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Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Safety

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Esino Lario is a very safe location with extremely low criminality rate, and with an already organized system to manage medical assistance and emergencies. Due to the exceptional number of attendees expected during Wikimania, we are however putting in place a series of steps to assure full safety and risk management.

  • An experienced and specialized person in charge of safety regulations (please refer to team). Venues and the tensile structure need to be managed and equipped according to safety regulations, which in Italy are restrictive.
  • The presence of an ambulance during the entire event and the pharmacy opening hours increased during the event. The ambulance will be an additional presence; there is already in Esino Lario a medical clinic, a pharmacy, an association with trained volunteers (Soccorso Val d'Esino) and a airstrip for helicopters. We already discussed with the City Council about the pharmacy opening hours (the pharmacy is owned by the City Council) and the open hours will be notified in May according to the procedure.
  • Notification of the event at the three nearby hospitals (Lecco, Gravedona, Morbegno), at the provincial Protezione Civile, firefighters and local police station.
  • Insurance for the participants.
  • Excursions in the mountains in collaboration with the Regional Grigne Park. This assures that the excursions in the mountains are accompanied by experienced guides.
  • Guidelines for the participants. A little booklet available before coming to Wikimania Esino Lario, with practical information about cloths, equipment for excursions in the mountains and contacts in case of emergency.
  • A reference person for each venue who can manage the key.
  • Storage space locked and managed by specific teams (in particular the technical team for the equipment).

Health and medical service

The pharmacy of Esino Lario next to the medical clinic.
Airstrip for helicopters in Bigallo in Esino Lario.

The organization of health security will be managed in compliance with local regulations (D.G.R. n. X/2453, issued 7 October 2014 - Official document in italian)), with an experienced and specialized person in charge (please refer to team).
For general medical necessities in Esino Lario there is a pharmacy owned and managed by the City Council, a medical clinic and a medical car equipped for wheelchair transport and managed by a team of trained volunteers members of the association Soccorso Val d'Esino. The nearest ambulance comes from Bellano and it provides transport to the nearest or most suitable hospital.
In case of a medical emergency, during the day transport is managed by helicopter. In Esino Lario there is a airstrip for helicopters near the city centre (Bigallo) and there are suitable locations for helicopter landing in the territory (notably Ortanella and Cainallo). During Wikimania there will be an ambulance 24/24 available.

  • Pharmacy, Piazza Pietro Pensa, Esino Lario. The pharmacy is located next door to the medical clinic, in the middle of Esino Lario just below the city council building.
  • Medical clinic (ambulatorio medico), Piazza Pietro Pensa, Esino Lario. The medical clinic is located next door to the pharmacy, in the middle of Esino Lario just below the city council building.
  • Doctor on call (servizio di continuità assistenziale - ex-guardia medica). A local phone number which provides assistance when the Medical clinic (ambulatorio medico) is closed.
  • Soccorso Val d'Esino. It is an association of volunteers who intervenes in case of emergencies in Esino Lario or for medical related transport necessities. The association involves trained volunteers in first aid; some of the volunteers are also active in the Red Cross service of Bellano.
  • General emergency number 112. The 112 (emergency telephone number) manages [1], in Lombardy, the emergency centralized system and also the medical emergency system. It provides first advice, it connect to specialized assistance and it manages according to the situation the requests for an ambulance or helicopter. We suggest, also, to download and install the free app 112 where ARE U[2], moreover developed using OpenStreetMap, issued by the A.R.E.U. (Regional Company for Emergency and Urgency of Lombardy).
  • Airstrip for helicopters, Bigallo.
  • Nearest hospitals: Lecco, Gravedona, Morbegno.
  • Specialized structures: Milano. Also the above hospitals have specialized medical assistance in specific areas.



Esino Lario is a mountain village with streets and paths characterized by slopes. Slopes are certainly not the best situation for wheelchairs and for people with difficulties in walking. There is an ascent of 10 m (1.7 % average) between the main venues.[3]

  • Report. The interventions and strategy related to accessibility in Esino Lario has been defined based on the accessibility report by Gabriel Thullen made in May 2015.
  • Transport. The Association Soccorso Val d'Esino has a medical car equipped for the transport of wheelchairs; this car can be used during Wikimania and transport for people with specific needs can be assured using this car from the airport or from Varenna railway station. We also planned to rent 4 small vans (8 seats) which can facilitate displacements.
  • Facilities. The Hotel Rosa delle Alpi is equipped to allow access with wheelchairs, and we will provide accommodation here to guests with specific needs (15 rooms, 25 beds); there are in particular two bathrooms in two main locations of the conference designed to allow access with wheelchairs. A room of Hotel Centrale is fully equipped and organized for guests on a wheelchair.
  • Venues. Not all venues are fully accessible. The sport hall is at the moment only accessible to wheelchairs in the gallery area; 4 rooms of the Primary School out of 7 can be reached though a staircase and the collaborative space (former museum) have few steps to be accessed. Other venues – Villa Clotilde, the multimedia space of the new museum, Theatre of the kindergarten – do not seem to present problems. See the accessibility section of each page for more information.

Done All rooms of the Primary School are now accessible with wheelchairs.

Attendees with specific needs will be invited to provide information on their registration form. Assistance can be organized and we expect that the concentration of people in Esino Lario during Wikimania will also facilitate support. Please do not hesitate to contact us (also privately) for further information and to discuss specific needs; we are more than pleased to facilitate participants and we trust the location will be capable of welcoming everyone.