Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Team/Volunteers

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The group promoting Wikimania Esino Lario is composed by volunteers. We also had the support of the project manager Giulia Sepe at the beginning of 2014, managed and financed by Wikimedia Italia. The majority of the people involved in Wikimania Esino Lario are volunteers and the event is led by volunteers.

Kinds of volunteers[edit]

  • Promoters group. The promoters group is composed of wikimedians, and other volunteers. We have involved in the team a series of people who have the specific skills to help us in the planning and who can advice with their expertise. Among the team there are volunteers with experience in attending Wikimania and engaged in the Wikimedia movement, there are representatives of associations of Esino Lario and people managing the buildings we will be using, two former mayors of Esino Lario, an engineer with an expertise in infrastructures and safety (the Italian regulation is pretty precise and complex), and – just to provide some examples – an expert in ICT for development with experience in connectivity in rural areas of Sierra Leone in Sub-Saharian Africa, other experts in ICT (servers, hardware, systems), an expert in audio systems, experts in art, cultural events and tourism, a consultant for catering who will be working for our event as food curator. We are also benefitting from the advice of a large group of people: we have informed and met representatives of public administrations at a provincial and regional level, we received a lot of help from the staff of the Esino Lario city council providing us with information and the urban plans to update OpenSteetMap, we received advice from the executive director of the Comunità Montana della Valsassina, Valvarrone, Val d'Esino e Riviera and really a large number of people in Esino Lario has not only supported us by confirming apartments and private meeting rooms but also by suggesting solutions, spaces and contacts. Really a long list of people we need to thank and we hope we can work with further. At the moment people met in Esino Lario during site-visits, meetings and presentations, we have a mailing list in Italian created by Wikimedia Italia and we exchanged by email; for the implementation of the project we will organize the group of promoter in smaller teams to allow people to collaborate and exchange more closely.
  • Volunteers during the event. During the event we expect 300 volunteers to contribute to Wikimania Esino Lario
    • 100-150 volunteers based in Esino Lario.
    • 100 wikimedians mainly from Italy and Switzerland and some international volunteers involved in particular in the program.
    • 50-100 volunteers from Italy not necessarily linked to Wikimedia (i.e. volunteers recruited in local high schools and universities).
  • Volunteer service (before-after the event). We are browsing the possibility of supporting further the involvement of volunteers by creating links with existing volunteer programs (essentially Italian and European). We have contacted two youth organizations who have experience in this field; we don't have jet a conformation of their involvement. Existing volunteer programs can allow us to involve volunteers longer than during the event. this would be an interesting option to have some people contributing to the preparation of the event; we already have accommodation which can be used to host them.