used to link Villa Rogo and the industrial area of Bigallo. It is also possible to not use cables for safety reasons (the cost is 2'000 euro per link, with a 10 km range).
Wireless Router (Wireless) Distribution of Internet service across computer networks 200 22 € 4.400,00 $ 6.038,96 Included 6 for the sport hall, 4 for the collaborative space, 3 for the other venues (primary school, museum, city hall and former cinema).
Switch (24 port), unmanaged Connection of devices together on a computer network 100 18 € 1.800,00 $ 2.470,48 Included 3 for the venue
Data center hosting rental Rental of space in a data center (e.g. Moresi) to facilitate the upload of video shot at Wikimania € 4.000,00 $ 5.489,96 Estimated cost not based on pre-invoice
Total € 36.721,00 $ 50.399,21
Contingencies € 3.279,00 $ 4.500,39
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 40.000,00 $ 54.899,60
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37


We designed the event to have the majority of the attendees living and sleeping in Esino Lario. The hosting capacity of Esino Lario is far beyond its 800 inhabitants and it is linked to its touristic economy. The majority of the apartments belong to the people of Esino Lario who rent them; there are few hotels (one of them fully equipped for people with special needs), there are some accommodations structured as dorms and there is space for camping and caravans. All accommodation in Esino Lario is inexpensive and simple; there are no 4 stars hotels, which are available in Varenna (20-40 minutes ride from Esino Lario). The accommodation is managed by Catherine de Senarclens and the team of the Esino Lario tourist office (biographies of the team).

Apartments in Esino Lario[edit]

Accommodation in Esino Lario city centre. One of the building with apartments in Piazza San Giovanni available for Wikimania Esino Lario.
Accommodation in Esino Lario in the woods. One of the houses available for Wikimania Esino Lario.
Last update Number of apartments Location Beds Typology Regular price/person Number of owner
11 March 2014 Almost 70 apartments. Esino Lario 414 beds confirmed Private apartments and houses. Normally rented for the season or per year. Around 60 private owners (including B&B Rainbow House). At the moment we only asked owners of apartments living in Esino Lario[3].

The apartments are quite diverse; the majority are flats and a large number are in Via Adamello, via Dante, via Castagneto and via alle Grigne. There are also some villas which has been made available and one apartment in Villaggio Riva with swimming pool.
Out of the current apartments, there are apartments normally rented to tourists and managed by the Tourist Office (kept vacant for the event); another flats are private homes made especially available for Wikimania international participants. The apartments normally rented to tourists and managed by the Tourist Office are in total 86 (according to the recorded numbers); at the moment around half of them have confirmed availability for Wikimania. Since they are normally rented those apartments do no present particular problems and the owners are used to manage them. The flats and houses made especially available for Wikimania international participants can present some specific situations; some of them have electricity disconnected and some owners provide the apartments but they can not manage the bedding (or - since they provide the apartments for free - we do not want to ask them to manage the beddings). The reimbursement is planned to cover the necessary expenses (i.e. necessary copies of the keys, reinstalling the electricity which is only 32 euro/44 $ - we already checked with the electricity company). For the apartments and houses for which is needed, we will use the reimbursement to cover in a centralized way the costs for bedding and cleaning; in particular we will do it for apartments which are provided to us for free.

In case the bid is successful we will proceed with a specific census of the apartments which will be done by a specific person, visiting the apartments and collecting the following information: address, geographic coordinates, photos to document the status, situation of electricity, situation of hot water (and amount of liters), situation of heating, availability of sheets, covers and towels, necessary to manage the cleaning, bathrooms, number of beds (single, double, condition of the beds), use of the kitchen, use of the laundry, amenities, available keys and necessary keys, emergency numbers, parking, estimated reimbursement and information about the management of the reimbursement.

Dorms in Esino Lario[edit]

Image Accommodation Distance from the venue Size Type Owner
Scout centre / Ristoro 20 minutes walk from the centre. 55 beds, 4 bathrooms inside the building, 1 bathroom outside the building. The dorm is a simple and clean accommodation in building with kitchen, 2 large living rooms and a garden. To provide a comfortable accommodation we will reduce the number of guest per room (at the moment there are 5 rooms with 8 beds). In the summary of the accommodation we have already removed 20 beds (the list includes only 35 beds). Dorm Private rented by a non profit.
Antropos/former-La Colonia 20 minutes walk, trails from the centre. 20 beds (old info online). We do not have confirmation of those beds and at the moment we do not know if this accommodation can be used during Wikimania. In the summary of the accommodation we have removed those 20 beds. Dorm Private
Villa Rogo [1] [2] 20 minutes walk, trails from the centre. 70 beds. Religious catholic structure. Dorm Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere (PIME). Costalevante Srl. A cura di c/o Guglie Viaggi Srl

Hotels in Esino Lario[edit]

Image Accommodation Distance from the venue Size Type Regular price/person Owner
Hotel La Montanina Centre 47 rooms, 75 beds 2 stars hotel 45 € COE Centro Orientamento Educativo, catholic non profit organization.
Hotel Rosa delle Alpi Centre 15 rooms, 25 beds 3 stars hotel 50 € COE Centro Orientamento Educativo, catholic non profit organization.
Hotel Centrale Centre (up) 16 rooms, 24 beds 2 stars hotel 35 € Private.
Hotel La Lucciola 10 minutes ride, trails from the centre 13 rooms, 20 beds. 1 star hotel 38 € Private.
Hotel Santa Maria 15 minutes ride, trails and street from the centre 7 rooms, 19 beds. 1 star hotel 35 € Private.
Hotel Cacciatori 15 minutes ride (Ortanella). 5 rooms. 70 € Private.
Hotel Rifugio Cainallo 15 minutes ride (Cainallo). 23 rooms, 39 beds. 30 € Private.

Accommodation in Perledo[edit]

Below a list of the accommodation available in Perledo; information are collected only on booking.com. We did not yet contacted the villas and apartment owners in Perledo to discuss and negotiate prices and to book rooms.

Accommodation[4] Distance from the venue[5] Size Type Regular price/person Owner
Castello di Vezio - Vezio s.r.l. [3] 15-30 minutes ride 9 houses, 43 beds, 26 sleeping rooms Farm holidays (9 houses) 95 euro per person Private.
I Tre Oleandri Varenna[6] 15-30 minutes ride 1 apartment with 5 beds, 1 sleeping room Apartment Private.
Residenza Luigina[7] 15-30 minutes ride 4 apartments with a total of 16 beds, 4 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
B&B La Cà Noeva[8] 15-30 minutes ride apartment with 6 beds, 3 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Crotto Di Gittana[9] 15-30 minutes ride 2 beds, 1 room Hotel Private.
Villa Michela - Guest House[10] 15-30 minutes ride 3 apartments with a total of 10 beds, 4 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Alla Vigna[11] 15-30 minutes ride 8 apartments with a total of 36 beds, 11 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Vista 180 House Halldis Apartment[12] 15-30 minutes ride Apartment with 6 beds, 2 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Apartments Rossini[13] 15-30 minutes ride 5 apartments with 22 beds, 9 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Vista Bella[14] 15-30 minutes ride Apartment with 6 beds, 2 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Monte Ulivo[15] 15-30 minutes ride Apartment with 7 beds, 3 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Casa Cristina[16] 15-30 minutes ride Apartment with 5 beds, 1 sleeping room (2 levels) Apartment Private.
Alto Perledo[17] 15-30 minutes ride Apartment with 4 beds, 2 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.
Lago Panoramica[18] 15-30 minutes ride Apartment with 5 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Villa Bianca[19] 15-30 minutes ride Villa with 5 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Villa Private.
Alto Perledo Terrazzo[20] 15-30 minutes ride Apartment with 4 beds, 2 sleeping rooms Apartment Private.

Accommodation in Varenna[edit]

Below a list of the accommodation available in Varenna. The price is the maximum indicated on http://www.varennaitaly.com; in general it is the full price for a double room; the information about villas and apartments come from booking.com and other data come from http://www.alberghieturismo.it. We have not yet contacted the hotels in Varenna to discuss and negotiate prices and to book rooms.

Accommodation[21] Distance from the venue[22] Size Type Regular price/person Owner
Villa Monastero [4] 20-40 minutes ride 12 rooms, 20 beds; 4 conference venues, garden. Conference centre with accommodation. 121 euro; 2218 euro for the entire complex. Province of Lecco.
Villa Cipressi [5] 20-40 minutes ride 43 rooms, 97 beds Hotel 4 stars 220 euro. Mainly Varenna city council. Managed by a company.
Hotel Royal Varenna [6] 20-40 minutes ride 43 rooms; 97 beds Hotel 4 stars 220 euro. Private.
Hotel DuLac [7] 20-40 minutes ride 17 rooms; 35 beds Hotel 4 stars 240 euro. Private.
Eremo Gaudio [8] 20-40 minutes ride 11 rooms; 22 beds Hotel 4 stars 125 euro. Private.
Hotel Milano 20-40 minutes ride 8 rooms; 16 beds Hotel 3 stars 160 euro. Private.
Hotel Olivedo [9] 20-40 minutes ride 10 rooms; 20 beds Hotel 3 stars 150 euro. Private.
Hotel Del Sole 20-40 minutes ride 7 rooms; 15 beds Hotel 3 stars 170 euro. Private.
Hotel Montecodeno [10] 20-40 minutes ride 11 rooms; 18 beds Hotel 3 stars 100 euro. Private.
Milano dipendenza - Casa rossa e casa gialla 20-40 minutes ride 4 rooms; 8 beds Hotel 2 stars 185 euro (room in the home). Private.
Hotel Beretta 20-40 minutes ride 10 rooms; 20 beds Hotel 1 stars 80 euro (room in the home). Private.
Villa Torretta[23] 20-40 minutes ride 6 sleeping rooms. Villa Private.
Villa Gioconda[24] 20-40 minutes ride 5 beds, 3 sleeping rooms. Villa Private.
Divina Vita B&B[25] 20-40 minutes ride 2 beds, 1 room. Apartment Private.
Villa Central Varenna[26] 20-40 minutes ride 8 beds, 4 sleeping rooms. Apartment Private.
Casa Mary Varenna[27] 20-40 minutes ride 4 beds, 1 sleeping room. Apartment Private.
Maria's House[28] 20-40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Verdelago Halldis Apartment[29] 20-40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Appartamento Bellaggio[30] 20-40 minutes ride 5 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Villa Al Prato Apartment[31] 20-40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Pino Romantica 20-40 minutes ride 3 beds (no information about sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Casa Varenna[32] 20-40 minutes ride 5 beds (no information about sleeping rooms - from the photos 2 sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Residence Vista D'Oro 2[33] 20-40 minutes ride 8 apartments (looks like there are actually 14 apartments with a total of 24 sleeping rooms). Apartment Private.
Tosca House[34] 20-40 minutes ride 1 sleeping room. Apartment Private.
House Cristina[35] 20-40 minutes ride 5 beds, 1 sleeping room. Apartment Private.
Villa Dolce Fontana[36] 20-40 minutes ride 10 beds (no information about sleeping rooms - from the photos 2 sleeping rooms) Villa Private.
Primo del Lago[37] 20-40 minutes ride 6 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Della Fontana Penthouse[38] 20-40 minutes ride 6 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Bella Varenna[39] 20-40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Bella Fontana[40] 20-40 minutes ride 4 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Casa Sofie e Charlotte[41] 20-40 minutes ride 2 apartments, 10 beds, 4 sleeping rooms. Apartment Private.
Casa Capanno[42] 20-40 minutes ride 3 beds (no information about sleeping rooms) Apartment Private.
Villa Varenna[43] 20-40 minutes ride 5 sleeping rooms. Villa Private.

Crowd management for accommodation[edit]

Last update 12 November 2014.
We expect Esino Lario to be able to accommodate around 700 people. For the apartments, at the moment we asked only owners who live in Esino Lario; we didn't approach apartment owners who do not live in Esino Lario. We expect that - by further asking - the number increases, but after the visits, double check on the apartments, review of rooms (i.e. double beds for single use, reducing the number of beds to arrange convenient accommodation), we expect the total number to remain more or less around 700.
Accommodation in Varenna and Perledo is a relevant option for the event, not only because it can provide further beds but also because it offers a wider range of quality (also with charming 4 stars hotels; the best hotel in Esino Lario has 3 stars). Varenna is around 30 minutes car ride (40 minutes according to regular bus schedules; 20 minutes by car - 12 km) from Esino Lario; Perledo is slightly closer.

Accommodation (status 11 March 2014) Beds
Total beds in apartments in Esino confirmed 414
Total beds in hotels in Esino 219
Total beds in dorms 105[44]
Total beds in Esino Lario 738
Total beds in hotels in Varenna 360[45]
Total beds in villas and apartments in Varenna/Perledo 310[46]
Total beds Esino Lario, Varenna, Perledo 1408


Food makes an event. Wikimania Esino Lario relies first of all on all local restaurants, bars and food shops. The number of seats available is increased during Wikimania by using other buildings made available by different private owners. We have also considered the use of a tensile structure, a catering service, and the involvement of street food vendors (which is quite a big fashionable thing right now). Esino will allow to provide participants with varied and interesting culinary experiences. Tommaso Fara will be our food curator, checking and coordinating the menus (biographies of the team).


The Esino Lario traditional local cuisine is a simple mountain cuisine, based essentially on polenta, potatoes, dairy products, nuts and pork meat, with some specialities such as the ravioli called patole or the simple dessert called "paradell". More broadly the traditional cuisine of Lake Como, Valsassina and Valtellina includes specialities such as fish from the lake (i.e. lavarelli - whitefish, pesce persico - perch) on a white risotto, pizzoccheri and grilled pork (ribs and sausages). The local cuisine is today always mixed with Italian cuisine coming from different regions and which can satisfy also vegetarian (V) and vegan diets (VV) and include meat dishes which do not include pork. We will concentrate on Italian and mountain food for two reasons: because we are in Italy and in the mountain, and because this is the kind of food local providers are more accustomed to preparing.


Breakfast will be provided by hotels, restaurants and bars; we are considering the idea of providing apartments with a welcome box which includes our welcome kit, information about the apartment and the basics to have breakfast. Differently from the Italian tradition, lunch will be a lighter meal than dinner; in Italy we would say that it is mainly focussed on the "primo" (what in Italy is the first course); there will mainly be pasta, pasta and rice salads, salads, vegetables, cheese and bread, and of course fresh fruits. Dinner will be on the "secondo" (what in Italy is the second course or main course); there will be mainly traditional cuisine, meat, soups with beans, stuffed vegetables and of course vegetables and bread, and of course a dessert. Pizza will be available in two restaurants and sandwiches in bars. We will discuss with restaurants and the catering about the menus to make sure there is variety.

We are aware that non-Italians get a little tired of pasta after few days (even if it has different shapes and sauces, people just see it as a lot of pasta pasta pasta), so we would like to allow them to taste some specialties – also vegetarian (V) and vegan (VV), which will be selected according to seasonal-local-available ingredients and the weather – they might not know or they might have experienced differently: for example polenta (VV), pizzoccheri (V), panzanella (VV), zuppe di legumi (VV), minestrone (VV), caprese (V), prosciutto e melone, panettone gastronomico, bluefish (such as sardines, anchovies and mullet) pollo alla cacciatora, vitello tonnato, bruschetta (VV), risotto (V), farinata (VV), focaccia (VV), piadine, tramezzini, gnocchi (VV), ravioli (V), parmigiana (V), fiori di zucca ripeni (V), peperonata (VV), caponata (VV), carciofi alla zudìa (VV), cheese with honey and jams (V), verdure sott'olio (VV), pasta al forno (V); and desserts (of course all vegetarian, and some of them also vegan) such as sorbetti (VV) e gelati, panettone and pandoro, cantucci con il vin santo, panna cotta, tiramisù, gelatine di mele cotogne (VV), semifreddo, granita (VV), torrone, affogato al caffè, zabaione, bunet, panforte, confetti (VV), salame al cioccolato, pesche al vino, gianduiotti, croccante (VV), frutta di pasta di mandorle (VV).

Special diets[edit]

To satisfy different tastes and diet, during Wikimania we will focus broadly on Italian cuisine with a specific attention for vegetarian and vegan food. We will not ask all restaurants to use vegan dairy or to cook specialities from other countries because they are not necessarily accustomed to those menus and ingredients; vegetarian and vegan food is already part of our Mediterranean cuisine and we will focus on it. The restaurants in Esino Lario – and the available food market - is not equipped to produce a properly Kosher food (we are also unable to manage two kitchens for the tensile structure and the catering), but we hope vegan food can maybe provide an adequate compromise. Food will be labelled and one restaurant will focus on specific dietary needs. We can organize without specific problems to have soya milk available. Local cuisine will be served in particular in two specific restaurants.

Restaurants and bars[edit]

Image Restaurant/shop Location Typology Seats Bar Restaurant Pizza Sandwiches Ice cream Drinks Prize range Note
Ristorante La Montanina and Rosa delle Alpi Centre, square area. Restaurant and bar. Around 150. X X box X
Ristorante pizzeria Centrale Centre, garden area. Restaurant and bar. Around 150. X X X X box X
Ristorante pizzeria Oasi Centre, square area. Restaurant and bar. Around 120. X X X X box X
Bar ristorante 58 Villa Clotilde area Restaurant and bar. Around 100 X X X X box X
Ristorante La Lucciola Uphill. Restaurant and bar. Around 100. X X X box X
Ristorante Santa Maria Uphill. Restaurant and bar. 30 (+ large outdoor). X X X box X
Ristorante Cacciatori Ortanella Restaurant and bar. Around 120. X X X box X
Ristorante agriturismo Ortanella Ortanella Restaurant and bar. Around 50. X box X
Ristorante Cainallo Cainallo Restaurant and bar. Around 100. X X X box X
Bar La Sosta Centre, square area. Bar. Around 50. X X box X
Bar Tabaccheria Lisa Centre, square area. Bar. Around 20. X box X
Gelateria da Eli Centre, garden area. Food shop with artisanal ice cream. 2 benches outside. X
Alimentari Virginia Centre, garden area. Food shop. None X X box X
Mini Market Chicco & Nadia Centre, square area. Food shop. None X X box X
Panificio Pietro Pensa Centre, garden area. Food shop with bakery. None X X box X
Catering service. Centre, square area in the tensile structure. Temporary service. 500 seats.
Street Food Centre, church area. Temporary service. None X X X X X
Accommodation with kitchen Esino Lario. DIY solution From 4 to 50 people (a dorm has an equipped kitchen from groups)
Restaurants outside Esino Lario[edit]
Restaurant/shop[47] Location Seats Prize range[48] Note
Al Terrazzo Eremo Gaudio Perledo 40 25 euro
Crotto del Meo Perledo 60 22 euro
Ristorante Del Sole Varenna 120 27,50 euro
Ristorante Il Cavatappi Varenna 20 27,50 euro
Ristorante La Contrada Villa Cipressi Varenna 70 25 euro
Ristorante Cavallino Varenna 40 25 euro
Ristorante Crotto di Pino Varenna 50 35 euro
Ristorante Gourmet Royal Victoria Varenna 300 40 euro
Ristorante Nuova Isola Varenna 30 30 euro
Ristorante La vista Milano Varenna 55 -
Ristorante Olivedo Varenna 40 30 euro
Ristorante Quatro Pass Varenna - 30 euro
Ristorante Victoria Grill Varenna 100 25 euro
Ristorante Varennamonamour Varenna 45 30 euro
Ristorante Moncodeno Varenna 55 22 euro

Crowd management for the food[edit]

The tensile structure with the catering is necessary to manage lunch (this assures that lunch is provided very closed to the location of the venues), but we envision to avoid catering for the evening to provide variety, to limit the costs for participants and to take advantage of the existing restaurants.
We expect to use tickets to manage lunch and dinner. At the moment the hypothesis is to assign lunch seats randomly (except for special diets) and to implement a reservation system for the evening with also thematic dinners planned before the event.

Site Breakfast Lunch Coffee break (always open) Dinner without catering (2 shifts)
Bar Ristorante Centrale 160 150 250
Ristorante albergo La Montanina e Rosa delle Alpi 160 150 250
Bar Oasi 150 120 200
Bar La Ruota 50 50
Bar La Sosta 100 50
Bar Lisa 60 30
Catering in the tensile structure 500 1000 no catering
La Lucciola (also accommodation) 100 100
Santa Maria (also accommodation) 30 30
Villa Rogo-Pime - has kitchen 70
Ristoro - has kitchen 50
Cacciatori 10 70
Cainallo 39 70
Varenna 30 70
Total 1009 1050 1000 1040

Please note that for breakfast there are also some B&B (which are not included above) and we are also considering to use welcome box (managed by the local food shops).

Management of the lunch and coffee breaks[edit]
Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
coffee breaks preconference 500 3 € 5 € 7.500 $ 10.293,67
coffee breaks conference 1.000 3 € 5 € 15.000 $ 20.587,35
catering lunch 500 3 € 22 € 33.000 $ 45.292,17
restaurant lunch (conference and preconference) 500 5 € 10 € 25.000 $ 34.312,25
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 80.500 $ 110.485,45
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37


Forget your toothbrush? Need to buy another plug adaptor? Want to buy some Italian products before leaving? Dont'worry!

Small supermarkets[edit]

Here is a list of the supermarkets in the area. Of course, small and local shops are available as well.

Image name Location distance (km) telephone number open hours Other information Waze link
U2 - UNES 85/89, Via Provinciale
Coordinates: 45.956170°, 9.450495°
9,1 0341 955411
Coordinates: 46.077696°, 9.304905°
9,5 0341 806005 https://www.waze.com/livemap?zoom=17&lat=46.07805&lon=9.30489
A&O 25, Via Provinciale
Coordinates: 45.889758°, 9.421629°
13,5 0341 531117 https://www.waze.com/livemap?zoom=16&lat=45.94794&lon=9.45103
A&O 45, via Parodi
Mandello Del Lario
Coordinates: 45.915437°, 9.322404°
8,8 0341 731644 https://www.waze.com/livemap?zoom=17&lat=45.91615&lon=9.32211
Eurospin 44, Via Statale
Mandello Del Lario
Coordinates: 45.914213°, 9.323144°
9,1 0341 929668 hard discount
.... ....
... .... hard discount

Big supermarkets[edit]

Not found what you were looking for yet? Don't worry, here is a second list of bigger (and more distant) supermarkets!

Image name Location distance (km) telephone number open hours Other information Waze link
Iperal via Forte Fuentes
>20 km ...
Esselunga via Bruno Buozzi 15
>20 km 0341-285791
Bennet - Meridiana Via Amendola, 119

How to reach them[edit]

If you want to organize some travel by car in the area with fellow wikimedians we suggest to use the car pooling websites, especially waze.

Safety and Accessibility[edit]

Esino Lario is a very safe location with extremely low criminality rate, and with an already organized system to manage medical assistance and emergencies. Due to the exceptional number of attendees expected during Wikimania, we are however putting in place a series of steps to assure full safety and risk management.

  • An experienced and specialized person in charge of safety regulations (please refer to team). Venues and the tensile structure need to be managed and equipped according to safety regulations, which in Italy are restrictive.
  • The presence of an ambulance during the entire event and the pharmacy opening hours increased during the event. The ambulance will be an additional presence; there is already in Esino Lario a medical clinic, a pharmacy, an association with trained volunteers (Soccorso Val d'Esino) and a airstrip for helicopters. We already discussed with the City Council about the pharmacy opening hours (the pharmacy is owned by the City Council) and the open hours will be notified in May according to the procedure.
  • Notification of the event at the three nearby hospitals (Lecco, Gravedona, Morbegno), at the provincial Protezione Civile, firefighters and local police station.
  • Insurance for the participants.
  • Excursions in the mountains in collaboration with the Regional Grigne Park. This assures that the excursions in the mountains are accompanied by experienced guides.
  • Guidelines for the participants. A little booklet available before coming to Wikimania Esino Lario, with practical information about cloths, equipment for excursions in the mountains and contacts in case of emergency.
  • A reference person for each venue who can manage the key.
  • Storage space locked and managed by specific teams (in particular the technical team for the equipment).

Health and medical service[edit]

The pharmacy of Esino Lario next to the medical clinic.
Airstrip for helicopters in Bigallo in Esino Lario.

The organization of health security will be managed in compliance with local regulations (D.G.R. n. X/2453, issued 7 October 2014 - Official document in italian)), with an experienced and specialized person in charge (please refer to team).
For general medical necessities in Esino Lario there is a pharmacy owned and managed by the City Council, a medical clinic and a medical car equipped for wheelchair transport and managed by a team of trained volunteers members of the association Soccorso Val d'Esino. The nearest ambulance comes from Bellano and it provides transport to the nearest or most suitable hospital.
In case of a medical emergency, during the day transport is managed by helicopter. In Esino Lario there is a airstrip for helicopters near the city centre (Bigallo) and there are suitable locations for helicopter landing in the territory (notably Ortanella and Cainallo). During Wikimania there will be an ambulance 24/24 available.

  • Pharmacy, Piazza Pietro Pensa, Esino Lario. The pharmacy is located next door to the medical clinic, in the middle of Esino Lario just below the city council building.
  • Medical clinic (ambulatorio medico), Piazza Pietro Pensa, Esino Lario. The medical clinic is located next door to the pharmacy, in the middle of Esino Lario just below the city council building.
  • Doctor on call (servizio di continuità assistenziale - ex-guardia medica). A local phone number which provides assistance when the Medical clinic (ambulatorio medico) is closed.
  • Soccorso Val d'Esino. It is an association of volunteers who intervenes in case of emergencies in Esino Lario or for medical related transport necessities. The association involves trained volunteers in first aid; some of the volunteers are also active in the Red Cross service of Bellano.
  • General emergency number 112. The 112 (emergency telephone number) manages [49], in Lombardy, the emergency centralized system and also the medical emergency system. It provides first advice, it connect to specialized assistance and it manages according to the situation the requests for an ambulance or helicopter. We suggest, also, to download and install the free app 112 where ARE U[50], moreover developed using OpenStreetMap, issued by the A.R.E.U. (Regional Company for Emergency and Urgency of Lombardy).
  • Airstrip for helicopters, Bigallo.
  • Nearest hospitals: Lecco, Gravedona, Morbegno.
  • Specialized structures: Milano. Also the above hospitals have specialized medical assistance in specific areas.


Esino Lario is a mountain village with streets and paths characterized by slopes. Slopes are certainly not the best situation for wheelchairs and for people with difficulties in walking. There is an ascent of 10 m (1.7 % average) between the main venues.[51]

  • Report. The interventions and strategy related to accessibility in Esino Lario has been defined based on the accessibility report by Gabriel Thullen made in May 2015.
  • Transport. The Association Soccorso Val d'Esino has a medical car equipped for the transport of wheelchairs; this car can be used during Wikimania and transport for people with specific needs can be assured using this car from the airport or from Varenna railway station. We also planned to rent 4 small vans (8 seats) which can facilitate displacements.
  • Facilities. The Hotel Rosa delle Alpi is equipped to allow access with wheelchairs, and we will provide accommodation here to guests with specific needs (15 rooms, 25 beds); there are in particular two bathrooms in two main locations of the conference designed to allow access with wheelchairs. A room of Hotel Centrale is fully equipped and organized for guests on a wheelchair.
  • Venues. Not all venues are fully accessible. The sport hall is at the moment only accessible to wheelchairs in the gallery area; 4 rooms of the Primary School out of 7 can be reached though a staircase and the collaborative space (former museum) have few steps to be accessed. Other venues – Villa Clotilde, the multimedia space of the new museum, Theatre of the kindergarten – do not seem to present problems. See the accessibility section of each page for more information.

Done All rooms of the Primary School are now accessible with wheelchairs.

Attendees with specific needs will be invited to provide information on their registration form. Assistance can be organized and we expect that the concentration of people in Esino Lario during Wikimania will also facilitate support. Please do not hesitate to contact us (also privately) for further information and to discuss specific needs; we are more than pleased to facilitate participants and we trust the location will be capable of welcoming everyone.

Insurance and SIAE[edit]

Initially we planned to provide by default a personal insurance to all participants. Due to the different kind of venues (owners and management), we expected a personal insurance to be the most suitable solution, but according to further discussions we are now considering an extension of the Regional Park of Northern Grigna insurance (all the territory of Esino Lario is included in the park and they already have an insurance), or the Esino Lario city council insurance plan, or an extension of insurance of Wikimedia Foundation for events, or a combination and integrations of the two. We will recommend a personal insurance to participants but we have been advised to leave participants to manage their own personal insurance. We estimated the insurance costs based on the individual costs of insurance.

  • The Esino Lario city council has an insurance for theft, fire and liability[52]; the insurance is managed by a company which identifies the best deals with different insurance companies (one contract with several insurance companies). The annual insurance of the Esino Lario city council is around 11'000 euro for all buildings, vehicles and so on. The existing insurance can be extended and we can commission the company to define the best deal; we expect that the amount planned in the budget is largely sufficient to cover our insurance needs.
  • Personal insurance costs (around 10 euro per person) - Europeassistance https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_Qyy_nzLhZEOGx4VE5MVnhoZDg/edit (contract https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_Qyy_nzLhZEbFdtckNJVFk1cUE/edit)
Expense Number Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Personal insurance 1.000 € 10 € 10.000,00 $ 13.724,90
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 10.000,00 $ 13.724,90
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37

We include in this general estimated budget also the costs for licenses (SIAE); we can manage the cost with Pro Loco Esino Lario (they have national agreement with SIAE) and it is 200 euro per 5 days (€ 1.000 - $ 1.372,49)

Cleaning and environmental impact[edit]

The number of people using the meeting rooms during Wikimania Esino Lario go beyond the normal use of these spaces. In general the cleaning of public buildings is managed by a cleaning company hired by the city council or by the local associations in charge of the buildings; private buildings (owned by private owners or associations) are directly managed by them. The cleaning of public spaces and the management of the outdoor bins is operated by the staff of the city council. The municipal waste collection is managed by a company and the waste disposal by a landfill in Valmadrera.[53]

To meet the necessities of Wikimania Esino Lario we planned to increase the cleaning of the meeting rooms by hiring a cleaning company. The number of participants to the event is not expected to produce a particularly relevant increase of the municipal waste collection, compared to annual management of the 4'000-6'000 tourists in Esino Lario during July and August. We have also collected a preinvoice for the installation of chemical toilets (and their specific cleaning) in case it happened to be necessary.

We have already contacted the landfill in Valmadrera SILEA to get information regarding the most suitable disposable materials to be used in particular for meals such as plates, glasses, bottles (the possibility of recycling materials depends on the landfill), and how to properly differentiate them and collect them.

Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Euro Dollars
Cleaning service 3 7 €200 €4.200,00 5241,6
Chemical toilets 4 7 €610 €610,00 761,28
Cleaning of the chemical toilets 4 €336 €1.344,00 1677,312


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  44. This number only includes 35 beds of the Scout centre / Ristoro (which will make the accommodation more comfortable) and it does not include the 20 beds of Antropos/former-La Colonia (since we have no confirmation).
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