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Coordination of event[edit]

The coordination of the event requires:

  • checking the project status with meetings and calls
  • checking apartments, hotels, dorms, food providers, venues, transport and equipment. This is a task which can be implements directly or with the team in Esino Lario; it is important thought to check that all information is collected and updated.
  • checking the budget and updating it with the administration
  • managing problems
  • updating the websites with the information (to allow all people involved to be aware of the status - on or on meta if information can be publicly shared)
  • producing the necessary reports
  • contributing to the management of the event during Wikimania week.

The management of the participants includes:

  • managing the online registration system
  • supporting the visa process
  • providing support to the participants (accommodation, transport, problems, help desk)
  • contributing to the management of the event during Wikimania week.

The administrative work includes:

  • verifying bills, checking pre-invoices and contracts before the payment and eventually the necessary authorizations, processing payments
  • updating and checking with the management the budget
  • updating the calendar of payments and income (checking and monitoring the cash flow)
  • regularly checking the account (checking and monitoring the cash flow)
  • archiving bills
  • making the financial reports

Compared to other events, Wikimania Esino Lario is organized with many suppliers. Below an estimation of the suppliers and payments.

Estimated providers for area Number
Food 15
Accommodation apartments 70
Accommodation hotels 13
Bills per year for the staff 60
Transport 10
Communication 5
Equipment 12
Venues 12
Total 197

Accounting and bookkeeping[edit]

From an institutional perspective, Wikimania Esino Lario is led by the Ecomuseo delle Grigne (institution of the Esino Lario City Council managed by the Association Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus). The legal responsible and lead for the fundings received from Wikimedia Foundation and for the project “Wikimania Esino Lario - Protagonismo culturale offline e online (Cultural protagonist offline online) supported by Cariplo Foundation is Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus.

In 2016 we have created in Esino Lario a specific association “Associazione Comitato Wikimania Esino Lario 2016” to manage the fundings received through the registration process, the involvement of private owners of apartments, the expenses associated to food and accommodation, the connectivity and the insurances. The association has been established by Carlo Pensa (president of the Association Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus and president of this association), Giacomo Camozzini (former executive director of Comunità montana della Valsassina Valvarrone Val d'Esino e Riviera), Caterina Barindelli, Pia Curti, Giacobbe Barindelli and Serena Nasazzi (Pro Loco Esino Lario). The people involved are specifically experts in administrative work and accountability or representatives of relevant institutions already involved in Wikimania. The necessity of creating a new association is due to the fact that Association Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus is an onlus, a type of Italian non profit association with a series of limitations and specificities; furthermore the organization of Wikimania in Esino Lario is a non profit project, meant to reimburse and provide a service to the people involved in it. After reviewing all possible organizational models, we have been recommended and we have decided to establish an association among all Wikimania attendees which will manage their participation in the event and their contribution to it; committees do not exist any more in Italy according to this year legislation, so an association is the relevant institutional model. The registration cost corresponds to a membership fee plus supplementary fee related to the service received; during the on site registration Wikimania attendees will be asked to sign their registration (please find below all the related documents).

For other institutions involved in Wikimania please refer to Wikimania 2016 website for the full list of institutions and companies supporting Wikimania Esino Lario and please check the procedure "How to credit people and institutions involved in Wikimania Esino Lario" to review how we decided to manage the credits for the institutions involved in the event.