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The game Esino è un paese in discesa (Downhill Esino Lario) by TooA Francesca Cogni and Donatello De Mattia

Always according to our site-specific approach, instead of organizing one big event per evening, we propose a series of initiatives taking place during the week of the conference. This allows attendees to have a broader choice of activities and it reduces the complexity of managing them. The eventing program is organized in collaboration with local associations and artists, and it takes advantage of the network Esino Lario and Wikimedia Italia has established through time. The curator of the special events is Domenico Barardinelli (biographies of the team). Please note that we included in the estimated costs the payment of the siae license for the days of the conference.

Collaborative space[edit]

The collaborative working space will be open 24/24.

Free as free beer[edit]

We will set a gathering space for the evening. In the estimated budget we included 15'000 euro ($ 20.587,35) for the welcome event; this budget can also be used as following:

Expence liters euro per liter people days Total in euro Total in dollars
Beer evening preconference 30 € 89,06 € 2,97 500 4 € 5.937,33 $ 8.148,93
Beer evening conference 30 € 89,06 € 2,97 1000 3 € 8.906,00 $ 12.223,40
Total € 14.843,33 $ 20.372,33
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 15.000 $ 20.587,35
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37

The workshops in the evening are organized as sort of hands-on training, they are sort of games and they take advantage also of the skills of our keynote speakers and "special guests". Among the possible workshops:

  • Simply in a Box, organized by ImpossibleSites dans la rue (and Giuditta Nelli). A workshop to build and use a pinhole cameras. Giuditta Nelli has already gave her availability.
  • Open Street Map. This is a classic event at Wikimania which it would be nice to organize in collaboration with the Italian Open Street Map group (which is currently associated to Wikimedia Italia).
  • According to the interest, it is possible to ask Massimo Banzi co-founder of Arduino if he can lead a workshop on Arduino.

Some of the possibilities for performances are:

  • Performance with a concert and music by Roberto Paci Dalò. Roberto Paci Dalò has already gave his availability.
  • Performance by Invernomuto. Invernomuto has being commissioned the artwork Culiarsi which belongs to the Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne in Esino Lario. The artwork is composed of a 6-meters theremin; in 2011 the theremin was activated by a falcon, and it included in the performance the meal prepared by the Alpini, a presentation of two Italian champions of bike and motocross and video. Invernomuto also works with music (very broad international interest in music) and it will dj the evening. Invernomuto have already gave their availability.
  • Spot-Concerts. It is a format that has been already organized in other places in Italy. It is quite charming. Little orchestras and musician play one after the other in different spots. The programme tells when the concert starts and ends, but not the locations. People need to listen and follow the music, and by following the music the discover a place.
Video projections[edit]

The theatre of the Kindergarten can be used in the evening for video projections (videos of artists, open license videos, documentaries or films).

Thematic dinners with short evening excursions[edit]

Thematic dinners can be planned before the event and organized in particular in the restaurants of Cainallo and Ortanella (please refer to the session food). With a nice weather Cainallo and Ortanella are particularly enjoyable locations; Cainallo with an impressive view of the Grigna mountains and Ortanella with a beautiful view of Lake Como (in particular from San Pietro in Ortanella, a short 10 minutes walk from the restaurant)