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Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Trains

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The Varanna-Esino railway station. Pietro Pensa Archive.

From Italy and Europe you can travel to Esino Lario by train through Milan, which is well-connected to Italian and to several European cities. The closes railway station to Esino is called Varenna-Esino (12 km from Esino); from the railway station you can take a bus or a taxi.

The railway station Varenna-Esino is at walking distance from the lake and from the port of Varenna; the building of the railway station is actually located in Perledo and it hosts the Perledo tourist office. There are trains from Milan approximately every hour; direct trains every 2 hours (and every hour at peak hours) leaving from Milan Central Station. The last train from Milan Central Station to Varenna is at 21:20 (arrival at 22:35); the next train is at 6:20 in the morning. The last train from Varenna to Milan Central Station is at 22:21 (arriving at 23:30); the next train is at 5:26 in the morning. Time and prices of trains on Trenitalia website.

From Itinerary Time Price Note
  • Direct trains from Milan (Milano Stazione Centrale) to the station of Varenna-Esino (direction Lecco, Morbegno, Sondrio, Tirano). Trains every 2 hours; h 1:03 ride with regional trains from Milano Stazione Centrale; 6,45 € ticket.
  • Bus from the station of Varenna-Esino to Esino Lario (the bus waits for the train, 2,40 €). The regular bus schedule changes in winter and summer; for WIkimania we have increased busses.
1h 40 minutes. 8,85 € Milano Stazione Centrale has direct trains from
  • Napoli (Rome, Bologna, Florence)
  • Paris
  • Geneva
  • Zurich
  • Basel
  • ...