Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Buildings and rooms

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Below we provide an overview of the buildings and meeting rooms which can be used for Wikimania Esino Lario. The number of people is indicative because it depends on how the space will be used (size of the seats, if we arrange seats around tables, if it is a presentation, if we add a stage or we use the space for discussions...). In general we kept the number of people below the actual capacity of the rooms (Manuel and Deror who visited the site can also provide their feedback) and you can check the links for further details (further images and plans are also available on Wikimedia Commons).

Image Venue Expected use People
Sport hall and multifunctional space Presentations. 600 seats
Tensile structure Presentations or Meetups. 500 seats
Former cinema - Hall Presentations, possible space for the registration. 300 seats
Theatre of the kindergarten Presentations. 100 seats
Meeting Presentations. 100 seats
Primary school
  • Hackathon
  • Training or discussions
25 x 6 + 50 = 200
Former museum - Collaborative space Collaborative space, training, or possible space for the registration (downstairs). 15 x 6 + 24 = 120
Multimedia room - New museum Presentations. 40
Villa Clotilde Office, press office, space for small meetings and interviews. 15 x 3 = 45
Esino Lario town hall Information desk and a small meeting room. 20
Ex-Albergo Italia Space for the volunteers, storage of luggage, possible space for the registration.
Bar Restaurant 58 Meetups. Around 100
Ristorante albergo La Montanina Meetups. Around 150
Ristorante albergo Rosa delle Alpi Meetups. Around 150
Bar Oasi Meetups. Around 120
Ortanella Meetups, thematic dinners, excursions. 4'000
Cainallo Meetups, thematic dinners, excursions. 4'000
Villa Monastero in Varenna
  • Event involving cultural institutions.
  • Board meetings or other meetings of commissions.
Several rooms. Max 88 in the largest, garden
Montecodeno Storage and backup.
Ex-Albergo Grigna Storage and backup.
Ex-Fioravanti Storage and backup.