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Esino Lario is connected by bus to Varenna through the public line Bellano-Varenna-Perledo-Esino Lario. Time of the buses on LT Lecco Trasporti website (SAL Servizi Automobilistici Lecchesi S.r.l. - Linea Bellano-Esino Lario D21; info 800.011.840 / Tel. +39 0341.363148). The timetable of buses is organized to wait for the train to arrive (normally trains from Milan). During Wikimania Busses between Varenna and Esino Lario will be increased during Wikimania to meet the needs of the participants.

From To Time Price
Bellano Esino Lario 2.40€
Varenna Esino Lario 40 minutes 2.10€
Perledo Esino Lario 1.70€

According to the local company managing the public transport, the cost of the ride Varenna-Perledo-Esino is 220 euro; the cost of the public service is below the actual cost because supported by the Province of Lecco[1]. The option which appears to be the most convenient is to book a series of busses with 35 seats for the day to have them making round trips. Of course transport can also be managed managed by car/taxi and minibuses. For 35 seats busses a round trip takes approximately 100 minutes (40 minutes to go, 40 minutes to come back and an extra 20 minutes to included).

We expect different kind of flows:

  • a flow associated to arrivals and departures (people based in Italy, participants traveling by train and boat - in particular from Wikimania Takes Lake Como and some participants from Lugano)
  • a flow coming from the railway station (in particular people arriving with direct trains from Milan on saturday and sunday)
  • a regular flow of participants who have their accommodation in Varenna or organizers-volnteers based in the area.

The cost of local transport can be directly paid by users, or it can be fully or partially paid by our budget. We have also estimated the cost for a series of minibuses in case they can be useful during the event for runners or for short rides within Esino Lario. It is relevant to mention that some local city councils own minibuses used for the transport of students; we can ask if these busses can be made available for Wikimania at a reduced cost.

Travel Estimated time for a roundtrip in minutes Estimated roundtrips per day[2] Number of busses Number of people per bus Total displacement of people
Varenna-Esino 100[3] 4 5 35 700
Inside Esino Lario 30[4] 30 4 8 960
Expense Number Days Cost/Unit Total in euro Total in dollars
Buses to intensify the service between Varanna-Esino 5 7 € 450 € 15.750 $ 21.616,72
Minubus 8 places 4 € 400 € 1.600 $ 2.195,98
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 17.350 $ 23.812,70
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37

This hypothesis does not take into consideration normal flows (below 35 or 70 people) but it focuses on the exceptional peaks of Wikimania Esino Lario.

Varenna-Esino Lario Expected participants Wikimania Takes Lake Como Wikimania Takes Lake Como Wikimania Takes Lake Como Wikimania Takes Lake Como Pre-conference Pre-conference Conference Conference Conference Post-conference Post-conference
Organizers Wikimedia 100 50 50 50 25 25
Organizers Esino Lario 100
Organizers Extra 30 30 30
Organizers from the territory 50 25 50 50
Attendees from Italy 50 5 35 10 40 10
Occasional visitors (conference days) 100
Occasional visitors (conference days) 150 30 100 100
Hotel guests in Varenna 53 53 53 53
Expected travelers by train 29 37 24 36 6
Total extra flow Varenna-Esino Lario 633 114 72 168 203 347 71 31
Number of extra rids (considering no cars) 35 3 2 5 6 10 2 1
Number of extra rides (considering cars) 1 1 2 2 2 1 1

An electric car was serving participants in local displacement. The car was offered for Wikimania Esino Lario by a partner company.


  1. Report of the meeting 14 October 2013,
  2. Calculated on a 7 hours day.
  3. 40 minutes to go and 40 minutes to come back; plus 20 minutes stop.
  4. 15 minutes to go and 15 minutes to come back.