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Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Financial plan

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Fundraising for Wikimania Esino Lario 2016 has started.

  •  Confirmed Secured a technical support for communication materials of a value of 3'000-5'000 euro by the company A+E Milano srl.
  •  Declined Secured a support from Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus of 10'000 euro in the frame of the project "Villa Clotilde Expo 2015".
  •  Declined Secured a support from the Esino Lario City Council of 10'000 euro in the frame of the project "Villa Clotilde Expo 2015" (3'000 euro in-kind staff of the tourist office).
  •  Confirmed Secured a support from ODL company of 5'000 euro.
  •  Confirmed Secured support in-kind staff Wikimedia Italia during the event (not included in the budget).
  •  Confirmed Secured support in-kind staff Comunità montana for excursions during the event (not included in the budget).
  •  Declined Requested a support from Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia for 80'000 euro for the renovation of the former cinema which will be used during Wikimania (decision around March 2015).
  •  Confirmed Requested support in-kind staff Wikimedia CH during the event.
  •  Confirmed Presented the pre-project and project (24/12/2014) to Cariplo Foundation with a request of 200'000 euro (decision expected around March 2015).
  •  Declined Started the discussion with Telecom Italia – a major Italian communication company - for the technical support to Esino Lario connectivity during Wikimania.
  •  Declined Started the discussion with a major international lightening company for a technical support to Esino Lario lightening (buildings and outdoor).

It is also important to mention that we are already benefitting from the support of a lot of people. We took advantage of a lot of volunteer work, we had the contribution of Wikimedia Italia to cover the cost of a dedicated person to help us with the planning, we had reduced prices from restaurants, bars, hotels and dorms; people are providing their apartments for a reimbursement; the Esino Lario city council and private owners are providing meeting rooms for free and some apartments owners are also giving us their flats and houses for free. A nice story is a lady that at the very beginning of the planning immediately signed the support to the event, gave her entire beautiful villa in Esino Lario for free, and she also offered to give us 1'000 € / 1'371 $ to support the event[1].

Documentation about the fundraising.

Request to Wikimedia Foundation and support[edit]
Wikimania Esino Lario Grant Agreement
Wikimania Esino Lario Trademark Agreement

We made a request to Wikimedia Foundation of 200'000 euro provided by Wikimedia Foundation to Associazione Amici del Museo delle Grigne Onlus, lead institution of Wikimania Esino Lario 2016.

Wikimedia Foundation grant covered the specific costs of the event. Even if not directly associated to territorial development, the grant from Wikimedia Foundation has supported grant-seeking as a co-funding, with a multiplier effect which created benefits for a broader audience. Furthermore the expenses associated to territorial development relate to connectivity, accessibility and collaborative work.

Wikimedia Foundation has furthermore paid to the Associazione Comitato Wikimania Esino Lario.

  • accommodation, food and transport from and to the airport for the scholarship receipts
  • accommodation and food and transport from and to the airport for Wikimedia Foundation staff (in Esino Lario and at Villa Monastero in Varenna)
  • a partial payment of 2000 $ for a catering costed 2400 euro and requested for IdeaLab.
  • the cost of 4000 euro (- the exact amount needs to be checked) for the badges used during Wikimania, which Wikimedia Foundation agreed to produce but it could not guarantee the delivery on time so we produced them.

Wikimania Foundation has furthermore provided

Planned income from registrations[edit]
See also: Costs/Participants.

We initially planned to make attending Wikimania sessions and events free of charge but for the event we had to charge € 1 to register people also for insurance purposes. Thanks to the registration we were able to properly plan and implement the event, and the registration fee managed lunch but also accommodation and other expenses related to participants (including dinner). This approach had the advantage that scholarships, institutions supporting specific participants (i.e. Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia chapters, university fund) and participants will pay for a cost associated directly to their participation. Differently from other venues in which catering is basically a fixed cost, at Wikimania Esino Lario we took advantage also of restaurants and bars, which allows the cost to be reduced if the number of participants is less. The estimated cost of lunch in the budget corresponded to the planned income from registrations (and it can decrease accordingly); during Wikimania we created different kind of fees according to the number of days and if accommodation and meals were requested.

Expected Income Unit Number Days Euro Dollars
Wikimedia Foundation € 200.321 $250.000
Communication materials sponsor AE Milano € 5.000 $6.240
Contribution Associazione Amici del Museo Grigne (permanent equipment) € 10.000 $12.480
Contribution sponsor ODL € 5.000 $6.240
Participants registration fee € 50 1000 € 50.000 $62.400
Transport from the airport to the venue paid by participants when they register €450 8 3 € 10.800 $13.478[2]
Total income € 281.121 $350.838

Currency exchange 1 euro = $1,248

Confirmed income Euro Managed the the City Council In-kind Total in euro Notes
Wikimedia Foundation 200.000 Funds used specifically for the conference.
Wikimedia Foundation (badges and lanyards) 4.200,22 Reimbursement for the costs of the badges and lanyards.
Cariplo Foundation 190.000 Funds used for a 2-years programme of Wikimedia and cultural activities in the region. Please refer to the full project Wikimania Esino Lario - Protagonismo culturale offline e online.
Lombardy Region (Regione Lombardia) 200.000 300.000 Funds for renovation and accessibility of public buildings and the Varenna-Cortenova street. The funds have been managed by the Esino Lario city council and the Province of Lecco.
Province of Lecco (Provincia di Lecco) 200.000 Funds for the Varenna-Cortenova street and conference space at Villa Monastero.
EOLO 100.000 Internet!
Esino Lario City Council 60.000 Funds for renovation and accessibility of public buildings.
Elmec Informatica 30.000 Technical support and collaboration in the communication of the project.
BIM Bacino Imbrifero Montano 30.000 Funds for renovation and accessibility of public buildings (Sport Hall).
Wikimedia Italia 20.000 In-kind contribution of time of staff member. Wikimedia Italia receives € 20.000 to implement Wikimedia activities in the region.
SUPSI 10.000 In-kind contribution for the involvement of team members of the Laboratory of visual culture.
BCC Credito Cooperativo Valsassina 6.000 Funds for the renovation of the former cinema.
Comunità montana della Valsassina, Valvarrone, Val d'Esino e Riviera 5.000 The Comunità montana receives € 5.000 to implement Wikimedia activities in the region.
O.D.L. srl 5.000 Financial support.
ICAM 4.000 Products (chocolate).
Mauri 4.000 Excursion to the company and the village of Pasturo (bus, organization and aperitif), event in Esino Lario with their products (cheese).
Norda 4.000 Products (water and baverage).
Vendomat 4.000 Products (coffee machines and coffee).
HDI Maglia Assicurazioni 4.000 Support with the insurance.
SAL Servizi Automobilistici Lecchesi - Arriva 3.000 Financial support.
A+E Milano srl 3.837 Funds for the communication of Wikimania. The amount is included and subtracted in a bill.
Lufthansa 3.000 Funds for merchandizing and airplane tickets.
Casa dell'Economia – Camera di Commercio di Lecco 2.000 Funds for the communication of the project.
Other companies supporting the event 15.000 The support of companies and institutions provided services and products for the event.
Participants registration fee This budget will be available in 2017 when we finalize the budget of the Associazione Comitato Wikimania Esino Lario 2016, managing it.
Total income 417.200,22 290.000 698.837 1.406.037,22 Please note that we spent for the project management and coordination € 10.938,10.


  1. We didn't include it in the budget because we are cautious and we do not have a written confirmation or the money.
  2. 8 busses for 450€ each (50 people per bus). If the bus is full it means around 10 euro per person; we will set the price once we decide precisely how to manage the rides.