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Esino Lario is located in North of Italy, in the Alps above Lake Como. It is a charming mountain village immerse in a 18,66 kmq green area and in the Northern Grigna Regional Park. Esino Lario is the starting point for excursions in the mountains and visits to naturalistic, panoramic and historical sites in its territory and on Lake Como, Valsassina, Valchiavenna, Valtellina, Brianza, Milano, Ticino in Switzerland.

Wikimania Takes Lake Como[edit]

Wikimania Takes Lake Como is four-days soft program of gatherings and site-seeing designed for early arrivals and for people who want to take advantage of the event to visit and discover Lake Como. Participants will be accommodate in the city of Como, the program will include excursions on the lake, in the Como and Varese area and in Ticino in Switzerland[1]. Como is a relevant location for this pre-conference event for its charme, its convenient distance from Malpensa airport, for its strategic position in between Lake Como, Milan, Province of Como, Province of Lecco, Province of Monza and Brianza, and Ticino. Transport from Como to Esino Lario will be organized by boat and bus. The format of the event relies on the Wikimania Takes Manhattan model and it responds to the need of enlarging the geography of the event and take advantage of Esino Lario location to allow attendees to enjoy and experience other sites and cities[2].

For Wikimania Takes Lake Como we will provide:

  • Information related to accommodation in Como; participants will manage directly their reservation.
  • A soft program of gatherings and site-seeing; participants will be free to join the program and they will have the chance to meet for those gatherings and excursions.
  • The presence of two volunteers organizing and facilitating Wikimania Takes Lake Como.
  • An organized travel by boat and bus to Esino Lario on time for the pre-conference.

Expense Number Days Price Total in euro Total in dollars
Reimbursment for Wikimania Takes Lake Como 2 4 € 100 € 800 $ 1.097,99
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 800 $1.097,99
Currency € 1,00 $1,37249

Esino Lario, excursions and panoramic sites (walking around)[edit]

Lake Como, its villas, botanical gardens and Romanesque architecture[edit]

30 minutes from Esino Lario by bus or car. From Varenna trains to move on the oriental side of the lake and boats to cross the lake.

Moving around: Milan area (moving south), Valchiavenna and Valtellina area (moving north), Ticino and Switzerland[edit]


  1. Please note that excursions in Switzerland might require specific visa.
  2. This specific need emerged in several discussions and during Wikimedia Italia general assembly.