Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Team/Staff

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We expect the management of the project to require the involvement of some staff; staff can guarantee continuity and it can take care of a more regular work which will be needed before the event (coordination, management of the participants and administrative work). Another task which might require support from staff is transport management. At an early stage of the planning, we expected a series of tasks to require staff; during the planning process we have produced an executive project, we have involved a series of partners and we have started and tested the collaboration with a group of volunteers; some of the tasks we expected to need staff appear to be manageable by volunteers or partners.

At the moment we already benefit from the involvement of some staff of the partner institutions (in-kind contribution[1]):

  • Wikimedia Italia staff. Through partnerships we have already secured the contribution of Wikimedia Italia for the communication of the event (newsletter and other media used by Wikimedia Italia) and during the conference (on-site registration with 3 people for 7 days); this contribution is in-kind (it involves staff already collaborating with Wikimedia Italia). We are discussing with Wikimedia Italia board the possibility of increasing the contribution of their staff with a co-funding from a grantmaker.
  • Wikimedia CH staff. We have asked Wikimedia CH an in-kind contribution of 4 staff members to work with us during the event; Wikimedia CH can also contribute to facilitate the visa process for specific countries.
  • Esino Lario city council. We can benefit for Wikimania Esino Lario of the collaboration of two people involved in the Esino Lario tourist office as in-kind contribution, and the staff of the city council has already supported us during the planning process. Another interesting asset of the collaboration with the city council is the possibility to extend the collaboration with some of their suppliers.
  • Wikimedia Foundation. If selected Wikimania Esino Lario can take the advantage of having the involvement and support of the event coordinator of Wikimedia Foundation.

We have requested an estimated cost to an event company for the management of the transports (5'000 euro + VAT) and the coordination of the event (20'000 euro + VAT). We include in the budget a general amount for staff.


  1. With in-kind contribution we mean that an institution allows that a percentage or a number of days of their staff members is devoted to Wikimania Esino Lario; they do not hire new collaborators, they do not provide us funds for staff, but they involve their team.