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Esino Lario is connected by two electricity lines (one from Varenna, the other from Valsassina). There are 3 transformation cabins within the village. In case a transformer burns (an unlikely situation), it takes 4-5 hours to substitute it. The buildings used for the conference have electricity but not necessary receive the power needed need during the event, as most electrical supply per building can distribute up to 3 KW. Because of the free market, the Esino Lario city council has several electricity suppliers (Enel Energia, Multiutility) for the different building. The public space electricity (street illumination is owned and managed by Enel Sole); there are a series of other outdoor locations (i.e. old centres, industrial area, street via della Chiesa, Villa Clotilde garden) where lamps are owned by the city council and the energy is managed with several energy suppliers, similar to how buildings are managed.

  • We didn't check every single building for the current energy supply but we collected some sampling for Sport hall (largest space), Primary school (probably site for the hackathon) and Hall - former cinema (currently with a limited use). According to the information collected tension (tensione) is 380 volt everywhere, the available power is between 6 kw and 11 kw.
  • We are already in contact with the regional manager of Enel Distribuzione Spa, the company managing electricity distribution in Esino Lario and in the region. We have informed him about the event, he has provided information about the current situation and he is supporting us in planning the necessary steps to upgrade the system for the event.
  • Electricity distribution systems will be upgraded in a selection of buildings according to their use during Wikimania. Please refer below for the estimate upgrade.
  • An UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) system can be rented to provide electricity for the servers and/or for the main site (in case of a big storm). As an alternative, servers and the main sites can be connected to two different electricity lines for ensuring full service continuity. Such a decision will be planned jointly with the regional manager of Enel Distribuzione Spa (according to a cost/benefit analysis).

Upgrade Cost kw w Units Total w kw (per hour) Hours kw for day Total cost per day Days Total cost conference (7 days) in euro Total cost conference (7 days) in dollars
Upgrade to 100 kw € 800,00 100 kw 2 € 1.600,00 $ 2.195,98
Upgrade to 50 kw € 500,00 50 kw 4 € 2.000,00 $ 2.744,98
Upgrade to 20 kw € 180,00 20 kw 1 € 180,00 $ 247,05
The upgrade includes fixed costs and electricity Total cost upgrade € 3.780,00 $ 5.188,01
It includes an amount of electricity
Fixed cost for each upgrade € 150,00 7 € 1.050,00 $ 1.441,11
Estimated consume and cost for computers € 0,30 per kw 50 2000 100000 100 10 1000 € 300 7 € 2.100,00 $ 2.882,23
Consume for the tensile structure 150 5 750 € 225 3 € 675,00 $ 926,43
Total expected expenditures € 3.825,00 $ 5.249,77
Total amount planned in the estimated costs € 4.000,00 $ 5.489,96
Currency € 1,00 $ 1,37